The 'Minute to Win It' Movin' On Up Game

The challenge is to beat the timer

Plastic cups filled with a blue liquid from light to dark blue. one plastic cup is filled with a red liquid

 chris van dolleweerd/Getty Images

The Movin' On Up challenge was used in plenty of the "Minute to Win It" game show promos, so it's one of the most familiar contests from the show. To play it, 39 blue cups are stacked with one red cup at the bottom, and players race the clock to cycle the red cup through the stack.

Do you think you have what it takes to win Movin' On Up? Try playing the game at home and see if you can beat the clock.

The Goal

To win Movin' On Up, players must take one cup from the top of the stack and move it to the bottom with one hand, then repeat the process with the other hand. The game continues in this way until the red cup has gone through the entire stack of cups and resumes its original place at the bottom.

What You Need

The real beauty of this game is its simplicity. You don't need a lot of stuff and there's relatively no setup required. Kids and grownups alike will enjoy how easy and fun this game is. You only need a few things:

  • 39 blue plastic drinking cups (the disposable kind)
  • One red plastic drinking cup (same size as the blue cups)
  • A table, any size
  • A one-minute timer or stopwatch

If you have trouble finding colored cups, use 40 clear or white cups and decorate one with brightly colored stickers to make it stand out.

How to Set It Up

Stack the 39 blue cups, then place the red cup at the bottom of the stack. Place the entire tower of cups on the table. You're now ready to play!

How to Play

The player starts the game standing in front of the table that holds the cups. When the one-minute timer begins, the player grabs the cups and begins moving them, one at a time, from the top to the bottom.

Grab the top cup with one hand and, with the same hand, move it to the bottom of the stack. Then, with the other hand, grab the next cup and do the same thing. Continue moving the cups, one at a time with alternating hands, until the red cup is once again at the bottom of the stack.

Accomplish this before the timer runs out and you're a winner.

The Rules

Even a game this easy has to have some rules:

  • If you move more than one cup at a time, you must place all of those cups back on top of the stack before continuing with the game.
  • The game must be played in a standing position. It's unclear why, but that's the rule.

Tips and Tricks

This game is so simple that there really aren't any tips to help you succeed. The only challenge lies in getting through the stack of drinking cups before the timer runs out. Concentrate, move quickly, and hope for the best!

Movin' On Up as a Party Game

This is one of the best "Minute to Win It" party games. Whether it's a simple get-together with games to help pass the time or a big seasonal bash, Movin' On Up will fit in perfectly. It requires almost no planning and is suitable for all ages.

If you want to match the game with your party theme, choose the appropriately colored cups. Opt for the colors of your favorite sports team for a tailgate party, or go with holiday hues for a Christmas or other seasonal event.