Navy Search and Rescue Medical Technician

These sailors play an important role on Navy rescue crews

As part of search and rescue (SAR) units, Navy search and rescue medical technicians perform medical procedures in many high-pressure situations. They support training Air Wings, helicopter SAR missions, water rescue, survival drills and assist SAR with civilian crisis operations.

These sailors never know exactly what they may be doing on a given day, but have to be prepared for any situation where Navy personnel and others need medical attention.

The Navy enlisted classification (NEC) code for this job is HM 8401.

Duties of HM 8401

The basic job description for this role: perform aircrew and emergency medical care functions assigned in support of search and rescue missions. These sailors must be qualified in CPR for emergency technician ambulance (EMT A) personnel; triage, use of emergency medical equipment, handling patients, triage, and IV therapy techniques.