What It Takes to Be an Automated Logistical Specialist

MOS 92A - Automated Logistical Specialist
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The Automated Logistical Specialist is primarily responsible for supervising and performing management or warehouse functions in order to maintain equipment records and parts. This position is akin to quote a few civilian occupations, such as laborers and freight, stock and material movers. There's some logistician skill required, so it's also similar to a purchasing agent job in wholesale, retail or farming or purchasing managers.

Duties performed by Soldiers in this MOS

This kind of Automated Logistical Specialist has a wide array of duties. In this position, you'd be responsible for a certain amount of paperwork, including maintaining stock records, inventory records, material control, accounting, and supply reports. In addition to that, you'd be establishing and maintaining both automated and manual accounting records, posting receipts and performing dues-ins and dues out accounting tasks. Lastly, on the paperwork side, you'd be correcting any errors and exception documents, in addition to reviewing and verifying quantities received against bills of lading, contracts, purchase requests and shipping documents.

On the physical ends of things, you'd be responsible for unloading, unpacking, visually inspecting, counting, segregating, pelletizing and storing incoming supplies and equipment in addition to maintaining the stock locator system and administering document control procedures. You would repair and construct fiberboard or wooden containers as well as bins, shelving and all sorts of storage aids in order to pack, crate, stencil, weigh, and band equipment and supplies.

On the shipping side of things, this position is responsible for processing requests and turning-in documents at direct support level through the warehousing section. You would process inventories, surveys, and warehousing documents, as well as performing prescribed load lists and shop stock list duties in manual and automated supply applications. You would prepare, annotate and distribute shipping documents in addition to breaking down and distributing field rations.

It would be your responsibility to ensure that inventories and location surveys are performed in accordance with established procedures. To do so, you would instruct warehouse personnel in loading, unloading, segregation, dunnage, pelletizing, and selection of stock and storage areas. You would perform property disposal storage functions and ensure the application of special procedures for handling, storing, packaging and shipping retrograde material. Additionally, you would retrieve and analyze the history and activity files pertinent to system rejected documents, as well as recommending additions and deletions to authorized stockage list. You would maintain accounting records of property disposal activity as well as performing reviews requests for major and controlled items. Monthly and quarterly, it would be your responsibility to reconcile activity records for reporting and status reviews. You would processes data inquiry and manager referred listings and cards in addition to managing controlled, critical and reserve stocks and operational readiness floats. You would perform financial management functions, process output from a catalog inquiry program and document modifiers and special cancellation requests. You would perform commissary store functions to include stock replenishment, price changes, inventories, security and stock receipt in addition to overseeing the construction of displays. You would be responsible for computing the cost of the Basic Daily Food Allowance and ensure that subsistence items stockage objectives are met. You would prepare data input and utilize ADP output to assist in material management. You would prepare reports on labor and equipment, available storage space, relocation of material, warehouse refusals, and stock requirements. You would direct the correction of location survey discrepancies as well as assisting unit intermediate maintenance personnel in planning a maintenance program. Additionally, you would plan and coordinate subsistence supply activity and directs corrective action to minimize spoilage, flavor contamination, and improper warehouse practices.

Training for the Position

Job training for an automated logistical specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 12 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instructions. A portion of that time is spent in the classroom and part in the field, including practice in handling and storing stock. For your ASVAB Score, you'll need to score a 90 in the aptitude area of the CL. This position doesn't come with a security clearance. Physically, be prepared to lift very heavy equipment quite often –– your physical profile requirement will be a 222222, and you'll need to have normal color vision.

During all of this training, you'll learn stock control and accounting procedures, as well as procedures for shipping, receiving, storing and issuing stock. They'd teach you all that goes into the movement, storage, and maintenance of ammunition in your charge, as well as the procedures for handling medical and food supplies.