'Minute to Win It' Elephant March Game

Prepare to look ridiculous and have lots of fun

A contestant plays Elephant March on Minute to Win It.

Wearing pantyhose on your head isn't just for bank robbers any longer. In Elephant March, you'll be donning a pantyhose trunk weighted down by a baseball and attempting to knock over water bottles. Like most "Minute to Win It" games, you shouldn't have any trouble finding the supplies to play this game at home.

The Goal

Wearing a pantyhose "trunk," walk a straight line and swing your head to knock over eight water bottles, four on each side.

Equipment Needed

  • Eight full water bottles
  • One pair of standard pantyhose
  • One baseball
  • Chalk or tape
  • A one-minute timer or stopwatch

How to Play

Using chalk or tape, mark a "center line" on the floor. Place a row of four bottles on each side, exactly 4 feet from the center line. Place the baseball into the foot of one leg of the pantyhose.

Before the timer starts, put the pantyhose over your head, with the empty leg tucked into your shirt and the leg containing the baseball swinging in front of you. The baseball should be resting on a table or other platform. Stand with one foot on either side of the center line.

Start the timer. Begin swinging the baseball back and forth using your body while moving up the line. The object is to swing the ball far enough to knock all of the water bottles over. If you accomplish this before the 1-minute timer is finished, you've succeeded.

The Rules

  • You may not use your hands to move the pantyhose, baseball or bottles. All motion must be initiated with your body movement.
  • Bottles can be knocked down in any order.
  • If your foot crosses the center line, the game is over.

Tips and Tricks

  • Start swinging the baseball slowly, gradually building up speed and distance. You'll have more control that way.
  • Move along the line steadily and try not to knock over the bottles out of order. You'll end up wasting time if you have to backtrack.
  • The show uses colored water in the bottles, so if you want to be authentic you can do that as well.

Optional Tweaks

You can make this into a holiday game by using colored water and/or colored pantyhose. For example, black pantyhose and orange water for Halloween or red and green water with white pantyhose for ​Christmas.

Make the game a little easier for kids to play by using fewer bottles. You could also use larger bottles with less water to make the game different— practice with various sizes and amounts of water to see what makes the game more or less challenging to suit your group of people who will be playing.