Need For Speed Carbon PC Cheat Codes

Unlock vehicles, tracks, and more

Need for Speed Carbon car


Need For Speed Carbon is the tenth installment in the popular Need for Speed racing video game series. Unlike its predecessors, it's about street racing with a crew instead of only one person. Equip your crew members with different skills, customize your cars, and a whole lot more. Then, take on rival crews as you race for control of a city block by block. The Need For Speed Carbon life-or-death races can be challenging, though, so if you want some additional help, here's a list of cheat codes.

This guide specifically applies to the PC version of Need For Speed Carbon. A PS2 guide is also available.

How to Use Need For Speed Carbon Cheat Codes on PC

You can enter Need For Speed Carbon cheat codes from the Main Menu or the Click to Continue screen. Enter each code without spaces. Using cheat codes prevents you from winning any achievements. So, if you're a completionist who loves to platinum video games, you might want to consider not using them.

Need For Speed Carbon Cheat Codes

Cheat Code Effect
inthezoneskin Unlocks the Autozone Vinyl.
syntecskin Unlocks the Syntec Vinyl.
lotsoffreelogos Unlocks Need For Speed Carbon Logo Vinyls.
lotsoffreevinyls Unlocks Need For Speed Carbon Special Logo Vinyls.
pharrellvinylgogo Unlocks the Pharrell Vinyl.
5grand5grand Unlocks Castrol cash.
shinycarsarethebestcars Unlocks chrome cars.
cooperlogofreeforyou Unlocks the Cooper Tire Logo.
chasingmobile Unlocks the Corvette Z06 Interceptor in Quick Race Mode.
guesswhoisback Unlocks the Cross Corvette Z06 in Quick Race Mode.
trashtalking Unlocks the Rhino in Quick Race Mode.
bigredfiredrive Unlocks the Fire Truck in Quick Race Mode.
watchoutthebigtruckishere Unlocks the Dump Truck in Quick Race Mode.
friendlyheadlocksapplied Unlimited Crew Charge.
nosforeverever Unlimited Nitrous.
speed3foryou Unlocks the Mazda Speed3.
slowitdownwhenyouwant Unlimited SpeedBreaker.
chasingheadlocksappliedrashtalk Unlocks the Mazda Dealership.
givemethedb9 Unlocks the 2005 Aston Martin DB9.
givemethechargersrt8 Unlocks the 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8.
canyonalltheway Unlocks all tracks.