Nikolas Cassadine

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine)
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Born into Royalty

Prince by birth, darkly handsome and mysterious, Nikolas Cassadine lives on Spoon Island in Wyndemere castle.

Nikolas is the son of Stavros Cassadine and Laura Spencer, conceived while Laura was held captive by the Cassadines. After Luke Spencer killed Stavros, Laura returned with Luke to Port Charles.

Nikolas was raised by his Uncle Stefan, whom he believed to be his father. He eventually traveled to Port Charles to help his baby half-sister, Lulu, who was in need of a bone marrow transplant. After the life-saving procedure, he and Stefan stayed in Port Charles.

Later, Laura faked her death because of threats against her by the Cassadine family, and Stefan became engaged to Katherine Bell, the head of Deception Cosmetics.

The night of their engagement party, Laura returned from the dead and informed Katherine that Stefan was Nikolas' true father.

The night turned to tragedy when Katherine fell from the parapet in an accident that was arranged for Helena Cassadine. Katherine apparently died; it was learned that she survived due to experimental drugs given to her by Helena.

After Katherine returned to Port Charles, Helena urged her to go after Nikolas as a way to get back at Stefan. Katherine fell in love with Nikolas.

Nikolas proposed marriage after Katherine announced she was pregnant, which was untrue. She planned to have a "miscarriage" right before the wedding and figured that Nikolas would stay with her out of guilt.

She wasn't counting on Helena, who threw her off the parapet, killing her for real this time.

Nikolas had rejected his mother Laura, angry at her for faking her death. At this time, he also was incensed to learn that Stefan had been his real father all along. He felt betrayed.

He also realized that this released him from the burden of being a prince, and with Lulu and Lucky, he had a family. So he stayed in Port Charles.

Love, Illness, and Some Paternity Confusion

While in school, Nikolas became involved with Sarah Webber, Elizabeth Webber's sister. During an evening at Luke's club, violence broke out, and Nikolas was shot by a bullet intended for Jason Morgan.

Nikolas suffered a stroke; Jason, who had studied to become a doctor, saved his life. However, due to his injury, Nikolas was unable to speak for a time. He became ashamed and embarrassed, refusing to see Sarah. Their relationship ended.

Another woman would soon captivate Nikolas. Her name was Gia Campbell, a beautiful blackmailer, it seemed, at first.

Gia actually was just someone down on her luck. When she became unemployed, Nikolas asked her to move in with him for free. With Stefan back from the dead, Gia was Nikolas' confidant. A romance evolved.

Then another switch occurred with Nikolas' paternity: Nikolas was indeed Stavros Cassadine's son. Helena had lied to Stefan in order to get to the Cassadine fortune, which went to the prince.

This meant that Nikolas was the Cassadine prince. Stefan faked his death to get away from Helena; not knowing of his plan, Nikolas was devastated to lose him.

Lucky's Death and Resurrection

The friendship that Nikolas shared with Emily, Lucky, and Elizabeth was hit by tragedy when it appeared that Lucky died in a fire.

It wasn't until a year later that Nikolas learned that Lucky could be alive. He and Elizabeth traveled to New York City and found him.

Nikolas wanted to protect Lucky from Helena, who kidnapped and brainwashed him. To put on an act for his grandmother, he broke it off with Gia and pretended loyalty to Helena.

Helena, in turn, was busy in the sub-sub-basement of General Hospital defrosting Stavros, whom she had kept frozen since his death.

Nikolas Meets His Real Father

Nikolas met his father for the first time in Helena's makeshift lab. Stavros pretended to still be frozen, not trusting his son. He was justified when Nikolas said that he hated him. Luke later killed him, and Helena went to prison.

With that over, Nikolas faced his past again when Sarah Webber returned to Port Charles, which made Gia jealous. During dinner at a restaurant, Gia became upset about Sarah and left the restaurant before Nikolas did.

She was in a car accident with Courtney Matthews on the way home. Gia was at fault and drunk at the time; Nikolas would not allow her to confess her involvement and paid off witnesses.

Gia grew bored with life in Port Charles. She decided to go back to school to become a lawyer and went to work for Alexis Davis, Nikolas' aunt, who was also an attorney

Gia befriended a young man named Zander Smith. Jealous, Nikolas attempted to pay Zander to leave town. An angry Gia broke off her relationship with the Prince.

Nikolas and Emily Fall in Love; Nikolas Marries Someone Else

Gia was out of his life, and Emily, who had been away, was about to enter it with a proposition involving his same nemesis, Zander Smith.

