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Chad Duell as Michael Corinthos
Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). ABC, Inc.

A Turbulent Beginning

Michael was conceived in 1997, but his mother Carly was not sure who had fathered her child, Tony Jones, her mother's husband, or A.J. Quartermaine.

A.J. was an alcoholic and didn't remember his night with Carly. When he finally regained his memory, Carly claimed that Jason was the father. Jason played along.

Carly developed postpartum depression and left town, so Jason took care of the baby. He actually named the baby Michael after Michael "Sonny" Corinthos. He began to think of himself as the boy's real father.

Robin, his girlfriend at the time, helped out. However, she felt that A.J. should know that the baby was his.

Carly recovered and returned, but she wasn't back for long. Tony, devastated when he learned that he was not Michael's father, kidnapped the baby. In court, Carly fired a shot at him. She was sent away for psychiatric care.

Before leaving for Paris to study, Robin revealed the truth of Michael's paternity to A.J. Carly and A.J. married. The marriage disintegrated quickly, and Carly moved on with Sonny, who forced A.J. to sign away legal right to his son. Sonny became the boy's adoptive father. 

Carly and Sonny ultimately divorced and remarried -- four additional times.

There were more children from different people: Michael's half-brother Morgan, whose father was Sonny, a half-sister Kristina, from Sonny's involvement with Alexis Davis; later, a half older brother, Dante Falconeri, from an early liaison Sonny had with Olivia Falconeri; and, in 2015, a baby sister, Avery, from a one-night stand with between Sonny and Ava Jerome.

A.J. Works with Faith Roscoe

In February of 2005, mobster Faith Roscoe, an enemy of Sonny's, kidnapped his three youngest children: Michael, Morgan, and Kristina.  A.J. was working with Faith in order to take over his son's upbringing. He attempted to convince the little boy that Carly and Sonny did not care about him. 

Jason was determined to rescue Michael from A.J. The two men fought; A.J. broke his back. While he was in the hospital, he was smothered and pronounced dead.

Michael had nightmares about this and thought that he had killed his father. He was sent into therapy, and there, he realized he had seen his father killed. His own therapist had done it.  

The Text Message Killer

To protect his loved ones from the Text Message serial killer, who ran rampant in 2007, Michael bought a gun. Unfortunately he accidentally shot Kate on the pier. He ran but later agreed to meet his mother at the warehouse. Little did they know, Sonny's enemies had planted a bomb. They were inside when the bomb was detonated, but both of them were okay.

Michael had dodged danger once; next time, he wouldn't be so lucky.


One day, Michael went to the coffee warehouse to learn the legitimate part of Sonny's business.  

Claudia Zacchara, member of another mob, had put out a contract on Sonny. The shooter was Ian Devlin, doctor by day, hit man by night.  And as is common in Port Charles, he couldn't hit his target. Michael was hit instead. He went into a coma which appeared to be permanent. In May 2008, he was moved to a long-term care facility

He stayed in a coma for one year.

GH surgeon Patrick Drake performed a new operation that released Michael from his coma, and a confused Michael found himself in a new world: Sonny and Claudia were married, and she was pregnant; Carly was pregnant with Jax's child. 

Michael Flips

Michael had trouble dealing with his life.  He realized that he was very emotional and had moments of unadulterated anger. Once while driving, he came to a boiling point. During this blind rage, he believed that somehow, he had forced Claudia off the road. As a result, she miscarried.

Panicked, Michael ran away to Mexico, but his sister Kristina insisted on coming along too. It turned out that Kristina had caused the accident. Jason and Sam, Kristina's half-sister, brought them home.  

Claudia Zacchara Corinthos

Michael bonded with his new stepmother Claudia until he remembered that while he had been in his coma, she confessed that she hired the shooter, intending to kill Sonny. When Sonny found out, he confronted her, and in retaliation, she kidnapped Carly, who was about to have her baby.

Michael found his stepmother and mother in a remote cabin and saw that Carly had given birth to Josslyn. Claudia was taking the baby and heading out. Michael grabbed an axe and struck Claudia, who died instantly. 

