6 Need for Speed PS4 Cheats

Free parts and more cheats for NFS 2015 on PS4

The 2015 edition of Need for Speed is the first game in the Need for Speed series to pit players against each other in real-time races in a massive online world. Learn where to collect free parts, how to improve your reputation, and what in-game cheats are available to exploit.

These cheats are for Need for Speed on PlayStation 4. Most information also applies to the Xbox One and PC versions.

Need for Speed 2015 on PS4

Collect Free Parts

You can find free parts for your vehicles in the following locations:

Part Location
Clutch w/ 0.1s Gear Change Time Buck Foothills View, Crescent Mountains
Drop In Filter East Esplanade Old Industrial, Royal Park
Fuel Pump Arcadia, Royal Park Aftermarket
Fully Adjustable Brakes Castle Hill Falls, El Rey
EL Manifold VB Petrochemical Plant, South Port
Decatted Race Exhaust San Pedro Transfer, South Port
Fully Adjustable Handbrake Sinner's Peak, El Rey
Camshaft Elite Morphus, Franklin Terrace Aftermarket
Elite Tuning Ported Block v.2 Harbor View Mall, Franklin Terrace
Intercooler Cross Roads, Burnwood
Supercharger: EliteTune-SC-V1-TUNER Shoreline Front, Burnwood
Time Refill Nitrous 5lb Capacity Weid Canyon, Crescent Mountains
Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) Large Stock Fenders Esplanade Church, Royal Park
Volkswagen Golf GTI (1976) Intake Light VB Petrochemical Plant, South Port
Volvo 242 (1975) Intake Light Ekeya, Burnwood
Ford Mustang (1965) Street Style Fender Mirror Morphus, Franklin Terrace
Lotus Exige S (2006) Carbon Reflectors Apollo Heights, Franklin Terrace
Lotus Exige S (2006) Intake Light Granite Spring, Crescent Mountains
Honda Civic Type-R (2000) Race Style Fender Type I Lone Palm Village Mall, Royal Park
Honda Civic Type-R (2000) Street Style Fender Mirror Weid Canyon Dam, Crescent Mountains
Dodge Challenger SRT8 (2014) Street Style Wide Fender Esplanade Church, Royal Park
Honda Civic Type-R (2000) Race Style Sideskirt Navy Pier, South Port
Dodge Challenger SRT8 (2014) Race Style Sideskirt Shoreline Front, Burnwood
Volvo 242 (1975) Street Style Wide Fender Interstate 5, El Rey

Check your inbox for new parts when you visit the garage. Redeem parts to customize your vehicles.

Replay Races for Easy Money

After completing events, you can replay those events to earn extra cash. Pick an easy race and replay it repeatedly to get the money you need to purchase upgrades.

Learn How to Drift

To drift around a tight corner, approach it at full speed, then make a sharp turn and lightly tap the brake. Once you're drifting, don't counter-steer too much, or you'll spin out. Instead, lightly move the control stick to the left and right to maintain control of your vehicle.

You can also tune your vehicles to make drifting easier. Perfecting this skill is essential to completing certain events, and it can come in handy when replenishing your nitrous meter.

Purchase the Nitrous Upgrade as Soon as Possible

Your first upgrade purchase should be the nitrous boost. It gives you a huge advantage in races, so the investment will quickly pay for itself.

You have two options: Time Refill and Action Refill. Time Refill replenishes the nitrous boost over time, while Action Refill only refills when you're drifting. Action Refill gives you greater control over your nitrous use, but Time Refill is the better option until you perfect drifting.

Provoke and Outrun the Police

Running from the police is an easy way to earn reputation points. Speed past a police car to start the pursuit. Look for lone cops outside the downtown area so that they can't call for backup. If you're caught, you'll pay a fine, and you won't get any points.

Improve Your Reputation

Raising your reputation level is required to unlock new parts. Performing certain feats earns you reputation points in one of five categories:

Driving Feat Category Requirement
0-60 Build Accelerate to 60 mph from a standstill.
Max Speed Build Reach top speed.
Perfect NOS Build Perform a long nitrous boost.
Air Time Style Perform a big jump.
Donut Style Perform a 360° donut.
Drifting Style Perform a drift.
Clean Driving Speed Drive a long distance without colliding with anything.
Slipstreaming Speed Stay behind the slipstream of another vehicle.
High Speed Speed Maintain a high speed.
Cop Chase Outlaw Initiate a police pursuit.
Destruction Outlaw Vandalize property.
Near Miss Outlaw Closely pass another vehicle.
Oncoming Outlaw Drive recklessly in the wrong lane.
Slammed Cop Outlaw Ram a police vehicle.
Matching Speed Crew Match the speed of nearby drivers.
Drift Train Crew Drift behind another drifting vehicle.