Diagnosed with breast cancer, she considered herself terminal and didn't want Zander, her boyfriend, to know the truth. Emily asked Nikolas to help convince Zander that she and Nikolas had fallen in love, hoping that Zander would leave her before she died.

The plan worked, but Nikolas and Emily had to announce their engagement.

Stefan wasn't happy about the news. Helena recently had lost a lot of the family money, and he was terrified of bankruptcy. Stefan took several loans, and the creditors wanted repayment.

Banks will listen to payment arrangements, but loan sharks won't. If Stefan couldn't pay, he would be walking on stumps.

As a solution, he introduced Nikolas to Lydia Karenin, who was in line for a vast fortune if she married Nikolas. Since Nikolas was engaged to Emily, Stefan decided Emily would be better off dead at the bottom of the Wyndemere cliffs.

Stefan hired an assassin who would do the deed during Nikolas' engagement party. Parties at Wyndemere have a tendency to end in death, injuries, or breakups, and this one would prove no exception.

But it wasn't Emily who died. In the heavy fog, another young woman known to Nikolas and Luke, Summer Holloway, was killed instead.

Nikolas turned his attention to Emily and convinced her to attend a breast cancer survivor group meeting. She decided to fight the cancer and also to tell Zander the truth.

One small problem -- she and Nikolas by this time were in love. Torn, Nikolas decided to do the responsible thing for his family and marry Lydia, though he wanted nothing to do with her once they were married.

Turned out there was a little more to the condition for Lydia inheriting: she had to have a baby within five years.

When Emily was in critical condition, Nikolas ignored Lydia and stayed at the hospital. Believing she would soon be dead, Emily married Zander as a gift to him.

In a dream, she kissed and married Nikolas, and that brought her back from death. She would live. She told Nikolas that she would honor her marriage to Zander. Nikolas understood.

However, they almost made love one night, and that was caught on film. On seeing the photos, Zander went after Nikolas.

By this time, Nikolas had been beaten by Lorenzo Alcazar, one of the Cassadine creditors. Emily managed to stop Zander from beating Nikolas.

Buried Treasure and the End of the Cassadine Feud, Says Nikolas

Nikolas filed for divorce in order to be with Emily, whose marriage was a mess. Emily was there for him when Luke killed Stefan.

Nikolas put up a brave front but he felt sad and guilty. Nikolas informed Luke, who had escaped custody but later returned, that the Cassadine-Spencer feud ended with Stefan's death.

Nikolas' and Zander's rivalry over Emily continued. Emily distanced herself from both men, finally choosing Nikolas, who proposed when his divorce was final.

Nikolas was forced to confess to the Quartermaines that the Cassadines were broke. However, he planned attempted recovery of the Cassadine freighter The Courage, which had sunk centuries before with a of large shipment of treasure.

Tracy immediately hired Sam McCall to recover it for her family, while Nikolas hired Sam's father Cody.

Cody was murdered and found at Wyndemere -- Zander was blackmailing Ric to frame Nikolas for Cody's death. Ric got sick of Zander and his threats and, after he and Nikolas fought, threw Zander into jail. The charges against Nikolas were dismissed.

The treasure from the ship disappeared; Helena had stolen it for the Cassadines and told Nikolas the location of the hiding place.

Nikolas and Emily retrieved it with plans for an auction. Again, the treasure evaporated on auction night, the night of the Port Charles Hotel fire. For a time, it was believed that Nikolas died in the fire, but he surfaced a few days later at Wyndemere.

Emily informed him that Zander died in the fire, but he hadn't. Emily, Nikolas, Ric, and Elizabeth each received a letter, in which each person's mate was accused of killing Zander before the fire.

Nikolas was nearly arrested, as was Elizabeth, until Emily convinced Jason to claim that one of the detectives who died in the fire confessed that he killed Zander. Jason obliged.

Nikolas' Saga of Amnesia Begins

But Zander wasn't dead. He wanted to start over with Emily and showed up at the cottage where he and Emily had lived. He tried to have sex with her, saying that he had taken Nikolas hostage. He promised that if she slept with him, it would free him -- but he couldn't go through with forcing her to have sex.

Nikolas heard Zander was alive on the radio as he was driving back to Port Charles from a business trip. He called the police. Distracted by the radio announcement, Nikolas lost control of his car and swerved off of the road.

