Nicholas McLaren


  • Professional scuba diving instructor who has taught diving to students around the world
  • Has worked as an underwater videographer and dive center manager
  • Freelance writer about scuba diving and other water sports


Nicholas McLaren is a former writer for ThoughtCo, who wrote seven articles about scuba diving over a two-year period. He is a professional scuba diver and first responder and has taught diving to students around the world. He has also worked as a dive master, underwater videographer, and dive center manager in Australia, Honduras, Mexico, Egypt, and Thailand. He has dived extensively in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Egypt, Japan, Australia, and Southeast Asia.


Nicholas McLaren completed open water and advanced open water scuba dive training in Thailand before continuing his dive education in Sydney, where he completed emergency first response, rescue diver, and divemaster courses. He became a master scuba diver trainer (and instructor of 17 specialties), emergency first response instructor, and Divers Alert Network instructor in the Honduras and later became a dive control specialist instructor in Thailand.

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