Nissan SUV and Crossover Vehicle Overview

2016 Nissan Juke
2016 Nissan Juke Nismo. Photo (c) Nissan

Nissan's lineup of Sport Utility Vehicles and Crossovers is comprehensive, with a vehicle for nearly every segment. Here's brief guide to the Nissan SUV and crossover lineup, with links to reviews and photo galleries.

Nissan Juke

The compact crossover Nissan Juke hit US shores as a 2011 model, and continues through 2016 with minor cosmetic and equipment upgrades. The Juke comes with a 1.6-liter direct-injected four-cylinder turbocharged engine (188 hp/177 lb-ft of torque or 215 hp/210 lb-ft of torque in Nismo RS models). Front-wheel drive is standard, with all-wheel drive optional. Front-wheel drive models come standard with a six-speed manual transmission or optional continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). All-wheel drive models come with a CVT only. Prices for the Juke start at $20,250 (S); $22,300 (SV); $25,240 (SL); $24,830 (Nismo); $28,020 (Nismo RS). Fuel economy ranges from 25 city/29 highway to 28 city/34 highway, depending on engine/transmission configuration.

Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue made its debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. A compact crossover with an available third row, the Rogue fills a gap in the Nissan lineup. It should compete with the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. Base prices start at $23,290. Built on the Nissan "C" platform, the Rogue is a front engine vehicle available in either front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Rogue is equipped with a 2.5 liter DOHC 16-valve inline 4-cylinder engine that produces 170 hp and 175 lb-ft of torque. Rogue gets Nissan's Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) as standard equipment. The EPA estimates Rogue’s fuel economy at 26 city/33 highway with front-wheel drive, and 25/32 with all-wheel drive.

Nissan Murano

Murano is a two-row mid-size crossover. Murano comes with a CVT, front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, a 3.5 liter V6 that produces 260 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque. Base prices start from $29,660 to $39,100 depending on equipment and specifications. A makeover for 2009 has not changed the essential character of the Murano, it has simply refined it. In a quirk of manufacturing, there was no 2008 model Murano. Another makeover brought a cosmetically refreshed Murano for the 2015 model year. A brief (2011 – 2014) convertible variant, the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet, was pilloried by many reviewers and ignored by buyers. EPA estimates for Murano are 21 mpg city/28 mpg highway for both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models.

Nissan Pathfinder

Pathfinder underwent a complete makeover for 2013, changing from a traditional body-on-frame SUV to a car-based three-row crossover vehicle after three generations (1985 – 1995; 1996 – 2006; 2007 – 2012) as a rugged SUV. Pathfinder gets the same 3.5-liter V6 (260 hp/240 lb-ft of torque) as the Murano, along with a CVT and standard front-wheel drive. 4x4 is optional. Fuel economy is estimated at 20 city/27 highway (FWD) and 19/26 (4WD). Base prices range from $29,830 to $41,610 plus options, depending on configuration.

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Nissan Armada

The Armada is the flagship of the Nissan SUV lineup. The Armada is big. There's no two ways about that. It's big, even for a large SUV. The 5.6 Liter V8 under the Armada's hood pumps out 317 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque, and does a great job putting the 5,593 lb SUV through its paces using a five-speed automatic transmission and either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive (optional). The Armada can tow up to 9,000 lbs. 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS haul the Armada down from speed, and vehicle dynamic control helps keep the wheels on the road. Base prices range from $8,510 to $51,970 plus options, depending on configuration. The EPA estimates that Armada can achieve 13 mpg city/19 mpg highway.