The Top 5 Most Sarcastic Comedians

Sarcasm is one of the most useful tools in the arsenal of any comedian, mostly because it's a great way to make fun of stuff. These comedians turn sarcasm into an art form. Let's read about them, shall we? I'm SOOO excited. I'm SURE it's going to be GREAT.

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Bill Murray

Bill Murray
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Bill Murray is the king of sarcasm -- the ultimate smart-ass who's quicker, brighter and funnier than you and knows it. He'll rub it in your face without you even registering it, and if you're the kind of person who doesn't pick up on his sarcasm, you're exactly who he's making fun of. Murray has mastered his withering deadpan sarcasm in a series of film roles, from Stripes to Ghostbusters to Quick Change to Groundhog Day, and has built a career on being the best there is at being insincere.

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Ron White

Comedian Ron White performs during 'Vegas Strong - A Night of Healing'
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Known for performing on stage with a cigar and a glass of scotch, comedian Ron White has made a name for himself being a jaded, sarcastic, hard-drinking smart-ass. Though he rose to stardom performing with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, White has carved out a successful career on his own. Inspired by comics like Sam Kinison and Redd Foxx, White is the bluest of the Blue Collar comedians. He's also the funniest

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Kathleen Madigan

Comedian Kathleen Madigan
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Growing up with seven siblings in a strict Irish Catholic family, it's easy to see how Kathleen Madigan developed such a sarcastic sense of humor. She doesn't use sarcasm as a defense, though, or to feel superior to any of her subjects; Madigan, a former contestant on, is sarcastic because she's exasperated by so much of what she sees around her. Rather than put distance between herself and the audience, Madigan's sarcasm draws them in -- it's one of the most relatable things about her

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David Cross

David Cross
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Of all the comics on this list, none use sarcasm as more of a weapon than David Cross. He's not being a smart-ass and he's not creating ironic distance -- he's flat-out making fun of things like religion, politics and any number of organized institutions. Cross lays waste to pretty much everything ​and often does so without even providing his own commentary. He can just read a passage from a religious text or self-help book and we know that he's making fun of it. That's some textbook sarcasm

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Daniel Tosh

Comedian Daniel Tosh
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Daniel Tosh is an energetic observational comedian who, like David Letterman, has a firm grasp of irony. His humor is largely politically incorrect, but Tosh sells it with an upbeat delivery style and​ a huge smile. His saccharine edginess has made him a hit with college crowds., and he gets away with saying some of the terrible things he says (jokes about other races or abuse) by being -- what else? -- completely sarcastic. We know he doesn't mean what he says, and that allows him to get away with pretty much anything