Narrow Shoes for Women

Where to Find the Narrow, Extra Narrow, and Super Slim Shoes You Need

Fashionable narrow women's shoes.
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If you're a woman searching for narrow shoes, it can be frustrating to find them in stock at nearby shoe stores or even when trying to search online. Here a few of the best online resources for women's shoes in narrow widths.

Most of the retailers below have the best selection in width AA (narrow), followed by some choices in extra narrow widths (AAA), and even a few in super slim (AAAA). You can bet that it would be hard to locate these at the typical shoe store at the mall.

Tips for Shopping for Shoes Online

Always check the shoe return policy before you order. Since you have feet that have special width requirements, you will want to be able to return them if they don't fit. Check to see if they must be returned unworn and in the original box. Is return shipping paid or will you need to pay for it yourself? You may have to file a request for a return number. You may have to accept a replacement pair rather than a refund.

Maryland Square - Good Prices

Maryland Square has a good number of shoes in narrow widths and some exceptional sale prices. They make it easy to search by width, including narrow, slim, and super slim. For those who prefer page-flipping to mouse-clicking, Maryland Square offers an actual catalog (which can be requested for free on their site).

Zappos - Great Selection

As one of the largest shoe stores online, it stands to reason that Zappos also has one of the largest selection of women's shoes in narrow widths. As an example, in their women's dress shoe category, Zappos has a huge selection of narrow width AA (over 1000 styles), a good selection in AAA (still in the hundreds), and surprisingly decent number of styles in AAAA (or SS) widths. - Good Source for Women's Narrow Shoes carries AA and AAA width shoes for women. With a good selection of brands and some very good prices, is definitely worth a look for women's narrow shoes. You can easily narrow your selection by width. They had over 3000 styles in size narrow, X narrow, and 2X narrow.

Nordstrom - Great Selection for AA

Nordstrom's website has a fantastic shoe department and offers women's narrow width shoes from lots of coveted designers and brands. This site is definitely worth checking out if you wear (AA), but not much for slimmer widths.

Marmi Shoes

This site doesn't have a huge inventory, but it does offer some extremely nice looking shoes in widths ranging from Super Slim to Wide. I was especially impressed with their selection of evening shoes and dress shoes.

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