Nathan and Maxie | General Hospital Super Couple

Nathan and Maxie (Ryan Paevey, Kirsten Storms)
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Nathan and Maxie, though very different from Maxie and Spinelli, have proven to be a popular couple on General Hospital, both sexy and fun-loving.

The two met on New Year's Eve 2013 when Nathan arrived to sublet Maxie's apartment while she was away. Though she was running to the airport, the two attractive people felt an attraction, though unacknowledged by either one.


Maxie was on an eat-pray-love journey to find herself. She didn't; instead, she found a nut job named Levi and returned from her trip with him.

Maxie and Nathan reconnected upon her return in April. As she and her sublet were chatting, Levi, wrapped in a towel, entered the living room and announced that he just used the rest of Nathan's shampoo. 

Nathan was en route to arrest family members, so he was in no mood. 

The next morning, Maxie saw that Levi and Nathan were at odds. She tried to evict Nathan, and Levi joined in. In the ensuing argument, Maxie took Levi's side. 

When she learned about Nathan's family issues, the big one being that Dr. Obrecht was his mother, she was sympathetic and allowed him to stay. Plus, she needed the rent money. Levi wasn't contributing.

Nathan attended the Nurses Ball, and at the last minute, Maxie attended as well. Seeing her walking the red carpet, Nathan complimented her. Unfortunately, Levi attended also. When Nathan did a sexy group number led by Magic Milo, and he threw his shirt to Maxie from the stage.

The Custody Case

In late May, Maxie received a notice from the court regarding her baby daughter Georgie. She explained her situation to Nathan. The six-month ban from seeing her child was up, but she had decided not to go to court, believing that she needed to get used to not being with the baby.

Nathan encouraged her to attend, but she told him to shut up. A few days later, she saw Nathan at the courthouse. She had missed the hearing but at the last minute, she wanted to try for visitation. Nathan accompanied her to meet the Judge. 

Unhappy that she missed the hearing, the Judge banned visitation for another six months.

Nathan piped up, saying that he threw away the notice. The Judge agreed to reschedule the hearing since Maxie didn't know about it. She was grateful for Nathan's help.

The next day, Nathan exited his bedroom and was greeted by an argument between Maxie and Levi. Levi was furious that Nathan lied to a Judge.

Somehow, the Judge learned that Nathan lied, and at the next hearing, he ordered Nathan to testify under oath. Maxie confessed that Nathan indeed threw the notice away, but he had no idea that she had seen it. She had let him take the blame. 

She begged the Judge to allow her daughter to be part of her life.The Judge put another six-month ban in place. Nathan accused Levi of blabbing to.the Court.

Nathan went to the Floating Rib and complained to Mac. When Maxie found out that Nathan accused Levi of tipping off the Judge, she was angry with him. 

The First Handcuffing

Then, the socially-conscious Maxie and Levi decided to protest the waterfront development. During the protest, the police were called, and Nathan put Levi under arrest. Maxie fought him, and the two wound up handcuffed to one another.

Nathan had the key, but when Maxie tried to grab it, it flew out of his hand.They could not find it; he refused to call the station out of embarrassment. Maxie didn't have her phone.

There was a key at the apartment, but they had to walk there. Had Maxie been able to drive a stick shift, they could have driven; Nathan was on the wrong side. On the way, they argued incessantly, mostly about Levi. Once they reached the apartment, both fell asleep on the couch.

Levi announced that his visa expired. Nathan said that he had to report that to the Immigration authorities, but Maxie begged him not to. Levi looked for the key and unlocked them.

Immigration Intervenes

Maxie and Nathan by this time realized that there were feelings between them. But before anything could happen, Levi was reported to immigration. Maxie accused Nathan, who denied it. However, the ICE phone number was in his cell!

Nathan insisted that Levi used his phone. Determined to prove Levi was no good, he stormed out. He had little choice - Maxie evicted him.

Maxie suggested that Levi marry her so that he could stay in the country. Nathan meantime admitted he cared for Maxie to his sister Nina. Levi and Maxie announced their engagement to Mac and Nathan at the Floating Rib.

This caused another argument because Nathan informed Maxie that it would be fraud to marry Levi.  

Wedding Day

On August 8, the day of Maxie's wedding, Nathan admitted how he felt to Mac, who immediately went to his stepdaughter and told her that she could not marry Levi. 

When Lulu talked to Maxie, the future bride denied her feelings.Then Lulu said, "Look me in the eye and say that." Maxie looked at her and said, "I have no feelings for Levi." 

