Need for Speed: Underground Cheats for PC

Unlock all vehicles, games modes, and custom parts on PC

Need for Speed: Underground is the seventh installment in the Need for Speed racing game series. In addition to an original story and customizable cars, the PC edition of Need for Speed: Underground has cheat codes that unlock all vehicles and hidden parts to help you leave your opponents in the dust.

These cheats are exclusively for the original PC version. There are separate cheats for other platforms such as Need for Speed: Underground on PlayStation 2. Also check out the second generation Need for Speed: Underground 2 for PC.

Need for Speed: Underground Cheat Codes

To enable cheats, select Statistics from the main menu, then press the Delete key to go back. Then, activate cheats by typing the codes below at the main menu.

Cheat Code Effect
240240sx Unlock 240SX.
350350z Unlock 350Z.
driftdriftbaby Unlock all drift circuits.
allmylvloneparts Unlock all level 1 parts.
seemylvl1parts Unlock all level 1 visual parts.
allmylvl2parts Unlock all level 2 parts.
seemylvl2parts Unlock all level 2 visual parts.
gimmesomecircuits Unlock circuit tracks.
gimmesomedrag Unlock drag circuits.
slidingwithstyle Unlock drift physics in all game modes.
899eclipse Unlock Eclipse.
119focus Unlock Focus.
371impreza Unlock Impreza.
222lancer Unlock Lancer.
allmylvloneparts Unlock level 1 upgrades.
allmylvl2parts Unlock level 2 upgrades.
needmylostprophets Unlock Lost Prophets.
221miata Unlock Miata.
334mygolf Unlock Mygolf.
havyamystikal Unlock Mystikal.
893neon Unlock Neon.
givemenismo Unlock Nismo.
gimmeppablo Unlock Petey Pablo.
77peugeot Unlock Peugeot.
gotcharobzombie Unlock Rob Zombie.
777rx7 Unlock RX7.
922sentra Unlock Sentra.
111skyline Unlock Skyline.
gimmesomesprints Unlock sprint circuits.
667tiburon Unlock Tiburon.
2000s2000 Unlock S2000.
889civic Unlock Civic.
342integra Unlock Integra.
973rsx777 Unlock RSX.
239celica Unlock Celica.
228supra Unlock updated Toyota Supra.

How to Earn Easy Drift Points

Go to Options > Car to turn off stability control, then tailgate another vehicle for easy drifting. When you come to a sharp turn, release the throttle and turn into the curve. Practice drifting on a figure-eight track to earn easy style points.

While drifting, hold Gas + Brake + a directional button, then release the brake to perform donuts.

How to Flip Cars

While drifting, touch the bumper of the car in front of you, then hit the nitrous to flip it.

How to Earn Easy Money

To make easy money in Underground mode:

  1. Upgrade the VW Golf to max performance (or as close as possible).

  2. Trade the upgraded VW Golf for a Nissan Skyline.

  3. Downgrade the Nissan Skyline to stock.

  4. Trade it for a VW Golf at a profit of $6,000. 

    Spend the money you make in Underground mode in Regular mode.