Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Cheats Codes for PS2

Unlockable characters, hidden nodes, and secret boss fights on the PS2

As fans of the Mortal Kombat fighting game series have come to expect, the PlayStation 2 edition of Mortal Kombat: Shoalin Monks has cheat codes that unlock secret characters and hidden modes. You can even play the arcade version of MK II.

Mortal Kombat
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These cheats are for the PS2 version, but some information may also apply to the Xbox edition.

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes at the main menu.

Cheat Code
Unlock Scorpion in Single Player, Co-Op, and Versus modes Hold L2 and press Square, Up, L1, R1, Left, Right, Square
Unlock Sub-Zero in Single Player, Co-Op, and Versus modes Hold L2 and press Square, Down, Up, L1, L1, Up, Square
Unlock Mortal Kombat II Hold L2 and press Square, Up, Down, Right, Left, R2, Square

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Unlockables

The following characters and secrets can be unlocked in MK: Shaolin Monks.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Scorpion in Story Mode Beat the game with Liu Kang.
Sub-Zero for Single Player and Cooperative Modes Beat the game with Kung Lao.


Go to the section on the Soul Tomb portal where you must climb the wall. Take the right path and destroy the statue with the Fist of Ruin, then long jump across the gap to collect his character coin.
Johnny Cage Go right of the gate in the Wu-Shi academy and jump on top of the roof of the house to collect his character coin.
Kitana Jump on top of the half-broken pillar in the Evil Monastery, then jump on top of the roof to collect her character coin.
Noob Saibot Have both players select Subzero in Versus mode. Player two will be Noob Saibot.
Unlock Mortal Kombat II Complete all 5 Smoke Missions.

How to Unlock Reptile 

Unlocking Reptile requires a little more effort than the other characters:

  1. In the section after the Brotherhood Of Shadow, long jump over the gap with the tiny waterfall.

  2. Go through the door.

  3. Awaken the Clay Statues and destroy their shields.

  4. Draw one of the Clay Statues near the large stone column on the opposite side of the stream.

  5. Throw the Clay Statue into the pillar.

  6. Return to where the little waterfall was to find Reptile's coin.

Rescue Kabal and Get His Hookswords

To find Kabal:

  1. When you come to the two doors that are covered with human bodies in the Wastelands, go through the second door.

  2. Avoid the incoming boulders and climb to the top of the mountain.

  3. Free Kabal from his cage. He leaves his hookswords as a sign of gratitude.

Reload File for Easy Health 

Any time you reload a saved file, you begin at full health, so quit the game and reload the file immediately after saving if you run low on health.

"Toasty 1000" Points

Obtain the combo ranking of "Toasty," then immediately press the Start button. The words "Toasty 1000" appear in the middle of the screen, and you're awarded 1000 points. You can repeat this trick any time you get "Toasty."

How to Find Secret Bosses

There are several hidden boss fights in MK: Shaolin Monks.

Secret Boss How to Find
Ermac During one of the Smoke missions, interact with the warrior on the left of the Warriors arena three times.
Kano Right before you fight Shao Khan, talk to Kitana four or five times. Defeat the guards that come, then follow the path from which they came.
Mileena Go to the first save point in the Living Forest, then use the Swing ability until you hit a tree. Climb the tree and follow the long bridge.

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Easter Eggs

MK: Shaolin Monks contains a few Easter eggs for observant players.

Santa Claus

Right before you see Reptile in Goro's layer, stand by the lion. If you wait in this spot, you'll see Santa Claus, a witch, and a rocket ship fly in front of the moon.

Developers in the Spike Pit

If you look at the spikes in the pit, you'll see the heads of the game's developers.