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Are you interested in working at Microsoft Corporation? The top company in the world by market capitalization, Microsoft’s product line includes Windows, Microsoft Office, Skype, Xbox, and Surface, and spans software, hardware, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and gaming.

The company has been named a top employer by Glassdoor. Reviewers call out a positive company culture and work-life balance, as well as competitive pay, benefits, and perks.

The organization accommodates career growth and professional development and affords staff the opportunity to move laterally to enhance job satisfaction.

The company’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion makes it an accessible employer for everyone, regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation, or other characteristics.

Microsoft Overview

Microsoft Corporation encompasses six business divisions providing computer and other digital services worldwide:

1. Commercial Operations runs partner and customer contract management, as well as electronic software distribution, revenue processing, and other related areas.

2. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Operations makes, markets, and sells products that feature Microsoft services or software.

3. The Xbox Operations Team provides support for Xbox, including manufacturing and shipping games and managing antipiracy programs.

4. Microsoft Online, Inc. manages online advertising operations, including Bing Search and display advertising.

5. The World Wide Credit Services Organization manages the company’s $12 billion accounts receivable and global credit risk portfolio.

6. The Finance Department comprises three divisions: the Revenue Assurance and Licensing Compliance Team, the Financial Planning and Analysis Organization, and the Statutory Accounting and Transactional Tax Team.

Microsoft Life

People are any company’s greatest asset, the key ingredient in a positive company culture – and an essential part of your experience at work.

So, who works at Microsoft? The Microsoft Life section give prospective and current employees insight into the lives of their teammates. Featured profiles include employees who moonlight as children’s book authors, volunteer for conservation orgs, and create their own sustainable beauty products.

Microsoft Careers and Job Search

With 20 different career segments within Microsoft, employees have a broad range of careers to from which to choose. Whether your specialty is in software, gaming, policy, legal affairs or advertising, candidates will find a position that's ideal for them. 

On its Careers page, Microsoft provides career pathways for students and experienced professionals, insight from current employees, and snapshots of its company culture. In this section of the site, you can also learn more about their Diversity and Inclusion program, read Glassdoor reviews from Microsoft employees, and find out about recent hackathons and other events.

Candidates can identify the many locations where Microsoft has offices and search for positions by country and city. Microsoft provides a drop-down menu of job families such as Marketing, Human Resources, Business Development, Engineering, and Sales to help you identify opportunities by job function.

College Student and Graduate Jobs

Microsoft offers a variety of programs, internships and full-time jobs for recent graduates and current students worldwide. Candidates can narrow their selections by profession or location, and then choose to focus on internships or full-time jobs. Candidates may apply through Microsoft by creating an account.

Full-time workers who join Microsoft after completing an undergraduate degree or MBA participate in the Microsoft Aspire Experience. This onboarding program helps integrate new graduate hires into their roles within Evangelism, IT, Marketing, Operations, Sales and Services organizations.

Through this developmental experience, participants receive online resources and coaching in addition to the support their managers and team gives them. The content focuses on immediately honing developmental areas, so that employees can advance themselves, adopt the company vision and build their networks.

Employee Referral Program

Like most organizations, Microsoft encourages employees to refer qualified candidates for jobs at the firm.

A nomination from a Microsoft employee can help give visibility to your candidacy and ensure that a recruiter will take a close look at your resume.

Identify contacts at Microsoft through your professional network and connect with them for information and advice about landing a job at the company. Use LinkedIn's Company Follow Tool to identify first and second-degree contacts working at Microsoft.

Job Search Tips from Microsoft

Eugenia Sawa, a staffing manager at Microsoft, provided The Balance Careers with insight into how to get hired by the company. Her tips include:

  • Present yourself in a polished and professional way.
  • Make sure your face-to-face demeanor matches your online presence.
  • Maintain an active presence on LinkedIn.

Job Applications

Microsoft prefers that your application is submitted through their website. Create a profile, search for opportunities, apply for specific positions, or submit your resume for review and you will be contacted when they discover a job match for you.

Your resume will be reviewed confidentially by a recruiter and hiring manager. If they agree on your qualifications, you will be contacted for an interview.

Microsoft Employee Benefits

Microsoft prides itself in offering one of the most competitive compensation and benefits packages in the U.S. The company offers employees a range of health and wellness care, including medical, dental, vision, on-site flu shots, life insurance, disability insurance and healthcare flexible spending accounts. Additional benefits include paid parental leave, retirement plan, paid vacation days and an employee stock purchase plan.

The company also provides onsite and online career coaching and continuing education, and a wide variety of wellness benefits to strike the ideal balance between success and happiness.