Nathan found out that someone stole Felicia's Aztec necklace, which he discovered it in Levi's things. He was about to arrest him when Levi pulled out a gun. His true intention all along was to procure those Aztec jewels from Maxie.

Levi beat the police detective and tied him up. Dante found him; Nathan sputtered that Levi was a criminal.

Maxie walked down the aisle and said, "I do," as Nathan approached the altar, arrested Levi, and announced that he was a con man. Levi pulled a gun. The so-called immigration agent, Scribner, who was actually just Levi's accomplice, held a gun on Lulu.

Kidnapped and the Second Handcuffing

The two men kidnapped Maxie and Lulu. As Nathan searched for the two women, he found Maxie's veil. Meanwhile, with Maxie and Lulu held captive, Maxie aggravated Levi so much that he left the room without his phone. Maxie kicked it to Lulu, who called Dante. She did not know their location, but Nathan was able to track the phone's location.

Levi and Scribner were about to leave, taking the women with them when a SWAT team arrived. Dante shot Levi. Then gas, sent by Victor Cassadine, filled the room.  

Nathan was outside, with plans to go around the back of the building, when Victor confronted him, threatening to kill Maxie if he didn't cooperate. Nathan dropped his gun. Inside, he found an unconscious Maxie, cuffed to a wall. Later, Nathan is cuffed with her, and Maxie learned that they were at Crichton-Clark. Victor, he told her, was behind the whole thing.

Maxie believed none of this would have happened had she listened to her heart. Did her heart tell her that Levi was a fraud? Nathan asked. She answered no. She was told by Mac that Nathan had feelings for her. Does he? Yes, he said. He had been attracted to her since the day they met, adding that she "dazzled him."  "Now I know you have a concussion," she replied.

Maxie confessed to thinking about him as well and admitted that though she can't sort out her emotions at the moment, she was glad the wedding was stopped. But she can't trust herself. She once had faith in Levi, after all. 

Love out of the way, the two decided that the first priority was getting out. Nathan observed that this was the second time they have been handcuffed together. The first time, though, they had a key. They both admitted that when Levi found that key, they were disappointed. 

Nathan knocked over a tray with a paperclip on it and uncuffed Maxie. Nathan was in a lot of pain, so Maxie went for help. Her first job was to search for a phone. She walked into a room where a man was lying in bed.

Nathan was able to get out of the handcuffs by overpowering a guard and stealing his keys.

Levi entered the room and found Maxie. The man in the bed was his father, Peter Harrell, once engaged to Felicia. Levi's real name was Peter Harrell, Jr. Harrell Sr. ordered his son to kill Maxie. Nathan shot Levi before he could. As Maxie and Nathan were about to leave, the wounded Peter grabbed his gun. Maxie stabbed him in the back before he could shoot. It was then that Nathan and Maxie had their first kiss.

The couple located Dante and Lulu, who warned them that the building was about to blow up. As they were leaving, they ran into Anna and Dr. Obrecht. Obrecht informed them that the front door had a different security pad, so they all headed there. Anyone with a gunshot at the door and Dante kicked it open. Everyone ran, and the building exploded.

All of them headed for the PCPD where family members Mac and Felicia, along with Britt awaited them. Maxie told them about Peter and how Nathan felt about her. She left to spend the night with Mac and Felicia while Nathan headed for the apartment. But they made a date for the next night.  

The next day, Maxie saw Nathan outside of Anna's office. She explained that she had been thinking about him and their adventure. Then, abruptly, she stated that she could not date him. Nathan told her that he would be at the Metro Court in case she decided to meet him.

Lulu convinced Maxie to go; Dante convinced Nathan to show up.

Both appeared at the MetroCourt, though Maxie was late. Nathan spoke French to the waiter -- very impressive. They are having a great time when Judge Walters, who refused her visitation of her daughter, entered with Monica Quartermaine. He warned Maxie that if he saw her with Nathan again, he would make certain that she was denied visitation for another six months. Nathan understood how important this was to her, so the date ended.

Some time later, they see one another at the gym. Lulu warned them that a courthouse guard was in her kickboxing class, so the two separated again.

One night, Nathan was at Kelly's and saw Diane Miller. He asked for her help with the Judge. She promised to try. Maxie and Nathan continued to communicate via text, but they don't like it.

Two months later, on December 8, Maxie was preparing for her hearing when Lulu told her that Nathan was shot trying to help Sam. Maxie raced to the hospital. Nathan was fine but ordered her to leave. She refused. Several days later, she brought him flowers, and the two made out.

The hearing was another flop, with Maxie again denied visitation by the evil Judge because he saw her at the restaurant with Nathan. She told Nathan, who was furious. He promised her that she would be with her baby for Christmas.

