Mexican Witch's Curse

A man has an affair with a woman who turns out to be a witch -- and she put a curse on him

This true story happened to my grandmother's mother when they still lived in a tiny village in Mexico. When my grandmother was a young girl, her father had an affair with another woman. Naturally, this devastated the family, and my grandmother's mother demanded he never see this other woman again. He told her that he would never see her again after he went one last time, to tell the other woman that it was over between them. My grandmother's mother grudgingly allowed him to do this.

Her father left and did not return for many days. When he finally did, it was very late at night. My grandmother was asleep with her sisters and brother in the adjacent bedroom when she was awakened by a startled shriek coming from the main room. Then she heard the most awful wailing sound she had ever heard.

She hushed her siblings and peered through a crack in the door to see what was happening. The only light was coming from the fire and she saw, to her horror, her father standing in the center of the room and her mother a small distance away, her eyes wide with terror.

Her father's mouth had been sewn shut and he was trying to sever the stitches with a knife, all the while making a horrible moaning/wailing sound. Her mother dropped to her knees and started sobbing and praying. When her father was able to cut all the stitches, he reached for her mother, but she only continued to pray and seemed unaware of him. All the while, still he made that awful moaning.

My grandmother ran back to her bed and hid under her covers with her sisters, shaking uncontrollably and trying her best to quiet the others. Her father did not speak for days afterward and would only make small disturbing moaning noises, and sometimes at night he would stand outside and wail loudly.

Soon, the rest of the village was buzzing about the odd behavior of her father. They seemed convinced that a curse had been placed on him. Her mother was terrified of him and soon banished him to the goat shed in the backyard. There he slept on a makeshift bed of hay. My grandmother would bring him food on occasion, and she said this terrified her. He would sit on the floor and just stare at her with watery eyes.

Eventually, he started to talk again and her mother let him back in the house, but my grandmother said he was never quite the same and she was always fearful of him. Eventually, he passed away, and that's when her mother told her that the woman he had an affair with was a witch and put a curse on him when he told her he could not see her anymore. Then she sewed his mouth shut so that he would not be able to talk to his wife.

A few years later, my grandmother got pregnant with my mother and she lived in that same house for many years, raising my mother. My mother told me growing up, that she would sometimes hear an eerie wailing noise coming from the old goat shed in the back. But upon investigating, there would be nothing to account for it.

She grew up in that house, and every so often hear that strange wailing. Eventually my grandmother could no longer ignore the strange noises either and had to tell my mother the story of her father and the curse that was placed on him. My mother gave birth to me in the United States, but I still get chilled when I think about what my grandmother must've endured as a child in Mexico.

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