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Texturizing powders are my secret weapon for amazing hairstyles that get big, interesting, or need to stay all day long. These unique products are great for adding long-lasting volume and texture to your hair as well as absorbing excess oil and grease that may accumulate at your scalp. They are great for adding grip to your hair, making updos stay, keeping backcombing in place, and keeping braids from slipping apart. If you like piecey, textured, or messy hair, a texture powder can help give you the look you're seeking.

I like to use texture powders in place of dry shampoo to extend my shampoo an extra day, refresh sweaty limp hair after the gym, and give my hair fullness and volume that doesn't fall limp.

Texture Powders are typically applied in the same way:

  • Lift small sections of your hair up to expose your scalp
  • Gently and slowly shake the product into your scalp and your hair's midshaft
  • Repeat until you have applied texture powder to all desired areas
  • Work the powder into your scalp with the pads of your fingers
  • Brush the powder through your hair well and style as desired
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L'Oreal Professionnel True Grip Texturizing Powder

L'Oreal True Grip Texturizing Powder
L'Oreal Professionel True Grip Texturizing Powder. Photo Courtesy of L'Oreal Professonel

True Grip is a traditional and one of my go-to texture powders for just about any hair type.

If you love the look of backcombed hair, True Grip will take your backcombing efforts to a whole new level. Use at your roots before backcombing for a style that won't budge.

I will often use True Grip in place of (or in addition to) my regular dry shampoo. True Grip does not get cakey, flaky, or lighten/discolor dark hair unless you use too much. While it does provide a matte finish, it does not completely strip your hair of moisture and shine.

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Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play
Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Powder Play is a truly unique texture powder. The product virtually disappears after it's applied to your hair. I'm truly not sure how it both disappears and still works, but it does. Of all the texture powders I've used, this is one of my favorites for not drying my hair out or making my hair lose its shine.

I often use Powder Play in place of my regular dry shampoo, and I highly recommend it for girls that tend to get oily half way through the day. It's great for use after the gym when you don't have time to shampoo but need something to absorb the excess sweat and oil.

As with all texture powders, a little truly goes a long way. Sometimes the product comes out a little quickly from its packaging, but after a few uses, you'll be used to flow and have full control. The good thing about Powder Play is it doesn't dull hair's shine or color.

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Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder

Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder
Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder. Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

The unique aspect of this volumizing powder in particular is that it also has a cooling effect when applied. I don't know if the cooling effect helps give you a styling advantage, but it feels great and it's my favorite product to use for styling my hair after a workout when my head is hot.

This texture powder doesn't mess around. It's my favorite for updos and backcombing that I need to stay in place. A word of caution: less is definitely more when it comes to Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder. Too much product will result in a gunky feeling and dark hair could experience some lightening in color. Brushing through really well can help minimize that effect. Sometimes the product comes out a little quickly from its packaging, but after a few uses, you'll be used to flow and have full control.

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Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Dust by TIGI

Bed Head Sugar Dust by TIGI

Sugar Dust is the lightest texture powder in this lineup. It's as light as air, never sticky, and easy to apply. It doesn't get heavy or gunky, and it helps control oil for hours. Mid-day flat hair is easily refreshed by simply running your fingers through your scalp, and your style gets a re-lift. The container is small enough that it makes keeping an extra in your purse as simple as carrying a lipstick.

Every hair type can benefit from Sugar Dust. It's a fun, great smelling product and gives your hair new styling options, great texture with movement, and superior volume with staying power. It does take a little getting used to, as it's really unlike most root powders I've ever used. The light and invisible nature of the product can lead to overuse if you're not careful, but I absolutely love the way it makes layers pop, volume easy to achieve, and keeps oil under control without feeling sticky or gunky. It's a great way to make freshly washed hair perform like "dirty" hair, or get an extra day between washings.


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