Play Nose Dive From "Minute to Win It"

hand holding stopwatch
wakila / Getty Images

The game Nose Dive from "Minute to Win It" is a popular game for children and adults. It was featured on the popular game show. The game doesn't take any complicated equipment or long detailed setup instructions.

It's a simple game and it has loads of potential for laughter. Put this one in your lineup of "Minute to Win It" party games and you'll have a simple yet lively game that both players and spectators will enjoy.

The Goal

The goal is to transfer cotton balls from one bowl to another. In order to do this, you'll be using only your nose, which has been dunked in petroleum jelly. Sounds like fun, right?

Equipment Needed

Hit up the kitchen and the medicine cabinet to find the supplies you'll need for this game. You might also want to get some wet wipes for players to clean off their noses with after playing. Here's what else you'll need.

  • Lots of cotton balls
  • Two large, shallow-ish bowls
  • A jar of petroleum jelly
  • A table
  • A stopwatch or timer

How to Set Up Nose Dive

Setting up the game is really easy. All you need to do is to place the cotton balls (at least five of them, but extras will help to account for spillage and drops) in one of the bowls. Place both bowls on the table set 12 inches apart. Open the jar of petroleum jelly and place it next to the bowl that holds the cotton balls. Now you're good to go.

How to Play

Stand in front of the table facing the bowls, with your hands behind your back. When the timer starts its one-minute countdown, bend over and dip your nose into the petroleum jelly.

Then, stick your nose into the bowl full of cotton balls and get one of the stuck on your nose. Carry the cotton ball on the tip of your nose over to the empty bowl.

You can re-dip your nose into the petroleum jelly at any time, as often as needed, as you play. To win the game you must get five cotton balls from the first bowl to the second in one minute or less.

The Rules

The Nose Dive "Minute to Win It" game has a few rules:

  • You may not use your hands at any time during the game - that means no touching the petroleum jelly, the cotton balls, or the bowls.
  • Cotton balls can only be moved one at a time. If you get two stuck to your nose at once you will have to shake one off before moving them over - if two or more land in the bowl in one move, none of them will count. (You may want to have a spotter on hand to keep an eye on this, as it can be difficult to see how many cotton balls are actually attached to the end of one's own nose.)
  • Cotton balls must be "dropped" from the nose into the empty bowl. In other words, you can't scrape your nose on the side of the bowl to dislodge the cotton ball or use any other method that involves contact between the cotton ball and any other object.

Tips and Tricks

Use only small amounts of petroleum jelly on the very tip of your nose. Then, once you've got a cotton ball in place, move slowly and steadily to the bowl to avoid dropping the cotton ball en route. Finally, get your head right into the bowl and give it a little shake to dislodge the cotton ball without flinging it outside the bowl.