Zander died resisting arrest. Nikolas vanished from the scene of the accident. The feeling was that, half unconscious, he fell into the nearby river.

Nikolas was actually found by someone living nearby, Mary Bishop. She believed that Nikolas was her lookalike husband, Connor, who had been killed in Iraq.

Nikolas came to believe it as well and lived with Mary. Mary moved heaven and earth to keep Nikolas from finding out that he wasn't Connor. She even secured a job at GH and befriended Emily.

Nikolas took a job painting a church, and ran into Lorenzo Alcazar, whom he couldn't remember. Lorenzo offered "Connor" a job, knowing full well his true identity.

Connor and Mary became engaged and renewed their vows in Mexico, a place Connor was attracted to for some reason.

Emily was there at the same time and saw him. She confronted him and realized that Nikolas believed that he was Connor. She didn't tell him anything.

However, Nikolas was disturbed by memory flashes and underwent hypnotherapy. Attracted to Emily, he made love to her. He returned to Mary after she tried to kill herself.

When Emily learned that Mary was trying to become pregnant, she threatened to tell Nikolas the truth. Mary lied to Nikolas about Emily's place in his life, portraying her as an ex-girlfriend still obsessed with him.

When Nikolas found out the entire truth, he was angry with Emily for not cluing him in. She confessed that she didn't want to drive him away. He felt betrayed.

Nikolas is Institutionalized

Now Nikolas knew who he was, but he still couldn't remember anything. Helena had him committed so he could be declared incompetent, and she could get her hands on his fortune.

She had him continually drugged in the institution; she also he did the same thing to Emily. Nikolas saw Emily and the two escaped.

Before they did, Nikolas had a sudden jolt, so strong that he leaned against the door and started to slide down to the floor. As he did, he remembered his entire life. He and Emily were finally together, or so they believed.

Mary's real husband, Connor Bishop, the Nikolas lookalike, in fact was not dead as thought and surfaced in Port Charles.

Like Mary, he was somewhat deranged, and before Nikolas knew it, Connor became involved with the couple after Helena's "death" over a cliff on Nikolas and Emily's wedding day. 

Nikolas claimed it was self-defense. Connor blackmailed the couple, because he knew that Nikolas threw Helena over a cliff after he got the knife away from her. His plan fell apart when Nikolas confessed what happened to the authorities.

Everyone Goes to Prison; Emily is Attacked; Nikolas and Courtney Hook Up

Connor went to prison. So did Nikolas, but not before he and Emily married and shared a beautiful night together. Nikolas received a harsh sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

Desperate to free him, Emily, knowing that Helena was still alive, decided to flush her out by getting Connor Bishop to pose as Nikolas. She found Connor and he agreed to help, in part because of his interest in Emily.

Emily coached him in all things Cassadine; in the course of events, Connor raped her. Helena came out of hiding, and Nikolas went free.

Unable to handle the rape, and refusing psychological help, Emily was unable to make a go of her marriage to Nikolas.

Nikolas found solace with Courtney Jacks, who was going through unhappiness in her own marriage to Jasper Jacks. Elizabeth Spencer was carrying their child, and Courtney was feeling left out.

Courtney and Nikolas fell in love, and she and Jacks divorced. When she conceived a baby, Jax believed the child was his and wanted a paternity test. He bribed the technician to change the results in his favor.

Ultimately, the child turned out to be Nikolas', and he named the child Spencer. Courtney later died of a virus.

The MetroCourt Crisis; Emily Dies; Nadine

Eventually, Nikolas and Emily reconciled. After the MetroCourt crisis, during which Emily's father Alan Quartermaine died, the perpetrator, Mr. Craig, actually Jerry Jacks, injected Nikolas with a poison.

Craig held the antidote. He wanted Nikolas to help him get a new identity and set him up in a new life. Nikolas had no choice but to agree.

Robin, Patrick, and Emily searched for the antidote, finally locating it and giving it to Nikolas when Jerry Jacks was away. It worked. Nikolas made a complete recovery from the poison. Or had he? He began to go through memory loss and rages, though infrequently at first.

On the night of a huge ball Nikolas threw at Wyndemere, a storm occurred. The guests could not leave, and there was a blackout.

The guests began to be murdered systematically. Nikolas was searching for Emily, and they finally found each other in the ballroom. Nikolas was knocked unconscious, and when he came to, Emily was dead.

Devastated, Nikolas later began to have visions of Emily and was able to speak with her. He later learned that he had a brain tumor. It could be removed by surgery, but with the removal, he would no longer be able to see Emily.

