Necklace Styles for Petites

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Delicate Necklaces for Petites

Hilary Duff's 18th Birthday Party
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Petite women tend to have small frames, and so a delicate ​necklace can be a good choice because it won't look out-of-proportion on a short woman.

One word of caution about delicate necklaces: they may look too small on women who wear petite plus sizes, so if that's the case, select a different necklace style that seems more in proportion.

Pictured here petite Hilary Duff wears a delicate necklace with a strapless gown.

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Pearl Necklaces for Petites

Helen Mirren attends the 125th Metropolitan Opera opening night
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Truly a classic, a pearl necklace flatters a petite woman, whether the pearls are faux or real. The luster of pearls creates a soft glow that enhances any woman's appearance. Single-strand, multi-strand, and pearl rope necklaces are all good options for short women. No matter what style of pearl necklace you wear, the necklace should drape attractively. Avoid choker styles that wrap around the neck itself, especially if they're multi-stranded because the horizontal line created will make a short woman look even shorter. Any short necklaces should fall at the base of the neck, rather than on the neck.

In this picture Academy-award winner, petite Helen Mirren wears a triple-stranded pearl necklace.

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Pendant Necklaces for Petites

Television personality Rachael Ray attends City Harvest's bid against hunger
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Pendant necklaces can be very flattering for petites, especially when they echo a V-neckline. A pendant that is not too large, but big enough to create a focal point, works best. Again, it's all about proportion, so the size of the pendant you select should look well proportioned on you when you wear it.

Look how petite celebrity cook Rachael Ray's pendant necklace creates an attractive focal point within her V-neckline in this photo.

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Long Necklaces for Petites

High School Musical 3: Senior Year - Madrid Premiere
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Long necklaces flatter petites because they create longer vertical lines, which make short women look taller. Avoid long necklaces with multiple strands if they seem too bulky, and opt for single strand ropes or smaller multi-strand chains.

Pictured here petite actress Vanessa Hudgens wears a single-strand long necklace, which enhances a longer look.

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Statement Necklaces for Petites

Actress Salma Hayek attends the 1st Hollywood Domino Tournament
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If they're done right, statement necklaces can be flattering on petites. Statement necklaces continue to be trendy, which means that many women will want to wear them, and petites don't want to be left out. We can wear statement necklaces successfully as long as they're not too over-the-top. If possible, try on any statement necklace you're considering wearing, so that you can determine whether or not the necklace's proportions seem to fit your size and the necklace's fashion suits your personal style.

Pictured here petite Salma Hayek stuns in this de Grisogono statement necklace

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Sometimes Petites Should Skip Necklaces

Stylist Rachel Zoe attends the Christian Dior Cruise 2009 Collection
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Strange as it may seem, sometime the best necklace is no necklace. Short women don't always have to wear necklaces to look well dressed. Sometimes a petite woman should skip wearing a necklace, especially when her look is complete without one. If you want to focus on a dazzling pair of earrings or your clothing, you may decide that adding a necklace is just too much of an otherwise good thing.

In this photo, petite celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe looks terrific without a necklace.