Most Consecutive Wins on the PGA Tour

PGA Tour Records: Longest Winning Streaks

Tiger Woods greets Byron Nelson during the third round of the 2004 Byron Nelson Championship
Byron Nelson (seated) and Tiger Woods have the two longest winning streaks in PGA Tour history. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

What are the longest winning streaks in the history of the PGA Tour? The all-time record for most consecutive wins is one of the most-famous records in all of golf. We spotlight that record first, then give you the list of the other longest win streaks below.

The Record: 11 Consecutive Wins

In 1945, Byron Nelson won an amazing 11 PGA Tour tournaments in a row that he played. He won 18 tournaments overall that year! It is certainly the most remarkable year any golfer has ever had - on any tour, at any time.

Here are the tournaments that made up Nelson's 11-event win streak that year:

  • Miami International Four-Ball
  • Charlotte Open
  • Greater Greensboro Open
  • Durham Open
  • Atlanta Open
  • Montreal Open
  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Chicago Victory National Open
  • PGA Championship
  • Tam O'Shanter Open
  • Canadian Open

There is one match play tournament and one team tournament on that list. In the nine stroke-play events, Nelson won each won by at least two strokes, and all but one of them by at least four strokes.

Check out our article on Nelson's amazing 1945 year for more on the win streak and his overall play that season.

The List: Longest Winning Streaks in PGA Tour History

Here is the list of the best win streaks:

11 Wins in a Row

  • Byron Nelson, 1945 (streak included the PGA Championship)

7 Wins in a Row

  • Tiger Woods, 2006-07 (included the British Open and PGA Championship)

6 Wins in a Row

  • Ben Hogan, 1948 (included the U.S. Open)
  • Tiger Woods, 1999-2000

5 Wins in a Row

  • Ben Hogan, 1953 (included The Masters, U.S. Open and British Open)
  • Tiger Woods, 2007-08

4 Wins in a Row

  • Byron Nelson, 1945-46
  • Ben Hogan, 1946 (included the PGA Championship)
  • Jack Burke Jr., 1952

Notice a theme? Nine times in PGA Tour history a golfer has won four or more consecutive starts, and eight of those times it was either Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan or Tiger Woods who did it. (Woods and Hogan did it most, three times each with a win streak of at least four - but Tiger gets the nod for having the longest streak between the two of them.)

(Note: Only wins in official PGA Tour events are counted in these streaks, as recognized by the PGA Tour. And these streaks are tournaments the golfer played in, not necessarily consecutive events on the PGA schedule.)

Many Golfers Have Won 3 In a Row

Twenty-seven other times in PGA Tour history - most recently by Rory McIlroy in 2014 - a golfer has won three consecutive starts. The first golfer to win three consecutive starts was Walter Hagen in 1923, which is also the earliest win streak mentioned on this page.

Here is the list of 3-tournament win streaks (asterisk indicates the streak included a major championship):

Nelson, Hogan and Woods show up again among the 3-tournament streakers. And note that winning three in a row is a pretty good sign that you are something special on the golf course: Of all the golfers listed, only two - Mehlhorn and Kirkwood - failed to win a major in their careers.

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