New Golf Bags and Push Carts

The latest bags and carts for golfers in pro shops now

Golf bags come in many different sizes and styles, and while you wouldn't necessarily think it, innovation in this product category has been happening since golfers first slung canvas bags on their shoulders.

What's new in golf bags today? Below are the latest arrivals in pro shops, with features and pricing to help you make buying decisions. We also take a look at the latest push carts (also called trolleys) used by walking golfers to transports clubs around the course.

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Alphard Club Booster eWheels Convert Push Carts to Caddies

Alphard Golf Club Booster eWheels golf caddie
Alphard Golf

Have a regular old push cart but wish you had a remote-controlled bag caddie? Alphad Golf's Club Booster eWheels system allows golfers to convert a manual push cart into an electric caddie.

"Most remote-controlled power carts run $1500 or more," says Alphard Golf USA National Sales Manager, Todd Hansen. "Club Booster's price-point opens up a whole new market for those wishing to experience the benefits of a remote-controlled cart."

According to Alphard, it takes only minutes to turn a push cart into a power cart, and the Club Booster wheels comes with unique brackets for Clicgear, Bag Boy, Sun Mountain and other cart brands.

The eWheels system has an MSRP of $599.99. Visit for more details.

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G/Fore Transporter II

G/Fore Transporter II golf bag
G/Fore Golf

The Transporter II golf bag by G/Fore is the latest version of the popular bag, which the company calls a "luxury stand bag."

The bag weighs in at six pounds. It includes a cooler pocket and inner valuables pocket with a two-combination lock; plus a magnetic tee pocket, double strap and Rotator Stand technology allowing maximum stability.

The bag also comes with several customization options. Golfers can get it with customized with tonal logos and quilted patent leather front pockets; initials or a name can also be embroidered on the front pocket.

The MSRP is $350. Visit for more info.

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PowaKaddy Compact C2 Electric Trolley

PowaKaddy Compact C2 electric trolley
PowaKaddy Golf

This is a "push cart" in the sense that you push a button to start it. The PowaKaddy Compact C2 trolley gets its power from a lithium battery. It boasts a 230-watt motor and integrated USB-charging port.

Transporting it? PowaKaddy had tried to make that easier with a design that requires only two folds to reach a compact size. With the extra-large 36-hole battery, it weighs 12kg, about 5kg lighter than if it had a traditional lead-acid battery rather than lithium.

It comes with an adjustable-weight, soft-touch handle; and a color, widescreen display that includes a power gauge and fuel indicator. An automatic distance function allows the golfer to send it 15, 30 or 45 yards away on its own.

The UK company PowaKaddy has priced the Compact C2 Electric Trolley at £599.99. The company website includes lists of UK and worldwide distributors, as well as internet retailers.

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Titleist Players Collection Stand Bags

Titleist Players Collection Stand Bags
Acushnet Golf

Titleist's latest golf bag collection is the 2017 Titleist Players Collection of stand bags, made with premium materials and lightweight designs.

The four models in the collection are the Players 4, Players 5 and Players 14 bags, where the numeral refers to the top (4-way, 5-way, 14-way tops, respectively). There's also the Players 5 StaDry stand bag for golfers who want a waterproof option.

The bags all have a double-to-single convertible strap system with premium cushioning, and a waterproof valuables pocket.

All come in numerous color combos. MSRPs range from $195 for the Players 4 stand bag to $255 for the Players 5 StaDry.

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Under Armour Enters Golf Bag Market

2017 models of Under Armour golf bags
Bags in the 2017 Under Armour collection. Under Armour

Under Armour is a famous name in athletic apparel, including golf apparel. Now the company is entering the golf bag market with its first collection, selling under the "UA Storm" name.

The three bags in the inaugural run are made for Under Armour by Sun Mountain - a well-known and popular maker of golf bags and other accessories - under a licensing agreement.

The UA Storm Speedround retails for $240; the UA Storm Match Play and UA Storm Armada bags retail for $260. All begin selling in April 2017.

The Speedround and Match Play are stand bags, and the Speedround is the lightest. (The Speedround also comes in both men's and women's stylings.) The Armada is a cart bag with the largest top (10.5 inches, 14-way).

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TaylorMade FlexTech Golf Bags

TaylorMade FlexTech Lite stand bag
TaylorMade's FlexTech Lite stand bag. TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade's 2017 lineup of golf bags is built around the new FlexTech technology. More on that in minute, but first here are the three bags that make up the FlexTech family:

  • The FlexTech is a carry stand bag with a 5-way top and 11 pockets. The MSRP is $210.
  • The FlexTech Lite weighs in at 4.3 pounds, almost a half-pound less than the FlexTech. It has a 4-way top and eight pockets. The MSRP is $190.
  • The FlexTech Crossover is a stand bag with a full, 14-way top and dividers, plus 10 pockets. It weighs 5.5 pounds. The MSRP is $230.

So what is that FlexTech technology? It's a hinge in the bottom of the golf bag that allows the base of the bag to angle in order to rest firmly on the ground - and it engages the legs of the stand mechanism.

The FlexTech bags come with a single strap or double strap at the golfer's option, and the straps have a new foam padding that TaylorMade says provides more cushioning.

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Big Max Blade Quattro Push Cart

Big Max Blade Quattro push cart
The Blade Quattro push cart by Big Max Golf. Big Max Golf

Big Max is a well-known and best-selling brand of trolley in Europe. Now, the company is entering the United States market with its Blade Quattro push cart.

The Blade Quattro is the first 4-wheeled trolley in the Big Max lineup, and the first with flat-fold technology. And yes, flat-fold tech is exactly what it sounds like: The Blade Quattro has a lightweight design that collapses down to a flatter size for easier storage and transport.

The MSRP on the Big Max Blade Quattro is $299.99.

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Datrek's 2017 Lineup of Golf Bags

Datrek Carry Lite Pro golf bag
The Carry Lite Pro, one of Datrek's 2017 golf bags. Dynamic Brands

The 2017 line of golf bags from Datrek includes five new bags ranging from a lightweight carry model to a larger cart bag. All the new bags include full-length dividers to keep clubs organized. And all have ergonomic handles integrated into the tops to assist with retrieval (such as from a car trunk) and transport.

There are dedicated putter wells in each bag, too, and all are available in multiple color schemes.

The five Datrek bags for 2017 are:

  • Lite Rider II cart bag: A cart bag with a lightweight, sleeker design. Aimed at golfers who typically ride, but sometimes walk and carry. MSRP $179.95.
  • Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag: A stand bag that also fits well onto the back of a cart. Has oversized wells for both putter and driver. MSRP $159.95.
  • DG Lite II Cart Bag: Has a 15-way top with full-length dividers. Designed to ride on carts, so all the pockets are forward facing. MSRP $159.95.
  • CB Lite Cart Bag: A lightweight cart bag with fashion-focused designs intended to appeal specifically to women golfers. MSRP $159.95.
  • Carry Lite Pro Stand Bag: Most-compact and lightest weight (4.6 pounds) of the 2017 Datrek golf bags. Aimed at walkers and comes with double straps. MSRP $139.95.