Natural Face: Best Organic Foundations, Blush, Powders

These organic products are not tested on animals

So you want a completely natural face using only organic makeup. I gotcha. One question I'm getting a lot these days is about natural makeup. Women want to know what products they can buy that are as close to "organic" as possible. They want as few chemicals on their faces as possible and they absolutely don't want products that have been tested on animals. To honor their question, I did a deep dive into products that meet the most rigid requirements. In this list, you'll find organic makeup that has not been tested on animals.

Instead of foundations, why not try a mineral base? Aubrey's base is a loose powder that will even out your skin tone and soften imperfections. It gets rave reviews on all the best sites.

The Body Shop gets excellent points for this foundation and powder in one neat compact. You can use them dry for a light matte finish or wet for high coverage. It comes in several shades.

Described by the company as "rich and creamy," this foundation offers full coverage and promises to conceal all imperfections. This foundation gets rave reviews, and I love that it's colored from the pigments of fruits and vegetables instead of minerals or synthetic dyes.

Alima Pure Satin Matte Mineral Foundation is hypoallergenic, will even out your skin tone and is purported to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. And, with 61 shades, there's a match for just about everyone.

What I like about this product is that it's universally loved. And if you like Alima and its products, you can't go wrong with this foundation.

This mineral, matte base offers full coverage for combination skin. For complexions with golden olive undertones.

This dual-purpose stain gives lips and cheeks a healthy-looking glow with one wash of color, or builds up for a richer, deeper coverage. A great base for lip products. Its moisturizing formulation helps to condition the skin.

Sweep colors together for a stunning, all-over glow on the face and cheeks or use each one individually on the eyes or to accent specific areas.

This bronzer and blush duo gets high marks from reviewers and users alike. Use it to highlight and contour or just look "touched by the sun."

Put this primer on under your foundation or mineral base for a smoother finish and for extra long staying power. This primer color corrects for redness, making it perfect for women with rosacea.

Apply this finishing powder after you apply foundation.

This powder is affordable and buildable. The more coverage you need, the more you can apply. This powder is comparable to BareMinerals but for a much cheaper price. Plus, you can buy it at your local Wal-Mart, Target or drugstore.

Absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup with 100% natural Abaca Leaf fibers, infused with Green Tea.

Mineral foundation and powders are applied using a foundation brush. You can vary the sizes depending on the part of your face you are making up. This is a great and extremely popular foundation makeup brush. It gets very good reviews and is affordable.

I also love this Everyday Minerals Bamboo Long Handled Kabuki Brush, buy it from

Most fancy makeup brushes have animal hair, which is not vegan-friendly. Natural beauty lovers rejoice! These makeup brushes are made with synthetic materials and bamboo handles and are especially excellent with mineral makeup.

This inexpensive, and very popular, set of brushes will serve all of your makeup needs and even more. They don't contain any animal bristles and are entirely synthetic, making them friendly to the vegetarian and vegan set.