Sonny was arrested for the murder, but Michael told Dante the truth. Being in law enforcement, Dante felt he had to tell the court what really happened. He believed that a Judge would go easy on Michael. He was wrong. At trial, the Judge was livid that Michael's crime had been suppressed by his family and gave him a long sentence in Pentonville.  


Jason was concerned that Michael would run into Sonny's enemies at Pentonville, and they would go hard on him. To protect the young man, he went to the prosecutor, saying that he would confess to a few of his own crimes in order to be sent to Pentonville, with the caveat that he would share a cell with Michael.  

Michael left prison early, thanks to a plea to the Judge from Dante. He was ordered to live with his older brother. 

Helping Kristina and Sonny

Michael returned to school because Kristina needed him. She was still traumatized by the abuse she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend as well as his death.  

Michael had a tough time as well. His first day, he became involved in a fight. Later, a friend of Kristina flirted with him and touched him, and he backed away.

Michael was still interested in Sonny's business. He overheard that his father placed the bomb in Johnny Zacchara's car which nearly killed Kristina. He agreed not to tell anyone. He also tried to broker a peace between the Zaccharas and the Corinthos organizations.

While speaking to Johnny, shots were fired. Michael shoved Johnny out of the way. Dante hid his brother's involvement, or else he would have gone back to prison for breaking parole. 

Michael's Trauma

Michael was having nightmares, but he declined to speak about his time in prison. He did ask Jason to set him up with a prostitute. He would not, but Sam had a friend, Abby, whom she thought might be helpful.  

Abby was a stripper using the name Candy. When she tried to touch Michael, he had a terrible reaction. Abby was very patient. The two became friends, which she said was fine.

One night, Michael saw Brandon, Abby's former boyfriend, attack her. At first, he froze, remembering what had happened to him in prison, but he forced himself to rescue her.

Grateful, Abby told him that if he hadn't stopped Brandon, he would have raped her. Michael admitted that he saw her fear because he had been raped in prison by a man named Carter.

Abby's compassion and understanding was what Michael needed to tell Carly and Jason what happened. He said he would go into therapy, but he did not want his dad to know about his experience in prison.

Sonny did find out about the rape. He told his son that he loved him as much as ever.

Abby and Michael Become An Item

Abby was Michael's date to the Sonny-Brenda wedding.  After the wedding, Brenda went to the street side of the limousine to get in, and a bomb in the car went off. When the body was put on a stretcher, it wasn't Brenda at all, but Sam! 

Brenda had been kidnapped by a mobster named the Balkan, who planted the bomb as well. The Balkan hailed from Europe. Michael approached one of his henchmen; Dante kept Michael from being shot.

Michael needed almost constant protection so as not to be sent back to prison. He still resolved to work with his father. He went to the warehouse to unload an illegal shipment, but the police arrived. Jason was able to get Michael away from the warehouse, or he would have been arrested for violating parole.

Neither Jason nor Sonny wanted Michael in the business. Johnny Zacchara, however, was willing to talk to him about it. Johnny told him that he could be in the Zacchara organization. 

Michael thought about taking Johnny's offer. Meanwhile, Abby's ex-boyfriend Brandon was released from jail. He went after Abby again. Soon after, his dead body was discovered.

Michael and Abby were immediate suspects, but Johnny found out that his father had Brandon released on bail. He then hired an Abby lookalike to kill Brandon.

Michael and Johnny together tried to find this lookalike. Once the charges against Abby were dropped, Michael went to work for Johnny.  Everyone agreed -- it was a bad decision.

Summer Job

After high school, Michael was accepted into Port Charles University. This came as a surprise since he had not applied. Kristina did it for him.

He moved in with Abby. Sonny and Johnny both offered him summer employment, but Michael finally decided to work for Edward at ELQ, mainly because he offered Abby a job. Abby liked working there, but Michael did not. He had his position for a short time and then quit. 

It was at this time that Carly kept Sonny away from Morgan. She believe he had caused a plane crash that killed Jax. Michael took his father's side, and he was allowed to manage Sonny's warehouse. It was the legitimate part of the Corinthos interests, though, and Michael wanted to learn the illegal part. 

