Nipple Piercing Facts and Care

Take Care of Your New Piercing

Nipple Piercing
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About Nipple Piercings

Once you get your nipple pierced, you'll need to practice proper nipple piercing aftercare to ensure your new modification heals as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

What is a Nipple Piercing?

Since the middle of the 1890's nipple piercing has been worn to enhance sexual arousal and provide constant stimulation, thus enlarging the size and attractiveness of the nipples.

While women primarily started wearing "Bosom Rings", in the 1890's, it's been rumored that Roman Centurions wore nipple jewelry under their leather breast plates long before to show off their bravery and fearlessness.

"Bosom Rings" worn by Victorian women were considered highly suggestive and erotic. Upper-class society women had both of their nipples pierced and then connected them with a dainty chain that spilled out from their low cut dresses and blouses.

While pierced nipples fell in and out of fashion ever since the Victorian era, they've never gone away. Worn by tribal members, different cultures, and by men and women alike, a nipple piercing holds universal and unisex appeal.

Today, nipple piercing is considered one of the most erotic and sexy forms of body piercings. It's a rather quick and easy piercing procedure, and several different jewelry styles can be worn to change the style and appearance of the piercing once it is fully healed, thus increasing the versatility and attractiveness of this body modification.

Where to Get a Nipple Piercing

Like all forms of body piercing, it is pertinent that you go to a professional body piercer for your nipple piercing, especially if you have special conditions such as flat or inverted nipples.

These conditions may make a nipple piercing unfit for your anatomy. If for any reason a nipple piercing can not be performed, a professional and experienced piercer will be able to suggest a solution or alternative body placement before you experience a botched or misplaced piercing.

Some people are uncomfortable bearing their breasts for a body piercer despite the desire of having pierced nipples.

If you find yourself in this spot, rest assured. Your body piercer has seen unmentionable body parts and won't even blink. If it helps, try to find a same sex body piercer and that may put you at ease.

Nipple Piercing Aftercare

Once your nipples are pierced, you can expect about a 6-8 week healing period at minimum. Depending on how active you are, your nipples may take longer to heal from accidental touching or rubbing during daily activity.

Larger breasts may experience a longer healing period since they're more likely to bump or experience friction during normal activity. Men and women with smaller breasts may find they have a much faster healing time than those who are more endowed.

Once your nipples are fully healed you can have fun changing your body jewelry styles. Remember, a piercing can close quickly. Once you remove your body jewelry the clock begins to tick. Within 24 hours a piercing can close, so reinsert your jewelry quickly or be prepared to re-pierce, this time through scar tissue, which may provide a bit more of a challenge.