Nipple Piercing

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Nipple piercing is by far one of the most popular forms of body piercing and is often considered the sexiest, leading the way before genital piercings. This ancient form of body adornment provides sexual pleasure upon stimulation and also looks pretty interesting too. If you're considering a nipple piercing, read these FAQ first and discover if it's a natural pair for your body art style.

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Does a nipple piercing hurt?


As with any form of body piercing or alteration, you should expect a bit of pain with the process. Nipple piercing is said to be fairly quick and you should not expect any form of extreme pain during the procedure, although the sensation may be described as "intense."

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How old must I be to get my nipples pierced?

Body piercing laws and regulations vary state to state. Most require parental consent for anyone under the age of 18, so be prepared to show your ID card and make things legal before getting any sort of body modification. If you're not of age, you'll just have to wait. There's nothing worse than risking your health and safety for an at-home procedure in the meantime.

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Are nipple piercings sexy?

What you consider sexy may not be the general opinion. Nipple piercing, like all forms of body piercing, is unique to the individual. This is exactly why it's so important to have a sound mind and your own ideas prior to altering your body. You don't need approval from anyone but yourself. If you're pleased with the way a nipple piercing looks, why not try it out? Spend time finding a diligent piercer so that you can avoid human error as much as possible. 

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What's the origin of nipple piercing?

Nipple piercing has historical roots. From the late 1800's, when fashionable Parisian women wore "bosom ring" nipple piercings paired with low neckline dresses to further entice, to Roman battles and the fighting men who wore armor and capes suspended from their nipples, there's a strange fascination with nipple piercing. Constant stimulation of the nipples can be very erotic, which is likely the very reason so many people are a fan of this suggestive site. During sexual play, a nipple piercing provides your partner with something to do, and the mere sensation can be quite pleasurable and arousing for both of you.

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Where should I get a nipple piercing?

Many tattoo shops have a professional body piercer onboard who's capable of performing a body piercing. Bear in mind if you have any special requests, anatomical issues or need more attention for the piercing, you may need to go elsewhere. Anyone who's considering a body piercing should first check out Elayne Angel's book, The Piercing Bible, for a more definitive and in-depth look at the piercing process and any special considerations.

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Can I pierce my nipples myself?

The answer to this question is fairly straightforward. Yes and no. To say you couldn't would imply a lack of ability, which most people likely have. You can also tattoo yourself, perform a genital piercing and even pierce your tongue if you'd like, but chances are you'd rather leave all of these jobs to the professional, as you wisely should. Piercing is not only technical, placement is key as well. Most nipple piercings that have been done at home come with the risk of infection, disease, improper placement and a host of other unattractive situations. If you're going to pierce your nipples, save up a bit of money and have a professional do the job.

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Should I pierce one or both nipples?

For cosmetic reasons, some people choose a single nipple piercing while others pierce both. For starters, you can try one nipple and see how it looks. You can always add to your ​body modifications as you see fit. Once you experience the healing process of the nipple, you'll know what to expect should you opt for the other. You can also have several piercings in one nipple and wear different types of jewelry for a customized body style. Be creative with your adornments.