When Dante was found shot and unconscious in the warehouse, Michael was eager to investigate, but Sonny sent Shawn out instead.

The Attacker

This upset Michael -- his father was treating him like a child, keeping him away from the real core of his organization. He soon moved past this. Several of Abby's friends from Vaughn's were attacked, and he turned his attention there.

The police had had no luck in finding the attacker. Michael asked Tracy to send Abby out of town for ELQ in order to keep her safe, so Abby traveled to Chicago.

Abby was killed when a crane at a construction site dropped above her, crushing her with its contents. Devastated, Michael blamed himself. 

He spread Abby's ashes in New Zealand, in a field of lavender. While at the airport, he saw someone who looked like Jax. Back in Port Charles, he asked Carly if Jax could still be alive. She did not think so.

In fact, she lied, as he learned later while eavesdropping on a conversation his mother had with Shawn. She was afraid that Sonny would try to kill Jax if he knew he was alive. Michael was furious. At her New Year's Eve party at the MetroCourt, he announced that Jax was alive, although Carly had allowed everyone to grieve for him.

The Accident and Starr

Michael enrolled in college, but Abby was still very much on his mind. One day, he came upon a car accident involving a woman, a man, and a baby. He was able to pull the woman out of the car, but he could not save the man, who turned out to be her boyfriend, or her baby. The woman's name was Starr Manning.

Michael found out that Anthony Zacchara was driving the car that hit Starr's family. Two of his tires were shot out, and Anthony lost control of the car. He did not come to the aid of the victims. He fled because Sonny was after him.

The Dimpled Don was considered the main suspect. He assured Michael that he had not caused it. 

Michael and Starr became friends, though initially she blamed his father for the loss of her family. Sonny was charged with causing the accident. He wanted Michael to steer clear of Starr, worried that she would use Michael's feelings to gather information about the trial.

Michael promised his dad there was no problem. Starr was not even around; she had left the hospital and gone back home.

The young woman was in Port Charles again during Sonny's trial, at which she testified. She stayed with Michael, but no one knew that. He told Starr about Abby dying, and Starr talked about losing her baby and boyfriend.

Starr still believed Sonny caused the accident, but Michael disagreed. The two were sitting together in the courtroom when Sonny was found not guilty. Angry, Starr felt the jury was wrong. She decided to return to the town of Llanview

Instead, she took Sonny hostage at gunpoint. Michael saw it all on his dad's surveillance tapes. He located Starr and Sonny and talked her out of doing anything.

After Michael gave his statement to the police, Starr was arrested and charged with attempted murder.   She pleaded with Michael to recant his statement. She realized how wrong she had been. She wanted her life to have meaning now, for the sake of her boyfriend and baby. She promised that she would not go after Sonny again.

Sadly for Starr, Michael didn't buy it. It was Sonny who finally convinced him to recant his statement. 

Mob Princess

Starr rented an apartment and shared it with Trey Mitchell, the producer of Kristina's reality show, Mob Princess. Starr and Michael -- again -- renewed their friendship.

Michael did not like Trey or that he seemed to flirt with Starr. He and Kristina discussed it; she was unhappy as well. She thought Michael should tell Starr how he felt. 

He told his sister that Starr was still mourning her family, so it was no use telling her how he felt. He spent time with her, and he asked her to spend the Fourth of July holiday with him at the Quartermaine mansion. On that day, they kissed and decided to be together. When Starr made her singing debut at the Haunted Star, they made their relationship public. 

 After Jason's death, Michael needed Starr's support. Then a double whammy  -- A.J. was alive! He included A.J. in his life, which angered Sonny and Carly. But his biological father was there for him when Starr broke up with him and left town.

The New Quartermaine

A.J. and Michael worked at ELQ and, hearing that there was a newly-discovered Quartermaine heir, tried to find him or her. The heir turned out to be the daughter of Jason's twin brother Franco. Michael did not mention his connection to Franco until he was discovered alive. 

