This Blows: "Minute to Win It" Game

Person holding yellow balloon with smiley face

congerdesign/Pixabay / CC0 

This game from "Minute to Win It" has a simple concept and it's actually pretty easy to execute, making it perfect for all ages to play. All you need to do is inflate a balloon and use the air to push cups off of a table.

The Goal

Slide 15 plastic cups off the edge of a table using the air from an inflated balloon. Continue blowing up the balloon and squeezing the air out to send the cups flying until all of the cups have fallen.

Equipment Needed

You might have all of these things at home already, and if not they're really easy to find (and cheap, too). Here's what you need to play This Blows from "Minute to Win It":

  • One balloon per player (and have a few spares in case some of them have holes in them or they pop)
  • 15 plastic cups, the size used to hold beer
  • A long table
  • A one-minute timer or stopwatch

How to Set up the Game

Fortunately, there's not much work involved in setting up the game, so you'll be ready to play in no time. Simply line the 15 plastic cups up in a row upside down along the table. You want them a few inches away from the edge, with the playing area on the opposite side of the table. Place the balloon at the starting end and get the timer ready to go.

How to Play

To play, stand facing the table near the balloon. When the timer begins, grab the balloon and blow it up. Then turn the open end of the balloon towards the cups and expel the air so that it blows the cups straight off the edge of the table. When you run out of air, blow the balloon up again and continue, until all 15 plastic cups are on the floor. Get them all knocked off the table in one minute or less and you're a winner.

The Rules

Even a game as seemingly easy as this one has some rules to follow, but don't worry, there's nothing tricky here.

  • You may not touch the cups with your hands or any other part of your body at any time.
  • If you make contact with any of the cups with your hands, body, or even the actual balloon, the game is over.
  • The cups must all be completely off the table when the time is up in order to be successful.

Tips and Tricks to Win

This game is fairly simple and there aren't many tricks necessary in order to win. The best tip we can offer you is to inflate the balloon as much as possible on your first attempt because the balloon itself will still be "tight" and push the air out more efficiently. As you inflate it over and over, it stretches out and you'll have to rely on squeezing the air out with your hands.