Mike Catherwood, Host of GSN's 'Chain Reaction'

LA Radio Personality Turns Up Volume on Game Show

Mike Catherwood
Mike Catherwood, host of Chain Reaction. courtesy GSN

The game show "Chain Reaction" has long been a viewer favorite and has appeared in several different formats. GSN carried its own version of the game back in 2008, hosted by Dylan Lane.The Game Show Network brought it back in 2015, and Mike Catherwood was tapped as the show's newest host.

Catherwood was born on March 15, 1979, in Los Angeles. His life could have gone down a different road: He became heavily involved with drugs and alcohol when he was a teenager. The list of substances that he used was a long one and included alcohol, ecstasy, LSD, anabolic steroids, methamphetamine, and cocaine. During this time his addictions caused him to drop out of college, and after an attempt at a career with a heavy metal band, Catherwood realized that he needed help. He tried rehab twice, and the second attempt was successful; he has been clean since 2002.

Radio Success

After getting sober, Catherwood turned to both personal fitness and training as well as radio work, and he has been quite successful in both areas. He's a certified as a personal trainer and enjoys amateur bodybuilding. Career-wise, he is both a popular on-air radio personality, going by the moniker "Psycho Mike," and radio producer.

Catherwood has been a regular on Los Angeles radio, where he appears on the "Kevin & Bean" morning show. He does numerous song parodies, celebrity impressions and "man on the street" bits, as well as creating his own characters who tend to turn up often on the show.

His best-known radio role so far has been as co-host of the national radio program "Loveline" with Dr. Drew Pinsky. In 2015 the pair kicked off a new show based in LA called "Dr. Drew Midday Live With Mike Catherwood."

Television Appearances

  • "Guns N' Roses: The Story" -- Catherwood appears as himself in this documentary about the rock band.
  • "Dancing With the Stars" -- He appeared as a contestant on season 12, paired with professional dancer Lacey Schwimmer, but was the first one eliminated from the competition.
  • "American Chopper Live" -- In 2011, Catherwood hosted "American Chopper Live: The Build-Off," which pitted the Teutuls against Jesse James, on the Discovery Channel.
  • "The Choice" -- In 2012 he appeared on the celebrity dating show "The Choice" along with Joe Jonas, Seth Wescott and Parker Young.
  • "The Collective" -- Catherwood co-hosted this panel program produced by Vevo, which focused on celebrities, DJs and musicians discussing pop culture and trends.

Catherwood Quotes

On being cast for "Dancing With the Stars": "During the taping of 'Live with Regis & Kelly,' my people, which is crazy, I know, I have representation, but they got calls from numerous people … like during the taping, like 20 minutes into the show. They were like, 'Hey who is this guy?' So I was blown away. I couldn’t believe how flattering that was.

"It seemed like once the show got going there was actual interest sparked, which is cool, you know. It’s crazy to see what can happen when you’re exposed to an utterly completely opposite demographic, which is what the show was. Not only is it watched by a lot of people, which is cool, and great from a career aspect, but it’s the absolute opposite demographic that I reach with 'Loveline' or' Kevin & Bean."'

"On starting with "Loveline": "I was working for the flagship station that does Loveline, KROQ here in Los Angeles, on the 'Kevin & Bean' morning show. And 'Loveline' needed a host and they started auditioning dudes. After about a year of having different people, they settled on me. Either I work cheap or Dr. Drew really enjoys being around me, but somehow, some way, they settled on me. I was overwhelmed. It’s a dream job for me. I grew up here in LA so, as a former addict, I have the ability to on a nightly basis go in there and really do something therapeutic, not only for hopefully the audience, but for myself. It’s really a dream come true." 

Keeping Up With Catherwood

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