New Employee Announcement Emails

How to Announce That a New Employee Has Joined the Team

This illustration answers the question, Why send new employee announcements? Answers include "New employee announcements welcome new colleagues and help retain excellent employees," "Sharing the new employee's background and skills builds positive expectations from the new coworkers."

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Do you need a new employee announcement to use as a guide while you develop your own announcements? These sample announcement emails introduce the new employee to their new coworkers. They provide an opportunity for you to tell the current employees about the new employee and to share their skills and experience.

They also allow you to shape your employees’ understanding of what the new employee brings to the team. You can share the new employee’s background, work experience, education, and skills. This builds positive expectations from the new coworkers.

The information gives the new employees credibility as they walk in the door. This is an important foundation for you to lay as you want to shape your employees' perceptions and expectations that the new employee deserves their support from the beginning.

This is the kind of workplace tradition you need to welcome your new employees in your workplace. It's one of your first steps to ensure that you retain your excellent employees.

The New Employee Introduction Is Welcoming

Finally, the new employee introduction gives you the opportunity to explain the new employee’s job, location, and start date. It alerts your employees to look for a new employee to greet and welcome. A positive new employee introduction letter also shares several points of interest about the new employee. This opens up the door to their new coworkers finding commonality and shared interests with the new employee.

Send this type of employee introduction via email to your all-staff mailing list. Everyone will anticipate welcoming the new employee to the team. At TechSmith Corporation, these emails all have a subject line, “+1.” All employees know that these emails are introducing a new employee. It's a tradition worth establishing in your organization, too.

Two Sample New Employee Announcements

New Employee Introduction Email Example 1 (Text Version)

Dear Staff:

Today is a great plus one news day. Marie St. Clair is joining our team on May 1. Marie will work as a documentation specialist in the customer engagement department in Building 407 in the documentation center. So, if you see a new face on May 1, let Marie know that you are excited about her joining our team.

To start, Marie is assigned to the widget team, so if you work on or with the widget team, do look for an opportunity to greet Marie. You can also join us for lunch on one of Marie’s first days if you let me know when you are available. A small group will be taking her out to lunch on May 1 and 2.

Marie has worked at two other technology companies over the past ten years, so she brings a wealth of knowledge about product documentation. In fact, if you have used software by Adobe, you may have read Marie’s books.

Marie’s Bachelor’s degree is from Michigan State University where she majored in educational technology with a minor in communications. Since several of her new colleagues share this degree, you will have a lot in common.

Marie has a passion for writing fiction in her spare time and volunteers with organizations that work with at-risk children. She looks forward to volunteering in her new community and will be looking for recommendations about everything from painters to good places to eat.

A reception is scheduled for May 1 in the Building 407 conference room to welcome Marie and two other new employees who are starting that week. Please join us at 4 p.m. for gelato, punch, and iced tea. RSVP to Mark Guiliani at ext. 4356.

I appreciate your joining me in providing a warm welcome for Marie.

With excitement,

Name of Department Manager/Boss

New Employee Introduction Email Example 2 (Text Version)

All Staff Announcement:

I'm happy to let you know that Shania Herzog has accepted our job offer and will join the team as a quality assurance supervisor on November 1. We are convinced that she will add another layer of success to our quality efforts.

Shania has worked in quality assurance since graduating from college with increasing responsibility and authority in each of her roles. We are lucky that she has decided to join our team. Her experience has been in two companies that serve a different industry than we serve. But, Shania should have no difficulty making the transition to a new industry as she has done so twice in the past.

Shania's degree is in computer science from the University of Chicago. She is experienced in both Agile and Scrum methodology. Additionally, Shania is a Certified Software Tester (CSTE).

In her spare time, Shania is a mom who loves cooking and trying out new recipes. She is also a big fan of traveling the world, both near and far, looking for new experiences.

Shania will join the team in the quality assurance office on the manufacturing floor. They will host an open house to welcome her on November 2 at 3:30 p.m. All employees are invited to stop by as appetizers, treats, and beer, wine, and iced tea will be served.

The signup list for people who plan to attend is on the company wiki so that we know how much food to order. Here's the link.

Martin Doyle

Director of Quality Assurance

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