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Morgan Corinthos. ABC, Inc.

Morgan Corinthos came into this world as his mother was being shot by his father, on October 24, 2003.

He has been SORASed now into an adult; in 2013, he was aged to 19 years old.

The adult Morgan, as portrayed by Bryan Craig, is much different from the sweet little child played by Aaron Refven (2009-2010) and Aaron Sanders (2010-2011).

When Craig debuted in 2013, Morgan was a rich brat, a compulsive gambler in trouble because he owed money. But let's see what led up to all of that and what came afterward.

Elizabeth's Baby

It all started when Ric Lansing and Elizabeth Webber married...Elizabeth became pregnant with Ric's baby, but she was pushed down a flight of stairs and suffered a miscarriage. Though Ric blamed his brother Sonny Corinthos, the actual culprit was Faith Roscoe.

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Carly married Jasper Jacks in April of 2007, and he became very close to Morgan. However, that all went south when his brother Michael was shot and went into a coma.

Michael emerged from the coma one year after the shooting.

The Young Morgan

In May 2009, Morgan was SORASed to age eleven. He was then a sweet boy, on the quiet side, who enjoyed karate and video games.

Sonny was now married to Claudia Zacchara, and he had a new bodyguard, Dominic Pirelli. Morgan and Dominic got along well, especially since they both loved the New York Yankees.

In the Fall, Dominic, Michael, and Morgan attended a carnival, organized as a fundraiser for the Michael Corinthos Foundation. That day, Edward Quartermaine had a heart attack while driving, crashing his car through the carnival grounds. Dominic saved Morgan from being hit by pushing him out of the way.  

Morgan's maternal half-sister Josslyn Jacks was born on October 29, 2009, when Carly was kidnapped by Claudia but stopped by Michael. Carly came home and introduced Morgan to his newborn baby half-sister. Morgan was unable to live with Jax and Carly because of possible danger -- Michael was shot under Claudia's orders.

Morgan attended Josslyn's christening on January 29, 2010. When Sonny did not show up at the church, Morgan and Michael both became worried. After Dominic was shot by Sonny for being an undercover cop, Michael informed Morgan of Dominic's real name: Detective Dante Falconeri, their brother.

When they told Kristina and Molly about this, Kristina was horrified that their killed his own wife. Michael then revealed that he killed Claudia when she tried to steal Josslyn.

Morgan Leaves Port Charles

Morgan was upset when Jax and Carly divorced, due to his bond with Jax. Molly and Morgan decided to get them back together by kidnapping Josslyn. Kristina and Ethan Lovett caught them. 

Carly enrolled Morgan in military school under her maiden name of Benson in 2011, following Jax's alleged death in a plane crash. Carly said that her son was happy that he did not have to be branded as a mob boss' child, and he enjoyed school. 

Morgan Returns as an Adult

When we saw Morgan again, he was grown up and in trouble. Johnny Zacchara informed Connie Falconeri that Morgan had been taken in by online gambling and owed a great deal of money. He did not respond to his dad's phone calls.

Sonny and Shawn searched for him. He was hiding in Ava Jerome's apartment. After she left on a business trip, big guys entered her place and beat up Morgan. Michael brought him to the hospital. After being bandaged up, Morgan returned to Ava's. There he ran into his girlfriend, Kiki Jerome, Ava's daughter. The two met during online gambling.

Kiki Jerome

Kiki invited friends over to gamble and help Morgan win the money he owed. Nothing came of it, and Michael clearly didn't trust her.

Morgan moved in with Michael. Kiki followed.

The two brothers fought over Kiki right away, Morgan yelling at Michael for coming on to Kiki. He then learned that KIki was a Quartermaine and due to inherit shares according to Edward's will.

This meant that Michael and Kiki were cousins, as Michael was a Quartermaine also. This was a great relief to him. He and Kiki moved into the boathouse on the Quartermaine property while they looked for their own apartment.

Morgan, however, was still rankled by the obvious attraction between his brother and Kiki. One day when he was at the hospital looking for her, he heard Ava lying to Dr. Silas Clay about Kiki's age.