Nikolas was sorely tempted not to have the surgery. With the help of a nurse, Nadine, he finally agreed to it. He and Nadine had a brief involvement, but in his heart, he was still in love with Emily. Nadine wanted more, so the couple broke up.

Emily: The Sequel; The Nikolas-Elizabeth Affair

Then Nikolas was faced with Emily: The Sequel. She had been rescued during a terrible fire at General Hospital.

Unlike Emily, she wore heavy eye makeup, and seemed earthier than Emily. Her name was Rebecca Shaw.  Nikolas' aunt, Alexis Davis, was certain that Rebecca was a plant of Helena's. Nevertheless, Nikolas fell for her.

In truth, Rebecca was Emily's twin sister, separated from her at birth.  She was in Port Charles on purpose.  She and her lover, Ethan Lovett, were after the Cassadine and Quartermaine money.  They planned to use everyone's grief over Emily so that Rebecca could get her hands on their assets.

Rebecca was supposed to seduce Nikolas, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and she liked Lucky better. Nikolas and Elizabeth were jealous, and one night, they kissed so that Lucky and Rebecca could see them. 

Eventually Elizabeth reconciled (again) with Lucky, and Nikolas and Rebecca got together. Rebecca fell for Nikolas and broke up with Ethan. Lucky learned about their scheme and told Nikolas, who played dumb and then dumped her. 

In truth, he hadn't stopped thinking about Elizabeth since they kissed. Rebecca left Port Charles and met a new man on the plane.

The feeling was mutual as Elizabeth fell back on an old pattern of wanting whomever she wasn't with -- this time it was Nikolas. They began to see each other in secret. 

When Lucky found out, he was destroyed and ended his engagement to Elizabeth. Nikolas and Elizabeth, filled with guilt, stopped seeing one another.

Elizabeth became pregnant, and Helena figured out that Nikolas could be the father. Though the father was Lucky, Helena paid off a lab technician to list Nikolas as the father.

What revenge!  To have a Spencer raised by a Cassadine.  When Aiden was born, Nikolas and Elizabeth endeavored to get along for the boy. Their relationship had become uncomfortable due to Lucky's anger. 

Brook-Lynn Ashton is Hired by Nikolas

When Brook Lynn Ashton returned to town, Nikolas hired her as an escort to attend business functions with him. Elizabeth was horrified when that platonic relationship became sexual. It didn't last long as Brook again left Port Charles to pursue her on and off music career. 

Tragedy struck when Elizabeth and Lucky lost their son Jake in a hit and run. Elizabeth finally told Lucky that Aiden was his son, which Nikolas refused to accept. 

He was so upset that he left town with his son Spencer.  He wanted to pursue a life of his own, away from the ubiquitous Cassadine-Spencer feud.  He and Lucky patched things up and said a heartfelt goodbye.

When his sister Lulu was kidnapped, Nikolas returned to Port Charles.  As he was trying to explain to Luke and Laura what he knew about the kidnapping, he was shot in the chest and required surgery. 

When he was finally able to talk, Nikolas revealed that his father, Stavros, was alive and came after Lulu.  Helena had saved Stavros after his second death and placed him in yet another cryogenic chamber, on Cassadine Island, to bring him back. 

Nikolas, on learning that Stavros was alive, played nice to get some information regarding his plans. Stavros wanted Lulu.  Nikolas left the island and returned to Port Charles to warn his family. 

But he was too late. Stavros had already taken her. Lulu was rescued, and Stavros killed for a third time.

Nikolas found that he was still in love with Elizabeth, but she wanted to move on.  She was beginning a relationship with A.J. Quartermaine.  Nikolas was determined to win her back.

Tracy Quartermaine was fighting A.J. for control of ELQ and offered to team up with Nikolas against A.J.  He agreed.  It didn't last long because Nikolas realized that Elizabeth really wanted to be with A.J. 

Nikolas decided to move on from Elizabeth. Then he met the beautiful Dr. Britt Westbourne, a pregnant, single woman.  The father of her baby, whom Nikolas believed to be Patrick Drake, was not involved with the pregnancy.

Nikolas had Britt move into Wyndemere so she could receive good care during her last weeks of pregnancy.  She admitted that she had lied about the baby's paternity. 

Nikolas was angry but before he could throw her out, she went into labor!  He forgave her and had her stay at Wyndemere. They grew closer, even after he found out that her parents were Dr. Liesl Obrecht and Cesar Faison.  

