Nicole Kidder

My goal is to showcase the world’s richly diverse wedding rituals that are lovingly passed down between generations. From jumping over a broom to binding the hands with a rope to sipping sake, every culture commemorates marriage in a distinct way. While the rituals may differ greatly among ethnicities, religions, and communities, one thing stays the same: A wedding is a celebration of the spiritual bond that two people share. 


I have been a published writer since 1994, focusing much of my career on exploring the extraordinary stories and cultural traditions of our communities. As a social justice journalist and the former editor of an online multicultural magazine, my articles have appeared in dozens of publications internationally. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Seattle University with a minor in cultural studies, and I am a certified diversity ​trainer. 

I am a cultural wedding photographer and event planner. I approached my own wedding preparations in 2005 with gusto. Weaving together a personalized ceremony and reception that celebrated both my Cajun heritage and my husband’s Northwest roots, I blended timeless traditions and new rituals to enhance the profound meaning of our special day.

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