When Morgan asked her about it, she confessed that Silas was Kiki's biological dad, not Franco's. Morgan wanted to tell Kiki, but Ava insinuated that once she learned the truth, she might turn to Michael.

Worried, Morgan proposed to Kiki, and she accepted. Carly and Sonny were unhappy about this; Morgan told his dad that he was afraid of losing her. Sonny advised him that if she was truly in love with someone else, he should let her go. Morgan accused him of loving Michael more than he did him.

Feeling guilty, Sonny agreed to the wedding, and Morgan talked his brother into being his best man.

The Rushed Marriage

Meanwhile, Connie Falconeri's company was in financial trouble. When she heard Sonny and Morgan talking, she printed in the newspaper that Kiki was not a Quartermaine, hoping to bump up circulation.

Morgan found this out when he heard the Q family members talking about the article.

Morgan convinced Kiki to accompany him to the courthouse to obtain a marriage license. He also stole her phone. Mac Scorpio and Felicia Jones were at the courthouse for a license as well and recognized Kiki from the paper. Morgan managed to get the license before Kiki learned the truth. Then he wanted to be married in the courthouse immediately. Kiki was fine with this.

Michael rushed to stop the marriage, but he was too late. The newlyweds left the courthouse.

Kiki Learns the Partial Truth

After learning the proof of her paternity, Kiki cut ties with Ava. Ava in turn went to Morgan and blackmailed him so that he will agree to help her relationship with her daughter. In exchange, she would not tell Kiki that he knew her father's identity and did not tell her.

Connie Falconeri was murdered shortly afterward. Morgan searched for his dad. He ran into Olivia, Connie's cousin, and both of them shared their fears that Sonny would commit suicide from grief.

Morgan and Olivia were joined by Dante and Kiki to determine Sonny's location. Morgan did not want to call Michael, since his brother's father, A.J. has been accused of killing Connie. Dante pushed him to call his brother, who may know where their dad's location.

They found Sonny on the Haunted Star, and he had a gun. They managed to keep him from using it.

Kiki Learns the Whole Truth

Morgan and Michael decided to put the past behind them. Kiki and Morgan found themselves evicted from the boathouse.

Carly threw a reception for the newlyweds, which Sonny attended. Unfortunately for the guests, he was off his antidepressants for some reason. He talked about A.J. killing Connie. Then he declared to everyone that Morgan knew that Kiki was Silas' daughter before they married but didn't tell her.

Again, Morgan believed Sonny has chosen his brother over him. He said something nasty about Connie, and Sonny began to choke him.  Carly and Olivia managed to dislodge Sonny's hands. Michael and Kiki faced Morgan. He claimed he was forced to lie. Kiki announced that she was through with him.

Morgan Bonds with Ava

Morgan has nowhere to go, so he wound up at Ava's and admitted that Kiki left him. Ava comforted him, telling him that Silas rejected her when she asked for a second chance. They wind up having sex.

Carly learned that Morgan slept with Ava at the same time that Kiki and Michael found out. Morgan shrugs off his mother's anger, but loved flaunting it in Kiki's and Michael's faces. He accused them of ruining his marriage, stating that the only person he can trust is Ave.

Carly threatened to throw Ava out of the MetroCourt Hotel, so she left. Morgan moved in with her and asked Diane Miller to annul his marriage. He refused to have anything to do with his brother or his mother. 

When Ava headed for the MetroCourt to meet Derek Wells, Morgan followed her, and learns that "Derek" was Julian Jerome, Ava's brother, and a mobster targeting Sonny. Morgan intended to tell his dad, but when he spotted him with Michael, he changed his mind, jealous that they were so close.

Morgan Makes an Offer

Morgan offered to help Julian destroy his father's organization and planted a bug in Sonny's office. Sonny, they learned, had the DA in his pocket. On Julian's orders, Morgan gave the evidence to Scott Baldwin, who used it to force the DA to resign and took over the job himself.

