Newborn Clothes: A Checklist of Newborn Clothes for the First 8 Weeks

Newborn Babies are Messy, but Their Clothing Needs are Minimal

The first eight weeks of a baby's life requires a few key pieces of newborn clothes. New babies are messy, so multiples of each item are recommended. But don't fret, the list is short; your newborn's clothes needs are very minimal.

This list was designed with you in mind. I suggest purchasing multiples of each item to reduce the amount of time you will spend doing baby laundry in those first precious (and sleep-deprived!) weeks.

10 Baby Bodysuits

Gerber Basic Onesie
Gerber Basic Onesie. PriceGrabber

Baby bodysuits are the foundation for every baby outfit. They provide an easy way to give your baby an extra layer of warmth, and with snaps between the legs, they stay put and keep your baby's other clothing from rubbing up against their new and delicate skin.

There are a variety of baby bodysuits on the market. Some are basic, solid colors. Others have witty sayings written across them.

Whichever you choose, there are certain things that you should always look for when registering for or buying baby bodysuits.

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7 Sets of Baby Sleepwear

Hatley Nature Girl's Coverall
Hatley Nature Girl's Coverall. Hatley

Baby sleepwear comes in a variety of styles, from one-pieces that snap or zip from the leg to the chin, two-piece outfits that include pants and a top to gowns and bag sleepers or wearable blankets, like Halo SleepSacks, have become very popular.

What's important is fit as it's directly related to the risk of accidental suffocation.

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7 One-Piece Outfits

Gymboree Truck Cargo One-Piece Outfit
Gymboree Truck Cargo One-Piece Outfit. Gymboree

One-piece outfits, also known as rompers and/or coveralls, will simplify those first weeks of dressing your newborn baby. No worrying about finding pants that match a shirt - you just slip on one outfit and call it good.

You will have no problem finding one-piece outfits for babies as they are all over the market. Organic, conventional, with embroidery, solid colors; you name it, it's out there somewhere.

To make life a little easier for you, and more comfortable for your baby, look for these key things when shopping for one-piece baby outfits.

1 Sweater or Jacket

Hand Knit Cardigan Sweater by Mor Mor
Hand Knit Cardigan Sweater by Mor Mor. Estella-NYC

Depending on what season your baby is born, a sweater or jacket may be necessary for proper cool-weather dressing. Anything that buttons or zips up will do the trick. Again, you really just want to avoid pulling a sweater or jacket over your baby's head, and you want to be sure that the weight of the jacket is appropriate for the season. And remember, it's not safe to put a heavy jacket on your baby when buckling them in to the carseat; opt instead for a car seat bunting that covers - and encloses - the infant car seat.

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Crib Shoes

Robeez Crib Shoes
Robeez Crib Shoes. Robeez

Baby socks will serve to keep little toes warm, but they are often ill-fitting and fall off. Crib shoes, like Robeez, will stay on and keep toes warm. Opt for crib shoes with elastic at the ankle. Handmade crib shoes with buttons and embellishments are very cute, but if they un-attach themselves, they pose a choking hazard. Traditional shoes are not necessary for newborn babies.

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Hats or Caps

GAP Cozy Bear Hat
GAP Cozy Bear Hat. GAP

Whether your baby is born during warm weather or cold, he or she will need a hat to protect them from the elements and to help them maintain their body temperature. Whether they're going to be outside or not, the need is still there.

Summer Babies Need Sun Hats. A wide brim and a Velcro or snap closure under the chin is just one option. Many companies now also offer a baseball style cap with fabric that drapes down the back of the neck. Opt for a summer hat with UPF from a retailer specializing in UPF clothing.

Winter Babies Need a Warm Knit Cap. A winter hat that covers their ears is perfect for cold weather. It doesn't have to be the heaviest-weight hat that you can find; a mid-weight knit cap in a cotton or wool blend is perfectly suitable.

Infant Bunting

UGG Baby Bunting
UGG Baby Bunting. UGG Australia

This is non-negotiable for winter babies and they come in a variety of styles. Even if the only time your baby will be outside is to go from the house to the car and back again, a bunting is necessary. A full snowsuit is not needed at this stage and a bunting fits securely over the car seat, keeping your baby dry and warm from the elements.