Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends Nintendo DS Unlockables and Tips

Get new dog breeds, toys, and more

Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends is a video game for the Nintendo DS that first launched in 2005. In the game, players raise and care for a virtual puppy using the handheld console's microphone and touch screen. Nintendogs is available in four versions. Each contains a different selection of six dogs to start. If you want to unlock everything in the game, here's a handy guide, along with some tips.

Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends Unlockables

Nintendogs Unlockable Breeds

Dog Breed How to Unlock It
Boxer Collect 20,000 Owner Points.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Collect 8,000 Owner Points.
Dalmation Find a fireman hat during a walk.
German Shepherd Collect 30,000 Owner Points. 
Jack Russell Terrier Find a Jack Russell book while on a walk.
Miniature Schnauzer Collect 16,000 Owner Points.
Miniature Pinscher Collect 35,000 Owner Points.
Shetland Sheepdog Collect 14,000 Owner Points
Shiba Inu Link with someone playing Shiba & Friends.
Welsh Corgi Collect 10,000 Owner Points (Japanese version only).
Yorkie Collect 2,000 Owner Points.

Nintendogs Unlockable Rooms

Unlockable How to Get It
Desktop Room Get 6,000 Owner Points (costs $20,000 in the interior decorator).
Northern European Room Get 40,000 Owner Points (costs $5,000 in the interior decorator).
Outer Space Room Get 18,000 Owner Points (costs $100,000 in the interior decorator).
Ranch Room Get 25,000 Owner Points.
Seaside Room Get 12,000 Owner Points (costs $50,000 in the interior decorator).
Urban Living Room Get 25,000 Owner Points.

Nintendogs Unlockable Toys and Items

Unlockable How to Get It
Balloon Get 300 Owner Points.
Jump Rope Get 300 Owner Points.
Natural Dog Food Bag Get 10,000 Owner Points.
Pull Rope Get 300 Owner Points.
Windup Toy Get 10,000 Owner Points.

How to Reset Nintendogs Data

If you want to start over with a fresh save, delete your save data by holding L + R + A + B + X + Y at the Nintendo logo.

Link to Unlock New Breeds

When linking copies of Nintendogs to unlock new breeds, remember two things:

  • You can only link with other Nintendo DS systems and unlock a new breed once.
  • The breed unlocked corresponds with your partner's current pet, and it must be a breed you don't have.

Control the Peach Cart

While walking your dog, you might find a Peach cart in a "?" box. To control it, press B to move forward, A to move backward, and Left or Right to turn. If the dog hits it, the cart will spin around in place, then move in the direction you want it to move.

How to Get Easy Owner Points

Play with a disc, ball, or another toy. Each time your dog retrieves it, call it over (or tap the screen a few times). When your pet comes, pet it on the head for a few seconds. It should sparkle, giving you one or two owner points.

Easy Items Trick

Take your dog for a walk and make sure you have another accessory to change into. Go in as many "?" boxes as possible before you go to the park. As soon as you put the line into the park, go directly home.

Go through your walk as normal, getting items, meeting dogs, and more, until you reach the park. Once you arrive, go directly to Accessories. Change your dog's accessories immediately, then tap Back. The message Saving: Don't Turn Off Power appears.

After it's done saving, turn off the Nintendo DS power. Turn it back on, and you'll have all the items collected, and can go for another walk.

You will not get Owner Points for this, and your dog's stamina will not increase.

Keep Training Commands Simple

While teaching your dog to sit, don't say "sit down." Just say "sit." That way, the dog won't get confused when you later give it the "lay down" command. When teaching your Nintendog to shake, say "shake hands" instead of saying "shake."

Exploit the DS Clock to Access More Tricks and Competitions

In Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends, your dog can only learn a certain number of tricks per day, while the same goes for competitions. To get additional chances at tricks and competitions, change the system date to the previous day and set the time to 23:59. Then, exit the menu and turn off the Nintendo DS. Immediately, turn it back on and load the game. After one minute, it will be an entirely new day and you can learn more tricks and enter more competitions.

Find and Sell Items to Make More Money

You can earn money in Nintendogs by going on a lot of walks and getting as many question marks as possible along the way. Then, you can go to the second-hand store and sell the items you don't want, or sell the dogs you don't like.

Some items are worth less than a dollar, but it all adds up over time. Additionally, when going out for walks, it's best to feed your dog and give it dog water just before you go (if it's hungry or thirsty). That way, the dog spends more time looking for presents instead of trash.

While out on a walk, look for a white box with red ribbons. Touch it and your dog will bring it to you. They are worth more money. The tri-color ribbon is worth ten dollars, and the Moai Statue is worth one hundred dollars.

How to Get Mario Items

Take your dog for lots of walks and collect as many presents as you can. Eventually, you'll get a Mario hat, a Luigi hat, a rubber mushroom, and a "?" block (from Super Mario Bros.). You might also find a Mario-themed music box during a walk.

Determine "?" Box Content

When you find a "?" box during a walk, your dog's behavior can clue you into what's inside. If your dog barks once, it's a present. If it barks twice, it's another dog. Additionally, if you find a present, wait until your dog runs off the screen. If it turns white, it's a trainer. If it doesn't, it's a present.

Raise More Than Three Dogs

The Dog Hotel holds up to five dogs at a time. The three you can raise don't count toward that limit, making it possible to raise as many as eight dogs at once.

Dog Training Locations

Each competition should be trained at a different place: disc competition at the park, agility at the gymnasium, and obedience at an empty park or house.

Nintendogs Deleting Tricks

On the camera view of your dogs, tap the question mark under their pictures. It displays a screen with the dog's information on it, such as name, age, and gender. At the bottom is a button to go to the Trick List. Tap on a trick, and tap OK for the dog to forget that trick. If you delete the trick by accident, re-teach the dog the same trick, and name it the same.

Walking Your Dog

Here are some tips to make your dog walking more fun.

  • General Walking Tip: While walking your dog and the dog seems edgy, give the leash a little tug towards the way it's walking. The dog will start running. Also, you can give it a tug while running upwards and it will do a jump
  • Walk Your Dog More Than Once a Day: You can walk your dog once every 25 minutes. Wait 25 minutes with the game on, in sleep mode, or off before walking your dog. The dog won't be very active during the day if it stays awake at night.
  • Longer Walks: Mark out the path on your map, ending it at the house. If your last few steps end at the house, wait 25 minutes, then your dog can go slightly further on the next walk. Give your dog water after each walk.
  • Question Marks on the Map: While marking out where you want to go on the map, get as many question marks as you can along the way. There are either other dogs or gifts that your dog will find with each question mark.
  • Blue Circles on the Map: While walking your dog, the blue circles that appear represent places to go to the bathroom.

How to Change a Dog's Breed

While at the pound, pick a breed. You have three choices for the dog's coloring (light, medium, and dark). If you don't see the color you like, tap Back, then choose the breed again until the color and gender that you want appears.

Pikmin Easter Egg

Find a Pikmin enemy on the shelf in the pet supply shop.