The way Nikolas figured it, they both came from rotten families. That gave them something in common.

When her baby, Ben, was kidnapped, Nikolas went after the kidnappers. That's when he found Robin Scorpio still alive.  She had been taken by Jerry Jacks and Britt's parents. 

Faison, Liesl, Britt, Robin, and Nikolas all wound up together at Wyndemere, with no one to know that Robin was alive until she finished putting together a serum to cure Jerry Jacks of plutonium poisoning. 

That ordeal at last was over, and Britt and Nikolas were a couple and even became engaged.  He found out soon enough that Britt's baby belonged to Dante and Lulu; Liesl Obrecht had stolen one of their embryos.

When he found out, it did not go well for her.  Britt and her father eventually left Port Charles. And with her mother now Chief of Staff, anything is set to happen.

Nikolas is now in the clutches of Hayden, who came to Port Charles pretending to be the wife of Jake, who is in reality Jason Morgan. She was exposed at the 2015 Nurses Ball.

Despite the fact that Nikolas wants nothing to do with her, he can't stay away from her, and the two of them are engaged in a heavy sexual relationship.

Hayden knows the truth about Jake, and she knows that Nikolas knows, too, and hasn't told anyone.  It's time for a little blackmail. Hayden knows what she wants. And it's the hunk in bed next to her, the one with the estate, the title, and the money.

We'll see what happens next.

Nikolas Cassadine: Just the Facts

Nikolas Cassadine (Nikolas Mikhail Stavrosovich Cassadine)

Portrayed by:

Tyler Christopher (1996-1999; 2003-present)
Stephan Martines (1999-2003)
Chris Beetem (temporary - December 2005)


President of Cassadine Industries
Ex-PR rep for L&B Records

Residences, Past and Present:

Wyndemere Castle, Spoon Island
Mary Bishop's Cottage (during bout of amnesia)
Cassadine Cottage

Marital Status:

Currently Single, in a relationship with Britt Westbourne

Past Marriages:

Lydia Karenin (divorced)
Mary Bishop (invalid)
Emily Bowen-Quartermaine (2004-2005)


Stavros Cassadine (father; deceased)
Laura Webber (mother)
Lucky Spencer (half-brother)
Lesley Lu Spencer (half-sister)
Mikkos Cassadine (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Victor Cassadine (great-uncle)
Helena Cassadine (paternal grandmother)
Lesley Williams (maternal grandmother)
Stefan Cassadine (uncle; deceased)
Alexis Davis (half-aunt)
Kristina Cassadine (half-aunt; deceased)
Samantha McCall (half-cousin)
Kristina Davis (half-cousin)
Molly Lansing (half-cousin)


Spencer Cassadine (son with Courtney Matthews; born 2006)

Non-Marital Relationships

Sarah Webber (dated)
Katherine Bell (engaged; Deceased)
Gia Campbell (engaged)
Mary Bishop (lovers
Courtney Matthews (lovers; deceased)
Nadine Crowell (lovers)
Rebecca Shaw

Elizabeth Webber (lovers)

Britt Westbourne

Arrests/Crimes Committed:

Hid body of undercover police officer Ted Wilson in Wyndemere basement freezer, and then placed it in Zander Smith's trunk (2000)

Helped Helena Cassadine when she escaped from police (2001)

Suppressed facts of a car accident in which Gia Campbell was involved (2002)

Aided Lucky in covering up circumstances of Rick Webber's death (2002)

Helped Luke escape custody after being arrested for Rick Webber's murder (2002)

Blackmailed Summer Halloway to distract Luke so he would not visit Laura (2002)

Arrested for murder of Cody McCall (not guilty) (2002)

Arrested for assault on Zander Smith (2004)

Arrested for the murder of Zander Smith (not guilty) (February 2004)

Arrested for murder of Helena Cassadine (released when Helena reappeared) (2004)

Illnesses and Hospitalizations:

Shot in the throat and suffered from Broca's Aphasia; lost voice

Hit by Skye's car (not seriously injured) (2002)

Light sensitivity after fall during fight with Lucky Spencer (2003)

Beaten by creditors (2003)

Assaulted by Zander Smith (2003)

Assaulted by Zander Smith (2004)

Amnesia after car accident (2004)

Accidentally shot by Emily (2004)

Committed and drugged by Helena Cassadine (2004)

Encephalitis (2006)

Brain tumor, which was removed by surgery

Poisoned by Jerry Jacks

Shot (2013)