Sonny found the bug and questioned Morgan, stating that he knew the identity of Derek Wells. He also said that he knew Morgan was working with Ava and Julian. Morgan admitted it but would not stop.

Morgan left, and Michael followed him. A fistfight ensued. Kiki distracted Michael, enabling Morgan to get a punch in that knocked his brother to the ground. MIchael hit his head and fell into the water. Morgan left without rescuing him.

Carly and Franco saved Michael. He did not tell them about Morgan. When Ava saw how badly beaten Morgan was she promised to stand by him.

Carlos Rivera

Carlos Rivera, an associate of Julian's, was kidnapped by Sonny, who wanted him dead. Julian tried to rescue Carlos and enlisted Morgan's help. A gunfight took place, with Morgan firing a shot that inadvertently hit Max Giambetti, his father's bodyguard. 

Sonny begged Morgan to help save Max, but he departed with Julian, though he felt guilty about hurting the guard. Sonny advised him to leave the mob before someone else was hurt.

Morgan knew mob life was not for him. He informed Julian that he was done. The mob boss would not release him and instead informed Morgan that he would bring harm to the Corinthos family if Morgan would not spy for him. 

Morgan Undercover

Julian ordered Morgan to break all ties with the Jeromes, in appearance only. This meant that he must end his relationship with Ava. Ava was upset; Sonny entered as she and Morgan talked, and Morgan broke with her in front of his father.

When his mother went missing, Morgan was suspicious of Julian, who proclaimed his innocence. Sonny and Michael thought Franco had something to do with it. Instead, Carly was kidnapped by the nefarious Heather Webber but was rescued.

Sonny told Morgan that Duke Lavery, Julian's old associate, was now working secretly with the Corinthos organization. They planned to grab Carlos at the pier and kill him.

Morgan reluctantly gave Julian this information.  Ava tried to comfort him. He was about to admit the truth when Julian walked in, beaten, and said that Sonny trapped him. Sonny, he concluded, knew that Morgan betrayed him. He left, and Morgan told Ava about Julian's threats. He decided that he had to tell his father the truth.

Morgan went back to his dad, who admitted that he passed along fake info to his son in order to test his loyalty. Morgan explained about Julian's threats. Sonny promised to take care of him. However, he wanted his son to break it off with Ava.

Sonny saw that Morgan was reluctant, but he did send her a text breaking up with her. 

Ava Goes to Work for Sonny

Ava attempted to reconcile with with her boyfriend, but he told her that it was too dangerous for them to be together. Ava would not give up. Morgan suggested that she work for Sonny and bring down her brother. She agreed.

Sonny was sick of Ava and stated that only when she proved her loyalty would he believe her intentions. Morgan and Ava spent Valentine's Day together, in spite of Sonny's orders. Of course they wound up having sex.

To prove her loyalty, Ava downloaded Julian's files onto a flash drive and delivered it to Sonny. 

A.J. Accuses Ava

A.J. confronted Ava and accused her of murdering Connie. He was in the process of strangling her when Sonny entered and shot him.

Needing an alibi for A.J.'s murder, Ava traveled to New York. Morgan became concerned when he arrived at her apartment building and learned that someone had been shot. Ava sent him a text stating that she was still in New York. By then, Morgan realized it was A.J. in her apartment. When she returned Morgan asked if she shot A.J., and she swore that she did not. 

Morgan ended his relationship with Ava when he learned that his father slept with her. He reported it to Julian. Ava became pregnant -- was it his baby or a sibling?

When Morgan found out that Franco was moving in with Carly, Morgan moved. In exchange for work on the brownstone, Michael let him live there. It was their grandmother Bobbie's brownstone and part of a waterfront renovation by ELQ.

Sonny threatened to kill Ava when the baby was born, in retaliation for her killing his fiance Connie,  so Morgan and Kiki let her hide in the brownstone. Ava had a baby girl, but she was not Morgan's, she was Sonny's.

In December 2015, Morgan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Morgan was always volatile and short tempered; now, his moods have become more mercurial. He was put on medication, which he promptly stopped taking. His parents had him committed to Freemont Clinic to get him on his meds and get help.