My Boyfriend Wants Me to Lose Weight

What If Your Husband or Boyfriend Doesn't Like Your Body?

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My boyfriend wants me to lose weight and I don't know what to do. So many women have faced this dilemma. And sometimes men do, too. So, is it ever okay to lose weight for a boyfriend, a girlfriend or a spouse? 

It might seem like there is an obvious answer, but it's not as simple as you might expect. When experts are questioned about losing weight for love, they don't always agree. Weight loss may improve your marriage, might boost your sex life, and can even change the way you date. But that doesn't necessarily mean you should go on a diet if you don't want to.

Before you slim down for your sweetie, get the facts from a few relationship experts. Then make the best decision for your health, for your relationship and for your peace of mind.

Should You Lose Weight for Love?

boyfriend wants me to lose weight
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If you're in a committed relationship, then your partner's opinions probably mean a lot to you. But what if your boyfriend wants you to lose weight? Or what if your wife is nagging you to lose your beer belly? Should you give in to their demands if you don't want to diet? A therapist gives expert advice to solve this relationship dilemma. 

In short, he says that there are good reasons to slim down—especially if you started the relationship as a different size. He says that gaining weight changes the dynamics of attraction between you. He adds that there are health concerns that may be important to consider as well. 

But that doesn't mean that you should diet yourself into misery to make someone else happy. Dr. Mike Abrams, a board certified clinical psychologist and psychology professor at New York University sets a few ground rules for when your husband wants you to lose weight or your boyfriend is giving you pressure to get skinny.

How to Manage Pressure to Be Thin

Overweight men and women are frequently bombarded by pressure to be thin or to be more fit. You may experience bullying at school, on the job or at home. Hurtful comments may come from your boyfriend, your girlfriend or from family and friends. Many times, this pressure is overwhelming. Ironically, it can even be a source of stress and emotional overeating. But you don't have to put up with it. There are specific things you can say to people who give you unwanted comments or advice about your weight. Scan this list to prepare your response.

How to Date During Weight Loss

Should your weight matter when you're trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right? Finding love is hard enough. But trying to slim down when you're searching for your soul mate can be especially tricky. Dating expert Ethan Fixell reveals what men really think about your weight and if you should lose weight for your boyfriend or dump him and move on. Then clothing and lingerie experts give wardrobe tips to boost your body image so you feel good on the inside and project confidence on the outside.

Lose Weight for Better Sex

Would you be more likely to lose weight for a boyfriend or husband if you knew it would make you better in bed? There are some big changes that happen in the bedroom when you slim down. The changes are different for men and for women. Find out what they are if you're on the fence about weight loss.

Should You Work Out With Your Boyfriend?

What if your boyfriend or girlfriend offers to help you exercise to lose weight. Should you do it? The couples workout can make a relationship stronger, but it can cause problems as well. Find out what red flags to look for before you sweat with your sweetie. 

When Breaking Up Leads to Weight Loss

So what if the pressure becomes too much to manage. If you decide to end things with your spouse or boyfriend. It might be just the thing to help you slim down. Yep, that's right. You've seen it in the headlines, or maybe you've experienced it yourself. You break up with your boyfriend and you suddenly lose weight. Why does heartbreak cause weight loss? Two stress experts weigh in on why we slim down in splitsville and how to keep the weight off in good health.

Will Your Relationship Survive Weight Loss Surgery?

Believe it or not, life doesn't magically get better after weight loss surgery. Many patients experience relationship problems as they lose weight. A weight loss surgeon reveals his patients' biggest problems after weight loss surgery.