30 New Freelance Jobs for Writers

Freelance writing jobs lists are the bread and butter of writers who are still building their networks and clients lists, which is why I've created many targeted lists for writers, in addition to this one. Don't miss my classic article telecommuting freelancing writing jobs, which I rounded out with Niche writing jobs and places to find local-based freelance jobs.

Hope this new list of 30 NEW freelance writing job lists helps you to get find some new opportunities.

Educational Writers Association

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This site is open to everyone, not just members of the Educational Writers Association. It has occasional telecommute freelance writing jobs, but more often a listing of full-time positions.

Media Kitty

This site focuses on travel journalism. You'll have to sign up at the front page. Not only are many of these travel jobs telecommute, but they're the BEST kind of telecommute (travel!).

Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Occasional telecommuting positions are offered, but the true value of this site is in the right menu bar where there is “more job hunting help.”

Absolute Write Board- Jobs Thread

You may have to access this wonderful area through the front of the Absolute Write bulletin board (i.e. sign up and etc.). The board has postings from the actual hiring entity, and also leads from your fellow writers. At the same time, there's a mix in of calls for submissions to journals and whatnot. Think twice and check for payment before you apply to those, but know that there is a decent bump in your portfolio for publishing in some journals despite no pay.

Education Writing Blog

This blog lists every Friday specifically for the education market, and the jobs are mostly telecommuting. However, there are sometimes interesting full-time postings, also in the education market. Definitely, check out this site if you write test items or do curriculum development.

Viva Travel Guides

This is a so/so opportunity, but I thought I'd include it on the off-chance that you're heading out to Latin American anytime soon.

The New York Times Jobs Market

This is all writing jobs, including full-time and non-telecommute. However, I've found a fair amount of them to be open to remote workers. What's even cooler is that the NYT breaks the Writing/Editorial listings down even further to the following: DIGITAL CONTENT DEVELOPMENT, DOCUMENTATION/TECHNICAL WRITING, EDITING & PROOFREADING, JOURNALISM, GENERAL/OTHER, EDITORIAL/WRITING, and TRANSLATION/INTERPRETATION.

Simply Hired

This is a job listing service like Monster, etc., but if you plug in the right key/search terms (such as telecommute, writer, freelance, etc.) you’ll find a few opportunities.

Gawker Jobs

Ok, so most of Gawker Jobs seems to be locale-specific (New York City or Los Angeles), but if they were to hire freelance writers, bloggers, or freelance editorial assistants, this is where that would happen. Worth a few seconds of your time.


NimbleMind is a class/course content delivery company, which delivers classes online. Now, if you were a writer looking to teach about writing, editing or any other subject that you know something about, NimbleMind provides the platform for that. Instructors are expected to pitch their idea, write the course out (once accepted), advertise/market the course, and share the revenue with NimbleMind. This link is to their instructor application.


The American Society of Business Publication Editors mostly hires (you guessed it) editors for Business Publications (i..e trade magazines). However, I’ve found one or two bites- editors looking for writers to add to their freelance pool. Yes, that’s a pool you want to get into.


Dice.com focuses on tech jobs, but one aspect of tech jobs is often is writing – from SEO work to web pages, to technical manuals, there are umpteen reasons to look for writing jobs on a tech site.


“ProEdit offers a variety of contract, contract-to-permanent, and permanent job opportunities in the writing and editing industry. ProEdit has a constant need for talented people who want to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.”

Poets & Writers Magazine Job Listings

Yes, Poets & Writers is heavy on the academic positions and unpaid internships, but there are occasional legit opportunities for freelancers.


While Poynter is focused on journalism/reporting work, I have indeed found a couple short term freelance writing jobs through this site. For example, one newspaper was hiring a temporary blogger to take over a blogging/community section while the reporter was on maternity leave.

Publishers Weekly Job Zone

Again, the telecommute/freelance positions are few and far between, but the ones that are there are high quality, high paid long term positions.

Associated Press Jobs

Associated Press Jobs, self-explanatory. You have to sign up to see the postings, though.

Investigative Reporters and Editors

Again, these jobs are mostly full-time writing and editing positions that are tied to a city, but this may be worth a few seconds peek, mainly because your fellow freelancers won’t be looking here.

MPA Association of Magazine Media

First, I don’t know why the organization is called MPA but the full name is Association of Magazine Media, but I do know they list freelance writing jobs here!


Yes, I know it says staff writers and staff writers aren’t freelancers, but I also know that any freelance opportunities that show up here won’t be inundated with applicants.

Freelance Job Openings

I like this site for two reasons- 1) When the job poster asks for someone within a specific regional area, this site reads MY area and tells me up front that I live too far away. And 2) They only accept ads for paying jobs and the pay rate must be listed.


In all fairness, Skyword may qualify as a content mill (a company focused on churning out cheap content), but they do have a few big-name companies to write for, such as Pampers. Visit the homepage of Skyword to see a sampling of different “programs” to apply for. Carefully check for an UPFRONT per article payment—not payment based only on page views.

PR Week Jobs

While this is mostly high-ranking communications writer jobs, there are a few freelance opportunities here and there.

PRSA Job Center

I am including this listing as I’ve seen a few part-time telecommute communications jobs at this site.

Adweek Jobs

Plug “writer” into the search box for a return on writing jobs for online companies like AOL and Yahoo.


Scroll to the bottom and click on “internet jobs” for online writing positions, including remote freelance writing jobs.

Journalism Next

Bills itself as “the leading job and community site for minority journalists.”

Publishers Lunch Job Board

Keep an eye out for new editors that you might want to work for, and then send them an LOI.

Where Do YOU Recommend Looking for Freelance Writing Jobs? Share Your Fave Sites Here!

Where Do YOU Recommend Looking for Freelance Writing Jobs? Share Your Fave Sites Here!