Monopoly Junior: A Kids' Version of the Classic Family Game

Simplified Rules, Single Dollars, Speedy Play

Monopoly Junior is fun for grandparents and grandchildren.
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Monopoly Junior is a thoughtfully adapted, kid-friendly version of the classic family game. This version of Monopoly should take less than an hour to play. It's governed by a few easy rules.

Like original Monopoly, it gives kids practice in counting and math, but the numbers have been simplified for easier play. Players receive $1 bills only. The game is over when the first player runs out of money, which occurs surprisingly quickly. An advanced version of the rules gives players several options to avoid bankruptcy, thus prolonging the game a bit.

Rules and Changes in How the Game Is Played

Monopoly Junior is designed for 2 to 4 players aged 5 to 8. Monopoly Junior lacks the elements of skill and strategy that distinguish the classic game. For example, when a player lands on a property, he or she must purchase it; there is no option to pass on the purchase. The emphasis on luck rather than strategy means that older players, who should be wilier than their grandchildren, have no advantage. 

Children still get practice in several essential skills, including taking turns, counting money and -- perhaps most importantly -- losing gracefully. You might even sneak in a lesson about the advantages of owning property and the meaning of a monopoly. 

Overall, most adults will find that it's cool to play a game with kids that they used to play at their age, even if it is a slightly different version. And, hey, classic Monopoly is still around for you traditionalists!