What You Need to Know About Collecting Morton Pottery

US Patent

There were six potteries in the Morton Illinois area that traced back to the six German Rapp brothers who migrated in the 1870s. The Morton Pottery Company was incorporated in December 1922 and started firing in July 1923.

The company was started by William and Dan Rapp, son of Andrew Rapp (one of the original six) and J Gerber. According to Mike Schneider's The Complete Cookie Jar Book, several other brothers were also involved.

Foreign Competition

As was the case of numerous American companies during this time period, foreign competition was ultimately the cause of their demise and the business was sold in 1969. There were several changes in ownership over the next few years, but the company only lasted a few more years, closing for good in 1976.

Products Included

Utility ware, giftware, and figurines, including the ceramic inserts for crock pots when the company was purchased by Rival Manufacturing Company in 1972.

Cookie Jars

Although there are several jars produced by the company over the years, that is not what they were best known for.

Familiar jars to collectors would include the white poodle head, a stylized owl that came in several colors, a hen with chick finial that came in several colors, a simplistic clown head with straw hat and bowtie. There is also a coffee pot that has shapes of cookies scattered on it, along with the work COOKIES on the jar.

See Cookie Jar pictures.

Cookie Jar Patent

Patents are terrific for dating products, such as the Morton Hen jar with chick finial. At times the jar has been described as being produced in the 1930s, apparently not as the patent dates it to 1948.

Cooky Jar Patent

The Bottom Line

Although the Morton Pottery jars are not particularly valuable, they are a nice addition for those wishing to specialize in American Pottery. The one problem is the jars do not have an identifying mark, often unmarked or a generic mark such as the USA along with a number.

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