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Online & Catalog Shopping for Shoes and Clothing

I tend to measure online shopping sites by how many times I'm tempted to click on another item.

If I click around a lot, I figure they're covering all of the bases: product appeal, price points, ease of navigation, and having quick loading pages.

When one or more of those elements aren't present, I usually leave rather quickly. But when a site hits on all cylinders, like Newport News does, I can't drag myself away.

About Newport News

Featuring stylish women's clothing, accessories and shoes at outrageously reasonable prices, Newport News has been in the apparel business for over 30 years. Their magazine-style catalog has been a staple among the style-conscious bargain hunter for decades, and their web site is one of the best destinations for bargain-shopping on the web.

Up-To-Date Styles & Special Sizes

Newport News has its own New York-based design team. What that means is you won't find clothing or footwear from other brands or designers in the Newport News catalog - by the same token, you can only find Newport News merchandise in their catalog on on their web site.

While many bargain-priced sites feature designs that look like something your grandmother might have worn on a bad day, the styles at Newport News are very much in line with what's hot any given season -- in fact, when I'm looking for very current trends, this site is one of my first stops.

Petite, tall and plus-size women will also be thrilled to know that they too can find stylish items in the "Special Sizes" section of the site.

Shoes on Newport News

Being that I'm your guide to Shoes, you know there must be a footwear connection somewhere -- with Newport News, that connection is current shoe styles at prices that are more than reasonable.

Yes, now we're getting to the real reason I visit this site so often.

Upon my most recent visit to the site, I was greeted with a pair of chic snake print sandals for $25; a pair of flat sandals that were literally dripping with rhinestones for $24; and a pair of beaded satin pumps in a shade of pink that looked sweet enough to eat for only $34 -- are you beginning to understand my obsession? And those finds weren't even on sale.

Newport News Coupons and Sales

The sales at Newport News are nearly crazy at times. I found rubber flip-flops with rhinestone and bow embellishments for 3.99 per pair ... I repeat, $3.99 per pair! Of course, bargains like these don't last long, which is another reason that shopping on a site like Newport News is such an addictive affair -- I feel the need to visit often, lest I miss some fabulous item that has been marked 75% off since my last visit.

Tips for Saving Money at Newport News

  • Join the Newport News Mailing List for Coupons & Sales
    While not every clearance item is advertised via email, you will get updates on big sales, and you'll get special offers in your mailbox very frequently. These mailings serve as a nice reminder should you actually be able to forget about the site for a day or two.
  • Visit the Site Often
    As I said above, with sites like these frequent visits are imperative -- especially if you're waiting for a deal on a particular item. Last winter, there was a coat I wanted. It originally started at $199 - within a few of months it was down to $39 -- but alas, I waited too long and my size was gone. Learn from my mistake.
  • Newport News Clearance
    There are numerous ways to save money at a site like Newport News. In addition to having great regular prices, their sale and clearance pages are numerous. But don't be fooled into thinking you're seeing it all when you click through the different categories. You'll want to find the "Clearance" tab at the top of the page, then use the menu on the left to view all of the numerous sale categories.
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