Your Moon in Cancer: What Does It Mean?

Woman born under a Cancer Moon
Individuals born under a Cancer Moon are emotionally sensitive. / Getty Images.

Individuals born under a Cancer Moon have a sentimental streak and are arguably the most emotionally sensitive of those born under moons. But when hurt, they clam up or go on the defense.

This moon is at home in Cancer, which gives those with this sign a striking depth of feeling and imagination. They are responsive to everything around them, and that's why they are wary of rushing into new situations with strange people.

Is this your Moon sign? The Moon is Cancer's ruling planet, emphasizing the sign's tidal moods and changing (lunar) face. The Cancer Moon is changeable and might run hot or cold with a slight shift of the atmosphere.

A Water Sign Moon With Many Moods

This is a sensitive water sign Moon with many moods. Even if the Cancer Moon isn't saying anything, others will feel their presence and whatever emotions they are feeling.

Those lucky to have them in their lives can enjoy warm affection and a sense of intimacy, whether as a friend or a romantic partner. For them, every encounter is meaningful, and it gives weight to all their relationships.

They have strong maternal instincts and love to take care of everyone, especially the vulnerable. Some Cancer Moon men may find it challenging since they're not supposed to feel too much.

When Cancer is depressed, it is like a child lost in a sea of emotion.

It helps if the Cancer Moon has an emotional outlet, for instance, through performance, to offload all that emotional intensity. It has been done before and it works: You can find expression through performance. 

Each life experience is remembered as an emotional impression and held on to forever. This is a blessing and a curse: A Moon Cancer may forgive, but they never forget.

Imaginative Spirit

Their powerful memories can be woven into story, music, and art in a way that pulls at the heartstrings of their audiences or loved ones. The dark side is that they’ll nurture a wound for a long time, sometimes keeping one foot firmly rooted in the past.

The Cancer Moon has a delicate sensitivity that may be kept well hidden out of protection. But they demand a lot from those they love and might test others' loyalty without revealing their own feelings. This behavior comes from a fear of being rejected or left alone that has its roots deep in the psyche.

A Homebody

Those with the Moon in Cancer refill the well at home and need a solid base of unflagging support. Even if they're out in public a lot, they need the touchstone of that home base. 

They also need lots of solitude to calm those turbulent emotional moods they experience, as well as what they pick up like a psychic sponge from others. When all this is in place, they’ll be emboldened to show their true strength.

You'll find out where they feel most at home looking at the Moon in the Houses. They represent scenes and activities, and it's the House where you feel most at home.

Strong and Sensitive 

Life with such a complex soul as the Cancer Moon is bound to be both challenging and exquisitely rewarding. Get hints to the Cancer Moon looking at the water element, when there's too much or too little.

The ideal mate understands that they’re both strong and sensitive, with wild fluctuations between the two extremes. You’ll win their trust if you provide shelter when they’re vulnerable and encouragement when they’re ready to take on the world.

It's very hard for Cancer Moon to trust others since they can be so deeply hurt. If he lets you in, chances are he won't let go.

But if he does let go, it won't be pretty, and you could expect a lot of hot and cold behavior from a Cancer Moon ex. They're apt to keep you close, until they've found someone new, and then they'll give you the final shove. You might mistake this for them still needing you, but that's not the case. 

Keywords: intuitive, gentle, nurturing, protective, sympathetic, refined, imaginative, loyal

The Shadow Side: clingy, critical, moody, secretive, manipulative, needy, evasive

Quality and Element: Cardinal and Water