Mini-Logo Skateboard Deck Review

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Mini Logo

Mini-Logo skate decks are high-quality skateboards with a price tag that doesn't make you think twice. Different from the usual “blank” skate decks, Mini-Logo decks are actually built from the same 7-ply hard maple with the same treatments as the rest of Skate One’s decks, but they are cheaper because they lack graphics. They come in one solid color with a small Mini Logo trademark. As with everything you buy, you pay a premium for status. If you're not into that on your skateboard but prize quality above all things, this board is worth taking a look at.


  • Price point -- Cost about half as much as regular skate decks
  • Quality – AirLam pressed, sealed with waterproof glue and clear coated with SST slide treatment
  • Handmade in California from hard American maple


  • Mini-Logo decks don’t have graphics – that’s why they are cheaper


  • No graphics or pro skater names
  • Built in the U.S. from American maple
  • Standard 7-ply design
  • SST slide treated for longer slides
  • AirLam fused with high-impulse waterproof glue
  • Available in several solid colors, sizes, and concaves
  • Warranted against delamination

Mini-Logo Skateboard Deck Review

Replacing decks can get expensive -- that’s when buying blank decks start to make sense. After all, if you are just going to grind the graphic off the bottom of your board anyway, who cares, right? Unfortunately, blank decks are often cheaply made.

That’s where Mini-Logo comes in. Mini-Logo decks are made just like all the top-quality decks built by Skate One (Powell and Angelboy) – the only difference is that no graphics have been added. Mini-Logo decks are handmade in Santa Barbara, California, from 7-plys of rock hard American maple. The decks are AirLam fused (a special Skate One feature) using waterproof glue, sealed against other moisture, and the bottom is coated with an SST slide treatment to improve the length of your slides. Mini-Logo decks are built just as well as any other Skate One deck and better than many other decks on the market – but they cost about half as much.

And that’s what makes Mini-Logo decks such a great idea. A test on this board that bashed it up hard resulted in the usual chips from the tail, but the test run was intentionally hard on the board. The boards are pure wood, so you get the strong pop and feel that you look for in a deck without any crazy gimmicks. Picking out a board based on the graphic or pro name isn’t a bad idea, but if you don’t care or don’t want to spend extra money, try out Mini-Logo for your next skateboard setup. They’re a smart choice.