10 More of The Best Beatle Love Songs

For Valentines Day Another 10 Great Beatle Songs About Love

The Beatles "Love" Album
The cover of The Beatles "Love" - a soundtrack to the Cirque du Soleil show of the same name. Apple Corps Ltd.

For Valentines Day we assembled a list of the Top 10 best Beatles love songs.

Of course limiting the choice to just ten songs was always going to be difficult, so here are a further ten Beatle love song favourites. 

1. "In My Life" A beautiful song that John Lennon once nominated as a favourite of his own compositions, the wordplay here is brilliant: "But of all these friends and lovers/There is no one compares with you/And these memories lose their meaning/When I think of love as something new". Written in 1965 it first appeared on the Rubber Soul album. 

2. "I Will" Paul McCartney's wonderfully romantic song from the White Album"I Will" has a very strong melody which carries his ardent words of love: "Will I wait a lonely lifetime?/If you want me to, I will". It is dreamy and reflective and a perfect love song.

3. “Got to Get You Into My Life” From 1966, this song can have two meanings. Is it a song in praise of marijuana? Or is it another exuberant Paul McCartney statement about true love? Or is it maybe both? For our purposes here we'll take it as a love song. Best lines: “Did I tell you I need you/Every single day of my life?” One of the best cover versions of this song is by Earth, Wind and Fire.

4. "I Need You” A George Harrison song and used for some reason during a zany scene involving tanks and soldiers in the film , this is most probably about his then wife Patti Boyd. Best lines: "Please remember how I feel about you/I could never really live without you/So, come on back and see just what you mean to me/I need you".

5. “Things We Said Today” Love is about making promises to each other and keeping them. This song is interesting because it projects into the future and has its protagonist remembering things said between lovers in the past. Best lines: “Someday when we're dreaming/Deep in love, not a lot to say/Then we will remember/Things we said today". It was written for the film A Hard Day's Night.

6. “Yes It Is”. Obscure but lovely….this dark, moody ballad comes from 1965 and was the B-Side to “Ticket to Ride”. It also appeared on the US release The Beatles VI and you’ll find it on the Rarities and Past Masters Volume One albums too. Like McCartney’s “Yesterday”, this is a song about love and loss, beautifully performed by John Lennon.

7. "Here, There and Everywhere" From the Revolver album, this deceptively simple song is one of McCartney’s best. He uses very clever wordplay like: "Here, making each day of the year/changing my life with a wave of her hand, nobody can/deny that there's something there", making it a genuine love song with a difference.

8. "Michelle". "I love you, I love you, I love you/That's all I want to say". That pretty much sums it up! 

9. “Girl” A John Lennon composition from 1965, this is another song that he once nominated as a personal favorite. Is it John looking for his perfect match? Certainly some critics have called it Lennon's response to McCartney's "Michelle". Either way it's a great song, brilliantly performed and recorded with a close microphone technique used to make it even more intimate. Best lines: “She's the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry, still you don't regret a single day. Ah, girl….

10. "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" A bluesy, broody and intense John Lennon love song to Yoko Ono, this is tough and urgent. The song is simple and breaks a lot the usual songwriting rules as it builds and builds. Yes, it is a complete contrast to all the other Beatle love songs that are mentioned here - but it works. You can find it on Abbey Road.