Most Annoying Coworkers Ever

If it were fun, it wouldn't be called "work."

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Fortunately, I work alone. I only get myself chewed out by myself twice a day or so. I haven't made me cry since Monday. The meds help. And I'm bathing more.

Here's a selection of irritating sh*t said by the coworkers of the world! These tidbits were taken from various sites around the web, and anyone who has ever had the misfortune of working in an office environment can attest that they are 100% accurate. Working with other people can definitely be really awkward and  mess with your head!

From This Reddit thread entitled "What's the most inappropriate or annoying thing a coworker has ever said to you?" (Thread contains NSFW content)

  • I was a manager at Walmart during college and one of my cashiers walks up to me carrying a plastic bag. She says 'I threw up!' and then opens the bag to show me the throw-up inside. WTF I WOULD HAVE BELIEVED YOU WITHOUT PROOF.
  • Years ago in Atlanta there was a jumper on a highway sign that caused a bad traffic backup in the morning. I'm a supervisor in an office, and an employee got stuck in that traffic. We were pretty liberal about being late and stuff, so this employee is late, no one really asks why or really cares. Well she comes up to me, just kind of matter of factly explains what happens to her that morning. She says "oh my gawd...I was stuck in that traffic from that jumper. Before I left the house this morning I took two ex-laxes, and oh my gawd I had to shit. I HAD TO PULL OVER MY CAR. I RAN INTO THE WOODS AND HAD TO CLIMB A BARB WIRE FENCE, AND SHIT BEHIND A TREE! I WIPED MY ASS WITH LEAVES! WITH LEAVES!!" I was friendly with this person, but not that friendly.

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From the now-defunct site "Annoying Coworker":

  • "Please clean your phone handset! Your telephone looks like a science project. Your telephone is always plastered with your too red lipstick, oil from you hair, and the sticky foods you constantly eat at your desk. If you expect others to relieve you for lunch please keep your phone clean!!!"
  • "Walking over to tell me you emailed. If you email me, don't come over and tell me that you emailed me. I don't email you to tell you I'm going to come over and talk to you. Stop wasting my time."
  • "Clipping fingernails or toenails while at your desk, or using a pocketknife to clean underneath nails. It’s gross. Especially when a piece of nail flies over the cube barrier and lands on your coworker’s keyboard. Eeeeeew."

There's clearly lots of "annoying coworker" fodder out there on the web! If you're looking for funny memes about your workday irritations, check out Pinterest's Coworker Humor page for all the best Someecards, quotes, and jokes. You can also find lots of funny (but oh so infuriating!) coworker notes on the Passive Aggressive Notes site.

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This article was edited by Beverly Jenkins on October 21, 2015.