What to Expect From Mercury Retrograde

Vasiliki Varvaki/Getty Images.

Mercury never strays too far from the Sun, and that's why Mercury's retrograde occurs in signs that follow along with the solar wheel. 

In the deep chill of Winter, we have the crystalline views of Aquarius. In the gregarious Spring, the messenger mixes it up in Gemini. Finally, with the harvest season of the equinox, the messenger weighs it all in Libra

Mercury retrograde in air signs is a chance to unplug from mental chaos, and to clear the air. Be curious about the currents that swirl back into your mindscape the ideas, lines of inquiry, research topics, fascinations, theories, concepts, and blueprints for action.

Debunking the Drama

You've probably heard many events blamed on Mercury retrograde and while uncommon events are known to occur it's not all bad. With spacious air signs, a wise attitude is to be curious and observe your own thought stream, and what crosses your radar. Mercury's retro is thought to be an inward time, so why not clear the static, and bend your antennae toward the higher mind. 

Wit and Wisdom

One outcome for these cycles is to recover native brilliance. What happens when you disconnect from the hive mind and matrix of programming created for you, in favor of self-sourced currents. 

A retrograde like this takes us into those interior private mental landscapes. That makes it a super creative one for thinkers of all kinds, to cut a path into the edge of originality. 

The air sign retrogrades could be a way station, to ride out a wind storm, and emerge with a new perspective. Think of how wild air gets if it's swirling around -- like being inside a twister.

There could be a tempestuous time of high winds, with charged ideas out there that set things in motion when you act on them. So tune into your own discernment -- it might be wiser to wait until the wind storm passes. 

The meaningful act of updating perception based on new awareness comes into play here. And when things change at the thought level, that's the start of outer change.  

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Each Sign

Here are some possibilities for each, based on the sign's potential for confusion, but also for catching a fresh wind.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius - Possibilities

  • Breaking out of a stuck mindset, seeing life from a detached view.
  • Reconnecting with a circle of friends, a club or colleagues.
  • Being diverted into strange, fringe-y and fruitful detours with your attention.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini - Possibilities

  • Some mania and mix-ups to do with everyday communications.
  • Picking up dropped ideas and fascinations.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra - Possibilities

  • Encountering someone from the past with whom things felt out of balance in some way. 
  • Reconsidering an agreement, like a business arrangement.
  • Getting in touch with a long lost friend, reconciling with a past love. 

Dates Of Mercury Retrograde - From Shadow to Release

January 21st to February 11th -- in Aquarius

  • Shadow: 1 Aquarius, January 6th
  • Retro Station: 17 Aquarius, January 21st
  • Direct Station: 1 Aquarius, February 11th
  • Release: 17 Aquarius, March 4th

May 18th to June 11th -- in Gemini

  • Shadow: 4 Gemini, May 4th
  • Retro Station: 13 Gemini, May 18th
  • Direct Station: 4 Gemini, June 11th
  • Release: 13 Gemini, June 18th

September 17th to October 9th -- in Libra

  • Shadow: 0 Libra, August 18th
  • Retro Station: 15 Libra, September 17th
  • Direct Station: 0 Libra, October 9th
  • Release: 15 Libra, October 25th