5 Tips for Celebrating Mother's Day as a Single Mom

Making the day special, even when it's all up to you

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As a single mom on Mother's Day, you might feel self-conscious about making a big deal over this particular holiday. After all, celebrating Mother's Day may very well mean that you will have to be the one to orchestrate the festivities, right? Well, guess what? That's 100% okay to do! Mother's Day is about celebrating motherhood, regardless of what your family happens to look like. The best part is you always know your Mother's Day plans will always be something you enjoy. 

Tips for Making the Most of Mother's Day as a Single Mom

  1. Remember that you deserve a Mother's Day celebration. 
    This day is for you, and you deserve to be honored as your children's mother. Hey, if that means you'll have to be the one to get the ball in motion, that's okay! Don't let the day go by unrecognized. Remember that your children will probably want to help celebrate Mother's Day with you the same way their friends do with their mothers. 
  2. Tell your kids what you want.
    Children, especially young children, usually have help coming up with Mother's Day activities. Do yourself a favor and be upfront with your kids about how you'd like to spend the day. Don't expect them to realize on their own what might seem just perfect to you.
  3. If you have young children, teach them the meaning of Mother's Day.
    A few weeks before Mother's Day, make a point of visiting the library and reading some children's books about Mother's Day. One popular favorite is the book Mother's Day by Anne Rockwell. The story takes place in Mrs. Madoff's class, and all of her students take turns explaining how they celebrate Mother's Day. Because each child's story is unique, the book reflects many different ideas and families.
  4. Consider making a gift together.
    Again, if you have young children, you might want to consider doing a craft together to honor the day. One thing I love to do is make collages to represent the things I most appreciate in life, and what better occasion is there to reflect on what you appreciate most than Mother's Day? This easy craft would be fun for the kids, and it would also be meaningful for you. Remember to choose a craft you enjoy.
  5. Honor yourself.
    It's great to receive gifts and honor from your children, but it's also important to take some time at Mother's Day to sit and reflect on your own personal feelings about being a mother. What do you treasure about raising your children? What surprises you the most? What helps you cope with the challenges you face? Take the time to compliment yourself this Mother's Day and recognize the truly wonderful and loving gift that you are to your kids. Your personal self-care is an important tool that helps you be the best mom you can be.