20 Hilarious Christmas Craft Fails

These DIY projects get an A for Effort, but an F for Execution. Hey, at least they tried! Here are 20 hilarious Christmas decoration Pinterest fails.

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Gingerbread Whatever-This-Is

A gingerbread cookie in a box with some evergreen sprigs and a ribbon


Ah, forget it. Just throw some evergreens on there and call it a day.

Just like the rest of the DIY crafts and baked goods in this gallery, this poor gingerbread man here looks like he has seen better days. There's just something about these "easy" DIY projects that made someone say, "Hey, this looked so easy on Pinterest. I think I'll give it a whirl!" And whirl they did... right into FAIL territory.

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Santa's Bread Head

Comparison of a successful Santa Claus-shaped bread and a poor attempt at a recreation

"Mrs. Claus, tell the truth. Am I getting a little bit doughy?" –Santa

This Santa Claus bread is pretty Ho-Ho-Horrible.

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Gingerbread Mini Village

Comparison of a gingerbread village kit and the final product


These gingerbread house kits never work out as planned. Instead of a quaint Christmas village, all of these kits wind up looking like the wrong side of the Polar Express tracks. This is where Santa and the elves would live if the North Pole was in the midst of some sort of epic economic decline.

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Strawberry Snowmen

Comparison of a strawberry Santa snack and a poor attempt at a recreation

Craft Fail 

Did you make these with your toes? Because if so, I'm not eating them (okay, maybe just a nibble).

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Festive Christmas Wreath

Comparison of a sock wreath and a failed attempt


Ah yes, the holidays.  A magical time when it's perfectly acceptable to hang up your dirty socks as home decor.

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Holiday Trainwreck

Comparison of a train cake and a failed attempt


Any owner of one of these train car cake tins can tell you that getting them to look like anything other than broken mounds of delicious cake is much, much harder than it looks. Curse you, Betty Crocker, for setting the bar too high!

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Baby In Christmas Lights

Comparison of a model baby photo with Christmas lights and a failed attempt


Everybody wants to achieve the perfect Christmas greeting card and using your adorable little tyke as a prop just seems like a natural choice. However. Have you ever tried to make a baby be adorable on command? It's like herding cats, lemme tell you. If it's any consolation, way more family portraits go hilariously wrong than right.

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Christmas Pretzel Stick Candy

Comparison of a Christmas candy and a homemade attempt


Yum! What could be easier than dipping pretzel sticks into candy and decorations? Turns out, anything could. Literally anything.

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Festive Cookies

Comparison of professional Christmas cookies and a homemade attempt


The best thing you could do for these cookies is to toss them, and we say that with love (although you've got to love the creative use of "buttons" on the lower left. We see you).

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Cute Kid Cards, Part Deux

Comparison of a baby photo shoot and a homemade attempt


See? We told you there's no way to get kids to cooperate with your — well — anything, but especially your big plans!

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Santa Cake

A scary-looking Santa Claus cupcake


Let's hope Santa tastes better than  he looks. Wait. That sounded wrong.

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Sugar Cookies

Comparison of sugar cookies and some burnt cookies


Mmmm, crunchy!  Come on, couldn't we all use some more carcinogens in our diets? The burned bits are the best part.

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Donut Don'ts

Comparison of snowman donut hole snack and a failed attempt

Craft Fail

You can get anyone's attention with "donut holes," but you'll lose everyone with whatever these are.

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Baby Handprint Ornaments

Comparison of baby handprint craft and a real attempt

Daily Spicy

Step one: Dip little Junior's pudgy little baby hand in paint.

Step two: Smear Junior's paint-covered paw all over anything you had high hopes of making cute and artsy.  Bonus points if the kid makes a fist instead of a palm print.

Step three: Soak up the compliments.

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Reindeer Cookies

Comparison of model reindeer cookies and a failed result

Craft Fail

"All of the other reindeers, used to laugh and call him names..." because he was a melted pile of dough.

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Santa's Touch of Grey

A Santa Claus ornament that resembles Jerry Garcia

Craft Fail

It's not a fail if you actually want a Jerry Garcia ornament on your tree.

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Candy Cane Kisses

Example of Christmas cookies and a failed homemade attempt

Craft Fail

These flat kisses are just like MY first kiss. Only with far less saliva.

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Reindeer Pops

A marshmallow reindeer craft and a failed recreation

Craft Fail

"Please kill me." – These reindeer.

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Christmas Book Tree

Christmas tree made out of books and a failed recreation


Seems like a great idea, in theory. It's also a good way to work Fifty Shades of Grey into your holiday conversations, and who doesn't want that? Win, win!

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FAIL: Edible Candy Bowl

Example of a candy bowl craft and a failed attempt

Craft Fail

A glass bowl might even taste better...