16 Money-Making Mobile Business Ideas

If you are ready to start a business and hate the idea of being tied to one location, a mobile business may be the perfect fit for you.

What is a mobile business? A mobile business is exactly what it sounds like—a business that allows you to hit the road, traveling to different locations to provide your products and services to your customers. Mobile business owners are able to transport all of the necessary tools and equipment in their vehicles, and provide their services to customers at their homes, other locations, or right out of their vehicles (think food trucks). 

If this sounds interesting to you, here are 16 mobile businesses you can explore further.

Pet Grooming

pet grooming
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If you have experience with pet grooming, all you really need to start a mobile pet grooming business is your equipment and at the ability to travel to your customers' homes, bringing the grooming salon right to them. This is an especially valuable service for pet owners who are tight on time or those with pets who spook easily. 

Be sure to check your state licensing requirements, to see if you need a pet grooming license.

Niche Food Truck

food truck
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You have probably seen food trucks for just about every type of food, but the most successful trucks have a specific food niche they cater to. Perhaps it is a type of food (sandwiches, pretzels, or breakfast) or the ethnicity of the food (Mexican, Italian, or Chinese). Specialty foods (vegetarian, desserts, or organic) might be attractive options depending on your area. 

Party Transportation

party bus
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A party bus transports partygoers from one location to another. Types of clients could be wedding guests needing transportation to the reception, or driving birthday party guests to a special game or concert. Your bus could be used for bachelor and bachelorette parties. 


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If you have experience in a certain subject area and love teaching others, a mobile business as a private tutor may be for you. This is also a great part-time business because you can control how much you work and when you are available. If you are tutoring children, after-school hours and evenings are more ​popular, making it perfect for additional income.

Auto Detailing

auto detailing
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A mobile auto detailing business allows you to bring the equipment right to your customers' cars, washing and cleaning their vehicles while they are at work, watching a football game, or doing something else that requires their attention. This is a time-saver for busy people, often making it an easy sell.

Personal Trainer

personal trainer
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A mobile or in-home personal training business brings the fitness gear and workout plan to the clients, wherever they are. You may have to pick a specialty, since there are many different methods and techniques in personal fitness.


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Many people are not capable or able to repair items in their home that need fixing. Time, disabilities, or simply not knowing how are some of the factors for hiring someone to fix something.

Generally, these jacks-of-all-trades are suited for repairs of items in and around houses, such as sliding doors, new appliance installation, small plumbing fixes (unclogging pipes or replacing a pipe under a sink), patching a hole in a wall, hanging shelves or other smaller tasks. 

Handymen don't work on major home repairs such as major plumbing or electrical work. This is usually due to licensing requirements by states for people that do any major home repairs.

Cleaning Services

cleaning services
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A cleaning service is another business that is easily mobilized. Cleaning services don't only clean houses. Residential cleaning is a popular option, but you can also clean offices or retail spaces. You can even specialize in a certain type of cleanings, such as green cleaning or construction cleanup. 

Services could even include event cleanup, where you might clean up after a concert or other public event.

Salon or Spa

nail salon
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Becoming a mobile stylist could be a rewarding opportunity. With the right experience, training, equipment and license, you can develop a mobile salon that provides hair and nail services to your customers.

Your clientele could range from modelling agencies to wealthy individuals that prefer home for stylists to come to their house.

You might even consider expanding to a mobile spa that provides massages, facials, or other health and luxury services.


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You don't need an extensive studio or traditional business location to start a successful photography business; you can take your gear anywhere. In fact, a mobile photography business gives you the opportunity to capture photos in unique places. 

The costs of photography have drastically reduced since the transition to digital media and equipment. All you need is a camera, computer, and an eye for the right circumstances and subjects to be successful.



A newer genre of work, an influencer is someone that uses the internet and social media to reach an audience with ideas or topics of their choice, becoming an influencer in the lives of their audience. 

Political views, technology reviews, extreme sports, and video games are all examples of topics in this line of work. Your imagination is the only limiting factor as an influencer.

Given the right topic and circumstance, you can work from anywhere doing anything. The money generally comes from the platform used by the influencer to reach their audience, as advertisers pay influencers for exposure on their channels or feeds.


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Catering is a great mobile business for anyone who is an exceptional cook and likes to prepare food for people's special events. It often takes only a handful of successful events for word of mouth to take off, and your business will boom. Then, you can consider expanding your mobile catering business further into more extensive catering or even pop-up restaurants, giving you growth opportunities.

Mobile Wedding Services

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Take another look at the four previous ideas. You can combine those four ideas and start a mobile wedding services business that provides salon services, photography, flowers, and catering on-location for weddings and other special occasions. If you like event planning, too, add wedding planning services for a complete package.

Junk Removal

junk removal
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If you have a large truck and don't mind filling it with other people's trash, you may want to consider a junk removal business. The idea is that you can collect unused items that are cluttering a home—generally from garages and attics—for a fee. The bonus is that you can do whatever you want with the junk, potentially cleaning it up and selling it for a second fee. 

Moving Services

moving services
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With a truck, some muscle, and a second set of hands, you can start a moving company. This completely mobile business doesn't require any special equipment; you only need a space to park your truck when it's not in use. If successful, all it takes to expand is a second truck and a few more helpers. Plus, startup costs are very low and the need for these services is usually high, making this a smart business idea.

Professional Organizer

professional organizer
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A professional organizer goes into homes and businesses and improves the way things are documented, filed, and organized. You can organize the filing system in an office, a child's playroom, or kitchen cabinets and pantry, giving you lots of specialized services to offer. If you know how to manage clutter and create systems that keep everything easily accessible, a mobile organizing business is worth your consideration.

The SBA provides more startup tips for a mobile business, including getting the right permits and insuring your vehicle, so take a few minutes to read through their advice.