Reversal of Fortune

The Judge did reverse his decision, and Maxie wondered if Nathan had anything to do with it, though he denied it. (It turned out that Dr. Obrecht was responsible.) The two exchanged early Christmas presents since she would be in Portland over the holiday. 

Nathan asked her to be home by New Year's so that they can begin making memories for 2015. It's a date, she promised. 

Nathan left the hospital on New Year's Eve with Lulu, who assisted in preparing for his and Maxie's second date. However, Maxie's flight was canceled due to fog. 

But Nathan flew to Portland instead, determined to see her. His aunt's friend was able to have him flown to a private airstrip outside of Portland. 

He learned from Spinelli that Maxie was no longer in Portland. She, too, flew out of the airstrip, due to a favor her father Frisco called in. 

Nathan phoned Maxie and announced that he will be back in Port Charles by 9 p.m. Only on General Hospital. Lulu helped Maxie choose a dress for the evening. 

When Maxie arrived at the airport to pick up Nathan, she learned that his flight was diverted to Beechers Corners.  She told him she will pick him up there. Nathan, meanwhile, told her that he will take a cab to the apartment. Since the call had a bad connection, neither one knew what the other was doing. 

When Nathan finally reached the apartment, Dante and Lulu were eating the ribs intended for him and Maxie.  Maxie was in Beechers Corners, at the airport, where there was no Nathan.  She received a call from Nathan saying that he was at the apartment.  Alas, her car has been towed.  Nathan suggested that she take a cab. She called later. The cab broke down.

It was near midnight, and Maxie, at last, made it to the apartment. No Nathan. Her phone rang. Nathan was on the line; he had gone to get her. She sighed in frustration. The tow truck driver brought her home!
There was a knock at the door. Maxie opened it to Nathan! They kissed. It was midnight.

It was now 2015. It would be their year, Nathan predicted. He brought her into the bedroom, where he has candles and white petals on the bed.  They made love for the first time.

Johnny Z

Lulu found out as Maxie waxed poetic about her night of amore with Nathan that Johnny was released from Pentonville. Both Dante and Nathan paid him a visit warning him to stay away from their girlfriends. It did not end well, with Johnny and Nathan getting into a fight.

In the midst of it all, Felicia ran for mayor and lost. Nathan informed her that if she decided to run again in two years, he would be happy to help. Mayor Lomax fired Anna, and Maxie wondered aloud to Nathan if Agent Sloane and Mayor Lomax conspired to take revenge against Anna. 

Since the couple intended to take it slowly, Nathan moved to Kelly's. At the Haunted Star, Maxie ran into Johnny. While visiting Nathan at Kelly's, Nathan told her that Johnny mentioned a "history" with her. She explained that they faked a relationship, though there was an attraction.

Johnny and Carlos then caused an accident that injured Sonny, Julian, Ava, and Franco on the orders of Luke Spencer. They are wanted by the police. One day, after Maxie and Nathan built a crib for Georgie, Nathan began his shift by searching for the two criminals. Johnny showed up at Maxie's.  He took her keys and cash and left.


When Nathan returned, Maxie announced that she was going to the airport to pick up Spinelli, Ellie, and Georgie. But she can't find her keys or her cash. Nathan assumed there was a robbery. She was forced to tell him that it was Johnny.  

Nathan couldn't arrest her or she would lose visitation of the baby again. He will claim that Johnny broke in. 

While Spinelli visited, Maxie admitted that she helped Johnny and that it upset Nathan.

Spinelli had a confession, too. Ellie broke up with him because she believed he was still in love with Maxie. Now he believed it to be true. 

Maxie swore to Nathan that she did not return Spinelli's feelings, but he doubted her. She needed to sort out her own emotions, he suggested. When Maxie visited Lulu, Spinelli was there, and he kissed her as Nathan entered. Maxie swore the kiss was forced on her as Nathan attacked Spinelli. Fortunately, sounds from Spinelli's computer intervened

Nathan decided a breakup would be best while she sorted out her emotions. Maxie begged him not to give up on them. They kissed and went to her place. 

Ultimately, a confused Maxie decided to be with Spinelli. With Ellie and Nathan tried to make them jealous at the Nurses Ball. But each realized that they belonged with the other, and everyone changed places. Maxie/Nathan and Spinelli/Ellie reunited.

Despite a few bumps in the road, Nathan and Maxie have enjoyed their relationship. Now Nathan has slipped up and, while unconscious, uttered the name Claudette, whom he said was his poodle growing up. He finally told Maxie the truth: Claudette was his wife. There's more to it than that, though, so stay tuned.