Moon Sagittarius (Transit): Mood and Happenings

group of friends travel planning

Robert Deutschman / Getty Images

Moon in Sagittarius time is just right for active study or travel. The mood is upbeat and jovial, and ideal for socializing in the real world.

There's a rush of fire element-inspired physical vitality, and this can help you out of any funk of inertia. You might decide to walk somewhere rather than drive, especially if there's interesting people-watching along the way.

It's a friendly-vibe Moon, and one for socializing with acquaintances in a light, jokey way. The lucky planet Jupiter rules this sign, so watch out for any heightened synchronicity. 

If there's a crisis happening now, the atmosphere is right for seeing the big picture. You could have a realization that puts seemingly unrelated events into a cohesive larger "long-game" plan. 

For example, you could get a psychic hit about trends in your work environment, and be able to take action, if you feel they're positioning themselves to downsize. Gut instincts are sharp under this Moon.

Sagittarius is a sponsor of that exhilarating feeling you get when you're striking the gold of truth. Things begin to make sense in a chaotic world. That makes this Moon one for having epiphanies where the pieces fall into place.

When you wisen up to the big picture, your philosophy or worldview changes. This transit is one for sharing notes on what's happening, from an enlightened, aware point of view. 

Sagittarius Equals Motion

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, we emerge from clandestine soul searching of Moon in Scorpio, to go roaming. This lunar mood is adventurous, active, and restless to experience life first hand.

It puts us in a risk-taking mood. You want to get outdoors, ride your bike, take a brisk walk, or ride horses. If you feel emotionally stuck, working out might do the trick. Starting the day with morning exercise gives you momentum and a sense of accomplishment.

There's a need to be in motion, and you get restless if you're bogged down with mundane chores. If you've really got to take care of everyday business, it'll flow better if you listen to stimulating talks or music while doing it.

The Moon relates to instinct, and the Archer inspires a hunger for fresh experiences. It's time to be on the go! Sagittarius is a sign that covers a lot of ground, and often likes to do it alone. This two-day transit is ideal for a solo bike ride that's a personal goal, or training for a marathon. 

The truth flows more freely, and sometimes it comes out with blunt force. It's a great time to "tell it like it is." You can convey your message matter-of-factly and with enthusiasm. There's less emotional weight to what's said, and that frees everyone up to be honest. You want to feel free of heavy duty entanglements today and instead keep things light and fun.

Big Picture Views

The Moon in Sagittarius heightens curiosity. The mutable nature of the Archer inspires changes in perception.

We're willing to cross genres and disciplines to "connect the dots" with leaps of logic. Conversations speed up, and the big picture comes into view. It's a good time to weave in different elements to expand the scope of your creative projects. The theme is covering a lot of ground, either physically or intellectually. It inspires us to scan the horizon for things that light us up, and can be goals to move toward.

Some power activities now are philosophizing with friends, making travel plans or traveling, socializing, making new friends, creative improvisation, inspiring yourself and others, watching comedies, riding horses, walking dogs, trying new exotic cuisine, working out vigorously, making love gymnastically, and doing some strength and endurance training.

The Moon sets the emotional tone as it transits through the Zodiac signs. It changes signs every 2 1/2 days. You can work with this rhythm to "go with the flow" of the Moon. You can use it to know the general emotional tone to expect.