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Detail of a pair of golf shoes as golfer waits on the tee.

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Most golfers enjoy accessorizing their game. It's not just about the clubs we swing and golf balls we play, but also things such as bags, gloves ... and shoes. Outside of the clubs, golf shoes account for some of the biggest purchases golfers make. They don't just keep your feet grounded during the twisting, turning golf swing, they also can make a style statement.

So what's going on with the newest golf shoes? Check out the newest golf footwear arrivals in pro shops below. And check back regularly: When new golf shoes show up, we let you know about them here

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Callaway Skyline

Callaway Skyline golf shoe

Callaway Golf


The Skyline golf shoe is an addition to Callaway's collection of spikeless models. The FusionLite TPU outsole includes cutouts placed to allow the shoe to flex and move with the foot throughout the swing.

The Skyline is built on Callaway's PowerLine platform, whose midsole combines a soft top layer of EVA foam with a more supportive bottom layer of foam. The Skyline comes with a two-year waterproof warranty and reaches retail outlets in October 2018.

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New Balance NB Tour

New Balance NB Tour men's golf shoes

New Balance


New Balance's 2019 golf shoe lineup is headlined by the NB Tour men's shoe. Available in white/black or full black, it reaches retail in October 2018, priced at $149.95.

The fit is aided with by a wider forefoot with a shallow toe box depth and a lower instep height. That produced, the company says, a  better ground feel. The TPU outsole's flex grooves are matched to the natural motion of the foot. The 9-cleat system is low-profile and anti-clogging.

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Nike Air Jordan 3 Green Glow

Air Jordan 3 Green Glow golf shoes by Nike



It's been 30 years since the original Air Jordan 3 sneakers were introduced, and one way Nike is celebrating that anniversary is with a new pair of Air Jordan golf shoes.

The Nike Air Jordan 3 Green Glow golf shoes will retail for $200 at and select Jordan Brand retailers. The shoes have a black tumbled leather upper, elephant print and the famed Jumpman logo on the tongue. Nike Golf's crest shield is included on the heel.

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Puma Suede G

Puma Suede G Golf Shoes

Puma Golf


Fifty years after the Puma Sueda shoe launched in 1968, the company is bringing it back for golfers. The new Suede G shoe is the headliner in the company's Throwback Collection, which also includes accessories and apparel.

The Suede G shoes are made for both men and women with classic suede design features but modern performance technologies golfers desire. The Suede G is a street-style golf shoe, meaning it is spikeless and its design allows it to be comfortably worn off the golf course, as well.

The MSRP on the Suede G from Puma Golf was $120 at the time of launch.

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Various styles of the Ecco BIOM HYBRID 3 golf shoe.
Ecco Golf

Ecco Golf's latest shoe is the BIOM Hybrid 3, where the "3" in the shoe's name refers to something the manufacturer calls the "multi-purpose zonal performance structure" of its new Tri-Fi-Grip shoe tech.

What does that mean? Here's how the company explains it:

  • Zone 1 centers on delivering outstanding lateral stability throughout the swing.
  • Zone 2 forms the middle of the outsole and is designed to enhance walking comfort through the round and beyond. It also features a durability region in the heel where shoes can be prone to wearing.
  • Zone 3 is a specially engineered rotational section designed to optimize the movement in the forefoot through slim, rounded lugs which promote fast and easy rotation through the swing.

You can check out the shoe's other design features at The Ecco BIOM HYBRID 3, at the time writing, was priced at $200-$220 for men's models and $180-$200 for women's models on the company website.

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New Balance Minimus Tour

New Balance Minimus Tour golf shoes, 2017 model
New Balance

New Balance's Minimus was one of the company's first entries into the golf shoe market. Now comes the Minimus Tour, which is New Balance's first cleated golf shoe. Those cleats are in the form of the low-profile Slim-Lok Zarma Tour2 cleat system. 

The Minimus Tour shoes weigh in at 11.7 ounces and come in dark grey/green, white/black and black color schemes. The upper is waterproof.

The shoes hit retail on Sept. 15, 2017, with MSRPs of $119.95 per pair. See for more info.

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Callaway Coronado

Callaway Coronado golf shoe
Callaway Golf

The Coronado golf shoe from Callaway Footwear weighs in at 11.6 ounces and comes in grey/blue, white/multi, navy/red and camo color schemes.

The 2017 models of these shoes have a lightweight microfiber leather upper that is waterproof, plus Callaway's "Opti-soft" EVA midsole that the company says provides a more natural ground feel.

The traction on the outsole is provided by the low-profile Champ Slim-Lok system, which has nine PiviX cleats. The MSRP is $129.95 and the shoes reach retail beginning on Oct. 15, 2017. See for more info.

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Nike Course Classic

Nike Course Classic golf shoes introduced in 2017
Nike Course Classic golf shoes (they also come in dark blue). Nike

If at first glance, these new Nike golf shoes look a lot like tennis shoes, that's not coincidence: Nike designers looked back to the Nike Tennis Classic to create the Nike Course Classic golf shoes.

The shoes are designed to be wearable on and off the golf course. 

"We wanted a shoe that would be clean, modern, and would work with anyone’s style or taste level. We felt the Nike Tennis Classic was a perfect match,” said Nike footwear design director James Arizumi.

Carried over from the classic tennis shoe is a clean topline on the sidewall. But the outsole, a spikeless design, provided the traction golfers need on the course.

The shoe is selling on for $100 and comes in three colors: white, black and navy blue.