Music Business Job Interviews 101

What could be more exciting than finally landing your first music business job interview? Of course, after the interview is scheduled, the nervousness starts setting in. You start wondering about what to wear, what to say, and how to impress the interviewer. Never fear - make the impression you want at your music business job interview with this 101 guide.

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What Should I Wear to a Music Business Job Interview?

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What to wear to a music business job interview is a question that throws a lot of people. The confusion comes in because the music industry tends to be a little less formal than other industry - at least certain sectors and businesses. What does that mean for how you dress for your interview?

In reality, dressing for a music business job interview is not so different than dressing for other interviews. Do what you can to learn about the office culture, and try to match your dressing to that as much as you can - or even better, take the usual office attire a step up, if it's very informal. For instance, you may not want to show up to a job interview in jeans, but you probably also don't want to turn up in a three piece suit to a t-shirt and Converse office. Get more tips for getting your interview attire in order in this article.

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What Should Be on Your Resume for a Music Business Job?

Preparing your resume for a music business job isn't different from any other job. Simply be sure to highlight your relevant experience in the music industry. The music industry is very experience-driven, so be sure to highlight all of the things you've done, including during internships and volunteer opportunities. Find out what else you need to have on your resume by reading this article.

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What NOT to Say in Your Music Business Job Interview

As with all interviews, what you say can make or break your chances of getting the job. There are a few common mistakes people sitting down for music biz job interviews tend to make. These slip-ups include things like not being clear about your career objectives and not knowing about the artists or music style that the company works with. Make the right impression at your interview by avoiding the the statements in this article.

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Music Business Job Interview Tips

The day has finally arrived - your big music industry job interview! You know that competition is going to be fierce, so don't blow your chances by committing some big music biz no-nos. Before you head into the interview, keep these five tips in this article in mind to land the music industry job offer you're after.

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Questions to Ask About Your Music Business Job Offer

Your interview was a success and you get the job offer! That's excellent news, but before you jump, there are questions you need to ask. Although you may be anxious to get a foot in the door, it's better to make sure the job is a good opportunity for you. Find out what to ask before taking the job in this article.