Franco swore that he had never, ever ordered Carter to rape Michael in prison. He never intended to cause him harm. He even produced a video of a conversation with Carter, during which he asked the prisoner to look after Michael. 

Michael was reeling from the shock of Franco being alive. He turned to Morgan's girlfriend, Kiki, and they kissed. Then Michael learned that that Kiki was Franco's daughter and therefore, his cousin. He was still attracted to her, and she to him. Believing themselves to be first cousins, they avoided one another. There was also his brother's feelings to consider as well.

In truth, although this was not explored on the show, had the two been related (which they weren't), Michael and Kiki would have been second cousins because they only had one grandparent in common, Alan Quartermaine, and not two.

As things worked out, Silas Clay, a doctor, was her father, not Franco.  

And later, it was learned that Franco was not a Quartermaine, but the son of Scott Baldwin and Heather Webber.

Michael was thrilled to learn about Kiki's paternity. They could be together, except that Morgan had already rushed Kiki to the courthouse and married her before Michael could tell her the news. The marriage ended when Kiki realized what Morgan had done. After that, she was back with Michael.

Morgan was hurt, and fought with Michael.They had a physical confrontation on the pier, and Michael hit his head, falling into the water. Morgan left the scene.

The Jeromes

Things between the brothers only became worse when Morgan aligned with the Jerome family to destroy Sonny, his own father.

Michael was busy trying to make peace between A.J. and Sonny. A.J. was accused of murdering Sonny's fiance Connie Falconeri (Kate Howard), but was found not guilty. Michael struggled to be there for both men, helping Sonny grieve and supporting his biological dad throughout the trial.

After the trial, A.J. started drinking heavily to suppress his guilt about Kate/Connie's death. Michael tried to stop his father's self-destructive behavior, but when his mother disappeared, his attention was needed elsewhere. Michael was suspicious of Franco, Carly's new beau. Kiki argued with him, believing Franco innocent.

Kiki lied to Michael and helped Franco wriggle out of police custody. When Franco rescued Carly, Kiki thought that Michael would agree that her actions were right, but he did not. They broke up, but later, they reconciled. 

While Carly was gone, Michael and Morgan put their differences aside and united. When A.J. was killed, Michael's family was there for him and attended his funeral. Kiki was with Michael while he grieved.

ELQ Takeover Threat

In the meantime, she had a problem: Luke Spencer was making passes at her. When Michael found out that Luke attempted to sexually assault Kiki, he was furious, wanting to protect her. Ned, his cousin, was concerned about Luke too, since he had shown an interest in ELQ.  

Michael and Ned took steps to see that the company was safe from a takeover by Luke. One way they did it was to take Tracy's position as CEO from her. Michael took over. He also proposed a waterfront project, offering Morgan a job restoring the brownstone

Kiki moved in with Morgan, which didn't bother Michael. Even when Rosalie, a friend, said that Kiki and Morgan had a secret, Michael shrugged it off.  At that point, Michael was more interested in why someone from the Jerome family had killed his natural father. He was advised to let the whole thing go.

The Wedding Fiasco 

Michael agreed to participate in his mother's wedding to Franco, though he disapproved.

The wedding never took place. Franco had a video to show. On the video, Sonny and Carly not only had sex, but he confessed to Carly that he killed A.J. This information nearly destroyed Michael. He cut his parents out of his life. Kiki and Morgan were out as well when he realized they had known the truth.  

Michael took the last name Quartermaine and moved into the Q mansion.

Avery and Sabrina

Still angry with his parents, he fought for custody of his baby sister Avery and won. Sabrina Santiago, who had worked at General Hospital as a nurse, became Avery's nanny.  Soon, Sabrina and Michael fell in love.  

Then Sabrina learned she was pregnant, but when she realized how far along she was, she knew the baby was her old boyfriend's, Carlos Rivera, who was now dead.

When she confessed this to Michael, he was very upset, and the two broke up.

Carlos was not dead and returned, thrilled about the baby and wanting to take Sabrina away with him. Sabrina accompanied him and gave birth. Michael regretted dismissing Sabrina so quickly and feared that he would never see her again.