"Minute to Win It" Game: Suck it Up

Colorful m&m candies


If you're looking for a really challenging game from Minute to Win It, look no further. This one takes a great deal of skill in order to win, as well as some luck. It's the perfect game to throw in at the end of a Minute to Win It party, use as an ice-breaker, or include in a classroom party. Of course there are ways to make it a bit simpler too, so stick around 'til the end of the article if you're interested in those.

The Goal

The goal of Suck It Up is to carry candy-coated chocolate candies using only a straw and your own personal vacuum power, and place them atop four other straws. These four straws are standing without any support on a table, so it's ridiculously easy to knock them over. Like I said, it's tough.

Equipment Needed

There's nothing out of the ordinary on your supply list for this game. The only challenge is to not eat the supplies before you get a chance to play. Better pick up an extra bag of chocolate, just in case.

  • Lots of candy-coated chocolate candies, such as plain m&ms
  • A bowl to hold the candies in
  • Two tables—they don't have to be large ones
  • Five flexible drinking straws
  • A one-minute timer or stop watch

There are a couple of things to keep in mind here, equipment-wise. First, you'll want to get the wide straws suitable for milkshakes or smoothies for this game, unless you want to make it super impossible to win. It is not recommended to use peanut m&ms as they're just too heavy and cumbersome to move effectively on the end of a straw. However, if you are interested in trying something different, the coconut-flavored ones are a suitable substitute for plain.

Setting Up the Game

First, decide how far apart you want the tables to be. Obviously the farther apart they are, the more difficult the game will be. You want to make it challenging, but possible to win. Place the tables your desired distance apart from each other. On one table, place the bowl of candies and then put one of the straws in the bowl so the end is sticking up. This straw should be bent, and the short end should be popping out of the bowl.

On the second table, stand four straws straight up in a row. Leave a decent amount of space between them so the players aren't too worried about knocking one over while working on its neighbor. If there will be activity around the tables before the game begins, hold off on standing the straws up until just before you're ready to play as any slight breeze will be enough to knock them over.

How to Play

Begin the game by standing at the table holding the bowl of candy. When the timer begins, pick up the short end of the bent straw with your mouth and use it to collect one of the candies at the end of the straw. Keep hold of it by sucking in on the straw, and carry it to the other table. Once there, place the candy on top of one of the four straws without knocking it over or dropping the candy. Return to the first table and repeat this process for all four straws. You must end up with all four straws topped with a candy, in one minute or less, in order to win.

The Rules

Here are the rules for Suck It Up:

  • You may not use your hands to pick up, carry, or place the candies
  • If a candy falls off a straw, it is out of play
  • You may pick up a straw and stand it back up if it falls over, but you can't catch it as it tips, nor can you replace a candy in this manner
  • If you drop a candy, turn around and return to the table to try again

Tips and Tricks

Work on your suction power and your steadiness. Practice, practice! That's really the only way to get used to this game and earn some confidence in playing. It's a very difficult one to win.

Game Variations

Looking to make this game a little easier? There are a couple of ways you can make Suck It Up less daunting for everyone.

  • Use clay or poster putty to provide a base for the upright straws
  • Place the straws in a window box full of sand so they won't topple
  • Require that only one (or two) of the straws must end up with a candy on top