A Guide to Nipple Clamps

Use and Selection of Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are designed to fit directly on the nipple and are called "sensation play" sex toys as their main effect is to heighten sensation. When applied, nipple clamps squeeze the skin together and force the blood out of the area being clamped down on, creating a sensation people find both uncomfortable and pleasurable. When a nipple clamp is first applied there can be an intense sensation of pinching and pressure. After a while, this sensation tends to diminish and the area can feel numb. Once the clamp is removed, and blood rushes back into the nipple, the wearer will feel another rush of intense sensation.

Even though they’re usually called nipple clamps, these toys can be used on all parts of the body if desired. If you're using a clamp on another body part you just want to make sure that the clamp you buy has the right kind of pad or contact so it will stay on the part of your body you want to clamp it to. 

What nipple clamps feel like depends on the kind of clamp and the way you use them. Pressure is determined by the mechanism for clamping, the weight of the clamps themselves, and the size of the pad that covers the nipple. Below is a description of the different types of nipple clamps and their individual uses, pros, and cons.

Tweezer Clamps


Tweezer clamps are good for beginners and pros because they are highly adjustable.  A small metal ring around the arms of the clamps can be moved up or down to adjust the pressure at the tip.  Tweezer clamps can be applied very mildly or, when the ring is moved to near the tip of the clamps, they can be applied with intense, focused pressure.  Another element of nipple clamps that some people enjoy is the look and feel, and tweezer clamps have a sleek and elegant feel to them.  Because the clamps are attached by a chain, you can temporarily increase the pressure by tugging gently on the chain.  Most tweezer clamps have rubber tips which can be removed for cleaning. 

Clover Clamps


Also known as Japanese Clover Clamps, it's been pointed out that these clamps are remarkably similar to devices used in both papermaking and fabric making, to keep material taut.  When applied Clover Clamps start at a moderate pressure.  They are only adjustable up, to create more sensation, and this is accomplished by pulling at the chain.  The mechanism is such that when you pull the chain it pulls the tips of the clamps together, creating more pressure.  Perhaps not as good for first-timers, people who like these clamps enjoy their larger more elaborate metal look, and also the slightly bigger pad at the end of the clamp.  

Alligator Clamps


Also known as Crocodile Clamps, these nipple clamps use yet another mechanism to adjust the pressure.  Here a small screw can be turned to adjust how loose or tight the tips will pinch down on the nipple.  The pads of the alligator clamps are slightly bigger than most tweezer clamps.  Most come with rubber tips, and some will have teeth under the rubber tips for a more intense experience.  People who like the alligator clamps often appreciate the screw mechanism, while others find it difficult to adjust and cumbersome.

Vibrating Nipple Clamps


As the name suggests, vibrating nipple clamps are basic clamps with a vibrator added.  There are different styles of vibrating nipple clamps, and the main differences are the style of clamp and the type of vibrator.  Most vibrating nipple clamps only deliver a mild buzz (you get much more power if you take a regular vibrator and touch them to the clamp while it's attached) but they can be fun, and when clamps are attached to other body parts (labia, scrotum, etc…) the vibration may feel more noticeable.  

Individual or Attached Nipple Clamps


All nipple clamps are purchased in pairs, and while most come attached by a chain or rubber cord, you can also purchase clamps which are worn individually.  Many of these come with colored beads, or bells, or other kinds of adornment.  The drawback is that you lose the opportunity for control by pulling not he connecting chain. The benefit is that there is no chain or cord to get in the way, and it's easier to use one clamp on a nipple and another somewhere else.